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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 3DF  BI/Query chart template
   File Extensions 3TF  BI Query Chart Editor data
   File Extensions ASLQUERY  Apple MAC OS X console query
   FILExt ASLQUERY  OS X Console Query (Apple Inc.)
   File Extensions BCH  MEADEP query data
   FileInfo BQY  Brio Query File
   File Extensions BTQ  Teradata Database query script
   TrID CHM  BioCAD CHM format (Query)
 Header Hexdump:  21 42 69 6F 43 41 44 20 43 48 4D 20 66 6F 72 6D  
   File Extensions CON  BI/Query connection data
   File Extensions COS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler query data
   FILExt COS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Query File
   FILExt CSQ  Foxpro Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt DBQ  AutoCAD DB Query (Autodesk Inc.)
   FileInfo DBQ  AutoCAD Query Set
   File Extensions DBQ  SmartWare backup query definition
   Cryer DBQUERY  MySQL Database saved query file
   File Extensions DBS  SQL Structured Query Language database command data
   FILExt DBS  Structured Query Language (SQL) Format Database
   File Extensions DECK  Microsoft Office for Mac query
   DotWhat DECK  MS Query Cue Card File
   File Extensions DFQ  SmartWare query definition data
   FILExt DOI  Actuate Query Output (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt DOV  Actuate Query Definition (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions DOV  Actuate query definition
   FILExt DQY  Excel ODBC Query File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat DQY  Excel ODBC Query File
   File Extensions DQY  Microsoft Excel ODBC query
   FileInfo DQY  Microsoft Excel Query
   FILExt DSQ  Corel QUERY File
   File Extensions DSQ  Corel Query Language file
   DotWhat DSQ  Corel QUERY
   DotWhat DTQ  Database Tools Query
   FILExt DTQ  Database Tools Query
   File Extensions DTQ  Microsoft Visual Studio .NET SQL query
   TrID DTQ  Visual Database Tools Query
 Header Hexdump:  5B 30 45 32 33 32 46 46 30 2D 42 34 36 36 2D 31  
   FILExt FHQ  Family Historian Query (Calico Pie Limited)
   File Extensions FHQ  Family Historian query
   File Extensions FPQ  Microsoft Visual FoxPro updatable query
   FILExt GQA  BI/Query Data Model Admin Layer
   File Extensions GQA  BI/Query data model admin layer
   FILExt GQL  BI/Query Data Model
   FILExt GQU  BI/Query Data Model User Layer
   FileInfo H1Q  Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File
   File Extensions H1Q  Microsoft Help merged query index
   File Extensions HQL  Microsoft Windows Azure data query
   FILExt HTX  MS FrontPage Database Results HTML-like query script.
   File Extensions HXQ  Microsoft Help merged query index file
   FILExt IDC  Structured Query Language (SQL)
   DotWhat IDQ  Internet Data Query File
   FILExt IDQ  Internet Data Query File
   File Extensions IDQ  Microsoft Internet Explorer data query
   File Extensions IDQ  SQL Structured Query Language query
   FILExt IDQ  Structured Query Language (SQL) Query
   File Extensions IGY  Microsoft Excel web query data
   FILExt INQ  Piped Technology Internet Query Configuration File (Queensgate Systems Ltd)
   DotWhat IQ  IBM query file
   FILExt IQ  IBM Query File
   FILExt IQF  Integra 3.0 Query File
   File Extensions IQF  Integra query data
   File Extensions IQI  IBM Query data
   DotWhat IQI  IBM query
   FILExt IQI  IBM Query
   DotWhat IQR  IBM query
   FILExt IQR  IBM Query
   DotWhat IQT  IBM query
   FILExt IQT  IBM Query
   FILExt IQY  Excel Web Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo IQY  Internet Query
   File Extensions IQY  Microsoft Excel Internet query
   TrID IQY  Microsoft Web query
 Header Hexdump:  57 45 42 
   FILExt LBXGYQ  Libronix DLS Graphical Query
   FileInfo LINQ  LINQPad Query File
   DotWhat LIS  Structured Query Report
   FILExt LIS  Structured Query Reporting (SQR) Output
   File Extensions LIS  Structured Query Reporting output data
   FILExt MAQ  Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer MAQ  Access query
   DotWhat MAQ  Microsoft Access Query Shortcut
   File Extensions MAQ  Microsoft Access query shortcut
   FileInfo MAQ  Microsoft Access Query
   FILExt MQD  Malete Query Data (OpenIsis)
   File Extensions MQD  Malete query data
   FILExt MQX  Malete Query Access File (OpenIsis)
   File Extensions MVQ  mvQuery query data
   File Extensions NLPEQ  Navicat for SQLite export query result profile file
   File Extensions NMPEQ  Navicat for MariaDB export query result profile
   File Extensions NMU  EMC Documentum Client Library query cache
   File Extensions NOPEQ  Navicat for Oracle export query result profile file
   File Extensions NPEQ  Navicat for MySQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NPPEQ  Navicat for PostgreSQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NSPEQ  Navicat for SQL Server export query result profile file
   FILExt OCE  Brio Query (Hyperion Solutions Corporation)
   FILExt OQY  Excel OLAP Query File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions OQY  Microsoft Excel OLAP query data
   FileInfo OQY  Microsoft Excel OLAP Query
   DotWhat OQY  MS Excel OLAP Query File
   FILExt PBQ  PunkBuster Query Script
   File Extensions PBQ  PunkBuster query script
   FILExt PIQ  Piped Technology Information Query (Queensgate Systems Ltd)
   File Extensions PIQ  Piped technology information query
   FILExt PQA  Palm Query Application File
   File Extensions PQA  Query application data
   TrID PQA  Web Clipping/Palm Query Application
 Header Hexdump:   
   File Extensions QBE  Corel Quattro Pro saved query file
   TrID QBE  dBASE 5.0 Query
 Header Hexdump:  2A 20 64 42 41 53 45 20 35 2E 30 2E 51 42 45 20  
   TrID QBE  dBASE IV Query
 Header Hexdump:  2A 20 64 42 41 53 45 20 49 56 20 2E 51 42 45 20  
   FILExt QBE  dBASE IV Saved Query
   File Extensions QBE  dBASE saved query data
   FILExt QBE  Example Query
   FILExt QBE  Quattro Pro Saved Query
   Wikipedia QBE  Saved query (Query By Example) - dBASE IV - Quattro Pro
   DotWhat QBE  Saved query
   Wikipedia QBO  Compiled query - dBASE IV
   DotWhat QBO  Compiled query
   TrID QBO  dBASE compiled Query
 Header Hexdump:  05 44 42 4F 
   File Extensions QBO  dBASE IV compiled query data
   FILExt QBO  dBASE IV Ordered Query
   File Extensions QBQUERY  MySQL Query Browser saved SQL query command data
   File Extensions QBS  Navicat Query Builder file
   FileInfo QDS  Windows Directory Query File
   FILExt QEF  Excel Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions QEF  Microsoft Excel query file
   Wikipedia QEF  Query file - Q E for Microsoft Excel
   DotWhat QEF  Query file
   FILExt QF  Query Filter
   Cryer QH  Simplex database query file
   File Extensions QMF  IBM Lotus Approach database query
   DotWhat QMF  Lotus Approach Database Query
   FILExt QMF  Lotus Approach Database Query
   File Extensions QPR  FoxPro database query
   FileInfo QPR  FoxPro Generated Query Program
   FILExt QPR  Foxpro Relational Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia QPR  Generated query program - FoxPro[disambiguation needed]
   DotWhat QPR  Generated query program
   Wikipedia QPX  Compiled executable QBE query file - FoxPro[disambiguation needed]
   File Extensions QPX  FoxPro compiled executable QBE query file
   FileInfo QPX  FoxPro Compiled Query Program
   FILExt QPX  Foxpro Ordered Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat QPX  Foxpro Ordered Query
   FILExt QRD  BI/Query Query Result
   File Extensions QRD  BI/Query result data
   File Extensions QRQ  Q& R Workstation query definition
   TrID QRY  ACT! Win Query
 Header Hexdump:  51 54 43 41 
   FILExt QRY  BI/Query Query
   File Extensions QRY  Database query
   FILExt QRY  dBASE IV Query
   FILExt QRY  Lotus Approach Query for SQL Tables
   Wikipedia QRY  Query - dBASE IV
   FILExt QRY  Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo QRY  Query File

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