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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   DotWhat AB  Applix Builder file
   FILExt AB  Applix Builder
   File Extensions ABD  Adventure Builder data
   FILExt ABD  Adventure Builder Database
   File Extensions ABO  Applix Builder data
   DotWhat ABO  Applix Builder Turbo file
   FILExt ABO  Applix Builder Turbo
   DotWhat AIFB  AIF Builder Project File
   FileInfo AIFB  AIF Builder Project File
   File Extensions AIFB  AIF Builder project
   File Extensions ALF  AdventNet Bean Builder look and feel standards
   TrID APM  AutoPlay Menu Builder data
 Header Hexdump:  41 50 4D 44 61 74 61 46 69 6C 65 54 50 46 30 0A  
   DotWhat B3D  3D Builder File
   FILExt B3D  3D Builder
   File Extensions BCB  Borland C++ Builder file
   Cryer BLK  Descent Mission Builder block file
   File Extensions BOBTHEBUILDERSAVEDGAME  Bob the Builder: Can do Zoo saved game
   FILExt BPK  C++ Builder Package File (Borland Software Corporation)
   File Extensions BPK  C++ Builder package
   File Extensions BPR  Borland C++ Builder XML project
   FileInfo BPR  Borland C++Builder Project File
   FILExt BPR  C++ Builder 6 Project (Borland Software Corporation)
   TrID BPR  C++ Builder XML Project
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 27 31  
   File Extensions BUILDER  Builder script
   FileInfo BUILDSETTING  Twixl Publisher Builder Build Setting
   File Extensions BVP  Bluevoda Website Builder data
   File Extensions BWA  BlindWrite BWA Builder physical CD characteristics data
   FILExt BWA  BlindWrite BWA Builder Physical CD Characteristics File (VSO-Software)
   FileInfo CBF  Calendar Builder File
   FILExt CBF  Calendar Builder Saved Calendar (RKS Software)
   File Extensions CBF  Calendar Builder saved calendar file
   TrID CBF  RKS Software Clandar Builder saved calendar
 Header Hexdump:  01 02 04 02 01 02 
   TrID CBPROJ  Borland C++ Builder project (UTF-8)
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 3C 
   TrID CBPROJ  Borland C++ Builder project
 Header Hexdump:  3C 
   File Extensions CBPROJ  C++ Builder project
   FILExt CBS  Calendar Builder Style Sheet (RKS Software)
   File Extensions CBS  Calendar Builder style sheet file
   TrID CBS  RKS Software Clandar Builder Style Sheet
 Header Hexdump:  01 02 04 02 02 02 
   FILExt CIV4WORLDBUILDERSAVE  Civilization IV Saved World Builder Data (Firaxis Games Inc.)
   File Extensions CIV4WORLDBUILDERSAVE  Civilization IV world builder save file
   File Extensions CJSTYLES  Skin Builder project
   FILExt CPP  C++ Builder 6 (Borland Software Corporation)
   TrID DFM  Borland Delphi - C++ Builder Form (var.1)
 Header Hexdump:  6F 62 6A 65 63 74 20 
   TrID DFM  Borland Delphi - C++ Builder Form (var.2)
 Header Hexdump:  69 6E 68 65 72 69 74 65 64 20 
   TrID DFM  Borland Delphi - C++ Builder Form (var.3)
 Header Hexdump:  FF 0A 00 54 
   TrID DFM  Borland Delphi - C++ Builder Form (var.4)
 Header Hexdump:  6F 62 6A 65 63 74 20 
   FILExt DFM  C++ Builder 6 Form (Borland Software Corporation)
   File Extensions DFM  C++ Builder 6 form
   FILExt DMB  DHTML Menu Builder Project File (xFX JumpStart)
   File Extensions DMB  DHTML Menu Builder project
   FileInfo DSB  Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project
   File Extensions DSB  WonderShare DVD Slideshow Builder project
   File Extensions EBZ  Empire Builder Pronto saved game
   FileInfo ESB  Es-Builder Book File
   File Extensions ESB  es-Builder database
   FILExt ESB  es-Builder PIM Database (Season Workshop)
   File Extensions EWB  Ewisoft eCommerce Builder backup file
   FILExt EWB  Ewisoft eCommerce Builder Binary Backup (Ewisoft)
   File Extensions EWP  eCommerce Website Builder project file
   FILExt EWP  Ewisoft eCommerce Builder Project (Ewisoft)
   FILExt EWT  Ewisoft eCommerce Builder Template (Ewisoft)
   File Extensions EXB  Exercise Builder plan
   TrID EXE  16bit DOS EXE The Builder (v2.0)
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   FILExt EXL  NSkill Neocron Character Builder (Reakktor Media GmbH)
   File Extensions EXL  NSkill Neocron character builder file
   FILExt FBD  Honeywell Control Builder File
   File Extensions FCB  FAAST Builder data
   FILExt FCB  FAAST Builder File
   FILExt FSP  Flash Slideshow Builder Project (Wondershare Software Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions FSP  Flash Slideshow Builder project
   TrID FSP  Flash Slideshow Builder project
 Header Hexdump:  FF FE 3C 00 3F 00 78 00 6D 00 6C 00 20 00 76 00  
   FileInfo FTB  Family Tree Builder Genealogy Database File
   File Extensions FXP  Adobe Flash Builder project
   File Extensions GLS  Babylon Builder data
   FILExt GLS  Babylon Builder
   FILExt GMLWB  Garry's Mod Lua Weapons Builder Project File (Happymax)
   FileInfo GPR  Babylon Glossary Builder Project File
   File Extensions GPR  Babylon Glossary Builder project file
   File Extensions H5BPRJ  RAD Studio HTML5 Builder project
   File Extensions HCS  NHP eSubmission Builder submission package
   FILExt HPP  C++ Builder 6 Program Header (Borland Software Corporation)
   FileInfo IBPLUGIN  Interface Builder Plug-in
   File Extensions IBPLUGIN  Xcode Interface Builder plug-in file
   File Extensions ICD  ASTi Model Builder data
   FILExt ICD  ASTi Model Builder
   File Extensions IGC  Anime List Builder input data
   DotWhat IGC  Anime List Builder Input File
   FileInfo IGC  Anime List Builder Input File
   FILExt ISB  IS-Builder Link File (NPO Computer)
   File Extensions ISOE  ISO Builder file
   File Extensions JRM  IBM Tivoli Resource Model Builder data
   DotWhat KBS  ACE Studio Model Builder
   FILExt KBS  ACE Studio Model Builder
   File Extensions L3B  SR 3D Builder model
   FILExt LAY  Track Builder Simulation Compiler Code (Signal Computer Consultants)
   File Extensions LAY  Track Builder simulation compiler code
   FileInfo LBC  Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link
   File Extensions LBC  Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder saved link
   FILExt LBU  Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Settings File (Curry K. Software)
   FileInfo LBU  Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings File
   File Extensions LBU  Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder settings
   File Extensions LTB  Amma Little Setup Builder data
   File Extensions LWAC  Likno Web Accordion Builder data
   File Extensions LWMW  Likno Web Modal Windows Builder data
   File Extensions LWTB  Likno Web Tabs Builder file
   File Extensions LWTT  Likno Web Tooltips Builder file
   TrID MAK  Borland C++ Builder Makefile (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D  
   FILExt MB4  Model Builder Model Design File (Evan Designs)
   File Extensions MB4  Model Builder model design file
   FILExt MBD  Multimedia Builder Data (as-master)
   TrID MBD  Multimedia Builder Data
 Header Hexdump:  0B 4D 4D 42 75 69 6C 64 65 72 
   FILExt MBD  Multimedia Builder MP3 Authoring File (
   File Extensions MBD  Multimedia Builder MP3 project
   FileInfo MBD  Multimedia Builder Project File
   File Extensions MDL  ASTi Model Builder data
   FILExt MDL  ASTi Model Builder
   File Extensions MMB  MultiMedia Builder data
   DotWhat MMB  MultiMedia Builder File
   FILExt MMB  MultiMedia Builder
   File Extensions MSS  MyScreenSaver Builder package format
   File Extensions MTC  SpeedCamps Builder file
   TrID MUIB  MUI Builder project
 Header Hexdump:  42 55 49 4C 44 45 52 5F 53 41 56 45 5F 46 49 4C  
   TrID MUS  Virtual Home Space Builder 3D Space (with rem)
 Header Hexdump:  52 45 4D 
   TrID MUS  Virtual Home Space Builder 3D Space
 Header Hexdump:  4C 41 53 54 43 4F 52 52 45 43 54 3A 20 
   TrID NIB  Apple Interface Builder NIB archive (binary)
 Header Hexdump:  4E 49 42 41 72 63 68 69 76 65 
   TrID NIB  Apple Interface Builder NIB archive (XML)
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FileInfo NIB  Interface Builder User Interface File
   FILExt NIB  Interface Builder User Interface Resources (Apple Inc.)
   File Extensions NIB  Interface Builder user interface resources
   DotWhat NLO  NetG Skill Builder
   FILExt NLO  NetG Skill Builder
   DotWhat NXG  eSite Builder NXG Web Page
   FileInfo NXG  eSite Builder NXG Web Page
   File Extensions NXG  eSite Builder NXG web page
   TrID OBJ  Wavefront Object (exported by 3D Builder)
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 45 78 70 6F 72 74 65 64 20 66 72 6F 6D 20  
   File Extensions ODF  HMI Builder operator display file
   File Extensions ODR  HMI Builder report file
   FILExt PAS  C++ Builder 6 Source (Borland Software Corporation)
   DotWhat PBA  Allen Bradley Panel Builder File
   FILExt PBA  Process Panel Builder (ABB Ltd)
   File Extensions PBP  Perl Builder data
   DotWhat PBP  Perl Builder file
   FILExt PBP  Perl Builder File
   FILExt PBPROJ  Project Builder Project (Apple Inc.)
   DotWhat PBPROJ  Project Builder Project
   File Extensions PBPROJ  Project Builder project
   File Extensions PBXPROJ  Apple Project Builder Xcode project
   TrID PBXPROJ  Apple Project Builder Xcode Project
 Header Hexdump:  2F 2F 20 21 24 2A 55 54 46 38 2A 24 21 0A 7B 0A  
   FILExt PCT  Honeywell GUS Display Builder
   FileInfo PDB  Tanida Demo Builder File

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