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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 3DMARK-11-RESULT  3DMark result data
   DotWhat 3DR  3DMark Benchmark Result File
   File Extensions 3DR  3DMark benchmark result
   File Extensions ACR  Audio Comparer result file
   File Extensions AQA  AptiQuiz result data
   FILExt AQA  AptiQuiz Test Result (RJ Software)
   File Extensions AVA  BrainVoyager QX ANCOVA analysis result data
   File Extensions FQM  Mental Ray Renderer result data
   File Extensions FSET  Fact200 result data
   FILExt GCI  Visual EPR COSEUL.EXE Result
   File Extensions GDX  GAMS result data
   File Extensions GLM  BrainVoyager QX GLM analysis result data
   File Extensions GNL  GNT Analyzer result data
   File Extensions ICR  Image Comparer result
   FILExt IQC  CADIQ Comparison Analysis Result File (ITI TranscenData)
   File Extensions IQC  CADIQ comparison analysis result
   File Extensions MFR  Autodesk Moldflow result data
   File Extensions NBE  Nessus scan result data
   File Extensions NBR  NovaBench saved benchmark result
   File Extensions NLPEQ  Navicat for SQLite export query result profile file
   File Extensions NLPEV  Navicat export view result profile file
   File Extensions NMPEQ  Navicat for MariaDB export query result profile
   File Extensions NMPEV  Navicat for MariaDB export view result profile
   File Extensions NOPEQ  Navicat for Oracle export query result profile file
   File Extensions NOPEV  Navicat for Oracle export view result profile file
   File Extensions NPEQ  Navicat for MySQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NPEV  Navicat for MySQL export view result profile file
   File Extensions NPPEQ  Navicat for PostgreSQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NPPEV  Navicat for PostgreSQL export view result profile file
   File Extensions NSPEQ  Navicat for SQL Server export query result profile file
   File Extensions NSPEV  Navicat for SQL Server export view result profile file
   File Extensions PRW  PSI-Plot result data
   FILExt QRD  BI/Query Query Result
   File Extensions QRD  BI/Query result data
   FILExt QS9  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Scan Result File
   TrID RES  SNNS result
 Header Hexdump:  53 4E 4E 53 20 72 65 73 75 6C 74 20 66 69 6C 65  
   FILExt RES  Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator Result
   File Extensions RES11  Mike 11 result data
   FILExt RES11  MIKE 11 Result File (DHI Water & Environment)
   File Extensions SCL  Movie.BYU scalar result file
   DotWhat SQP  Query result of audio search
   File Extensions SQP  Sonique audio search query result data
   FILExt SQP  Sonique Audio Search Query Result
   File Extensions SRX  SPARQL Query Results XML format result
   File Extensions VEC  Movie.BYU vector result
   File Extensions WEBTESTRESULT  Microsoft Visual Studio web test result file
   File Extensions WSR  FirstTop WebSearch search result file
   File Extensions XMLR  ByteShift sitescan result
   File Extensions XOR  Xortool result data

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