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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt BAS  e.Report Designer Actuate Basic Source (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt BIZDESIGN  BusinessReport Design (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions BIZDOCUMENT  Actuate BusinessReport Studio document
   FILExt BIZDOCUMENT  BusinessReport Document (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions CB4  Actuate Analytics data
   FILExt CB4  Analytics Cube (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt CVW  Analytics Cube Report (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt DOI  Actuate Query Output (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt DOV  Actuate Query Definition (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions DOV  Actuate query definition
   FILExt DOX  Actuate Basic Information Object (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions DOX  Actuate basic information object
   FILExt DP4  Analytics Cube Profile (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt EPR  Actuate External Procedure Object (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions EPR  Actuate external procedure object
   FILExt ICD  Actuate Information Object Cache Definition (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ICD  Actuate information object cache definition file
   FILExt IOB  Actuate Information Object (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions IOB  Actuate information object file format
   File Extensions ODP  Actuate Analytics parameters for analysis services
   FILExt ODP  Analytics Parameters for Analysis Services (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions POB  Actuate e.Report persistent object
   File Extensions ROD  Actuate e.Report Designer report object design
   DotWhat ROD  Actuate Report Object Design File
   FileInfo ROD  Actuate Report Object Design File
   FILExt ROD  e.Report Designer Report Object Design (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ROI  Actuate e.Report Designer report file
   FILExt ROI  e.Report Designer Report Object Instance (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ROL  Actuate e.Report Designer report object library
   FILExt ROL  e.Report Designer Report Object Library (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt ROP  Actuate Parameter Template (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ROP  Actuate parameter template
   File Extensions ROS  Actuate e.Report search definition file
   FILExt ROS  Actuate Search Definition (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ROV  Actuate e.Report Designer report object value
   FILExt ROV  e.Report Designer Report Object Value (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions ROW  Actuate e.Report HTML report document
   File Extensions ROX  Actuate e.Report Designer report object executable
   DotWhat ROX  Actuate Report Object Executable File
   FileInfo ROX  Actuate Report Object Executable File
   FILExt ROX  e.Report Designer Report Object Executable (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt RPTDESIGN  BIRT Report Design (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt RPTDOCUMENT  BIRT Report Document (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt RPTLIBRARY  BIRT Report Design Library (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt RPTTEMPLATE  BIRT Report Design Template (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt SOD  e.Spreadsheet Design (Actuate Corporation)
   File Extensions SOI  Actuate e.Spreadsheet document
   FILExt SOI  e.Spreadsheet Document (Actuate Corporation)
   FILExt SOX  e.Spreadsheet Executable (Actuate Corporation)

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