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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt $DB  dBASE Temp File
   FileInfo $DB  dBASE Temporary File
   DotWhat ADX  Lotus Approach dBase Index
   File Extensions APP  dBase application generator object
   FILExt APP  dBASE Application Object File
   File Extensions BAR  dBASE Application Generator horizontal bar menu object
   DotWhat BAR  dBase Application Generator Horizontal menu object
   FILExt BAR  dBASE Application Generator Horizontal Menu Object
   FILExt BCH  dBASE Application Generator Batch Process Object
   File Extensions BCH  dBASE batch process object
   File Extensions CAC  dBASE IV executable data
   DotWhat CAC  dBase IV Executable file
   FILExt CAC  dBASE IV Executable File
   File Extensions CAT  dBASE backup catalog
   FILExt CAT  dBASE Catalog
   DotWhat CAT  dBase IV Catalog
   DotWhat CC  Visual dBASE custom class file
   FILExt CC  Visual dBASE Custom Class File
   File Extensions CC  Visual dBASE custom class
   DotWhat CDM  Visual dBASE custom data module
   FILExt CDM  Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
   File Extensions CDM  Visual dBASE custom data module
   File Extensions CFM  Visual dBASE customer form
   FILExt CFM  Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form
   DotWhat CHT  ChartMaster dBase Interface file
   FILExt CHT  ChartViewer dBASE Interface File
   File Extensions CHT  ChartViewer dBASE interface
   DotWhat CKP  Ingres Dbase Checkpoint data
   FILExt CMD  dBASE II Program File
   File Extensions CMD  dBASE program
   DotWhat CMD  dBase
   DotWhat COD  dBase Application Generator Template source file
   FILExt COD  dBASE Application Generator Template Source File
   FILExt COD  dBASE Template Source File
   File Extensions COD  dBASE template source
   DotWhat CPT  dBase Encrypted Memo
   FILExt CPT  dBASE Encrypted Memo
   File Extensions CPT  dBASE encrypted memo
   FILExt CRP  dBASE Encrypted Database
   DotWhat CRP  dBase IV Encrypted database
   File Extensions CRP  dBASE IV encrypted database
   DotWhat CRP  Visual dBASE custom report
   FILExt CRP  Visual dBASE Custom Report
   File Extensions CRP  Visual dBASE custom report
   File Extensions CTL  dBASE IV Aldus setup control data
   DotWhat CTL  dBase IV Control
   FILExt CVT  dBASE Converted Database Backup
   DotWhat CVT  dBASE IV backup file
   File Extensions CVT  dBASE IV backup
   FILExt DB$  dBASE Temporary File
   File Extensions DB$  dBASE temporary file
   FILExt DB  dBASE IV or dBFast Configuration
   File Extensions DB  dBASE IV/dBFast configuration
   File Extensions DB0  dBASE init data
   DotWhat DB0  dBASE init file
   FILExt DB0  dBASE Initialization File
   DotWhat DB2  dBASE II Database
   File Extensions DB2  dBASE II database
   DotWhat DB3  dBASE III
   FILExt DB3  dBASE III File
   DotWhat DB4  Dbase 4 data
   FILExt DB4  dBASE 4 Data
   File Extensions DB4  dBASE IV data
   Cryer DBF  ArcView dBASE file
   Cryer DBF  dBASE 5 database file
   Cryer DBF  dBASE III database file
   File Extensions DBF  dBASE III/IV database
   Cryer DBF  dBASE IV database file
   DotWhat DBF  dBase Table File file format
   DotWhat DBK  dBase Database Backup
   FILExt DBK  dBASE Database Backup
   File Extensions DBK  dBase database backup
   TrID DBO  dBASE compiled Object program
 Header Hexdump:  05 44 42 4F 
   FILExt DBO  dBASE IV Compiled Program File
   File Extensions DBO  dBase IV compiled program
   DotWhat DBT  dBase Text Memo
   DotWhat DKB  dBase Database Backup
   DotWhat DM  Borland dbase
   DotWhat DMD  Visual dBASE data module
   FILExt DMD  Visual dBASE Data Module
   File Extensions DMD  Visual dBASE data module
   File Extensions FIL  dBASE Application Generator files list object file
   FILExt FIL  dBASE Files List Object
   Wikipedia FIL  Files list object file - dBASE Application Generator
   Wikipedia FMO  Compiled format file - dBASE IV
   TrID FMO  dBASE compiled Format
 Header Hexdump:  05 44 42 4F 
   File Extensions FMO  dBASE IV compiled format
   FILExt FMO  dBASE Ordered Format
   FILExt FMT  dBASE IV Format File
   Wikipedia FMT  Format file - dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
   FILExt FR3  dBASE IV Renamed dBASEIII+ Form
   Wikipedia FR3  Renamed dBASE III form file - dBASE IV
   DotWhat FRG  dBase IV Uncompiled Report
   FILExt FRG  dBASE IV Uncompiled Report
   File Extensions FRG  dBASE IV uncompiled report
   Wikipedia FRG  Uncompiled report file - dBASE IV
   TrID FRM  dBASE IV Form design
 Header Hexdump:  64 42 41 53 45 20 49 56 20 47 65 6E 65 72 69 63  
   FILExt FRM  dBASE IV Report File
   Wikipedia FRM  Report file - dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
   Wikipedia FRO  Compiled report file - dBASE IV
   TrID FRO  dBASE compiled Form
 Header Hexdump:  05 44 42 4F 
   DotWhat FRO  dBASE Compiled Report
   FILExt FRO  dBASE IV Compiled Report
   File Extensions FRO  dBASE IV compiled report
   Wikipedia GEN  Compiled template - dBASE Application Generator
   File Extensions GEN  Compiled template (dBASE Application Generator)
   FILExt GEN  dBASE Application Generator Compiled Template
   Wikipedia IND  Data Index - dBASE IV
   File Extensions LBG  dBASE IV label generator data
   FILExt LBG  dBASE IV Label Generator
   Wikipedia LBG  Label generator data - dBASE IV
   TrID LBL  dBASE IV Label design
 Header Hexdump:  64 42 41 53 45 20 49 56 20 47 65 6E 65 72 69 63  
   FileInfo LBL  dBASE Label File (Legacy)
   Wikipedia LBL  Label - dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
   Wikipedia LBO  Compiled label - dBASE IV
   TrID LBO  dBASE compiled Label
 Header Hexdump:  05 44 42 4F 
   File Extensions LBO  dBASE IV compiled label
   FILExt LBO  dBASE IV Ordered Labels
   FILExt LD1  dBASE Overlay File
   File Extensions LD1  dBase overlay
   Wikipedia LD1  Overlay file - dBASE
   FILExt MBK  dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup
   File Extensions MBK  dBASE IV multiple index file backup
   Wikipedia MBK  Multiple index file backup - dBASE IV
   FILExt MBX  Database Index dBASE Index
   File Extensions MBX  dBase index
   TrID MDX  dBASE 5.0 Multiple index
 Header Hexdump:  02 63 
   DotWhat MDX  dBase Index File
   Cryer MDX  dBase index file
   FILExt MDX  dBASE IV Multiple Index
   TrID MDX  dBASE IV Multiple index
 Header Hexdump:  02 58 
   Wikipedia MDX  Multiple index file - dBASE IV
   Wikipedia MEM  Memory variable save file - dBASE IV – FoxPro – Clipper
   FileInfo NDX  dBASE Index (Legacy)
   DotWhat NDX  dBASE Index file
   File Extensions NDX  dBase index
   Cryer NDX  dBase non-maintained index file
   Wikipedia NDX  Index file - dBASE II - III - IV - dBFast
   File Extensions NPI  dBASE Application Generator source data
   FILExt NPI  dBASE Application Generator Source
   Wikipedia NPI  Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter - dBASE Application Generator
   DotWhat OYZ  Lotus Approach alternate dBASE index
   FILExt OYZ  Lotus Approach Alternate dBASE Index
   File Extensions OYZ  Lotus Approach alternate dBASE index
   File Extensions POP  dBase popup menu file
   FILExt POP  dBASE Popup Menu
   Wikipedia POP  Pop-up menu object - dBASE Application Generator
   FILExt PR2  dBASE IV Printer Driver

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