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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt $$F  OS/2 Database (IBM)
   FileInfo $ER  GroupWise Database
   FileInfo ^^^  Pervasive.SQL Database File
   File Extensions ^^^  Pervasive.SQL database
   FILExt ~AP  C++ AppExpert Project Database File (Borland Software Corporation)
   FILExt 000  (000 010 020 030 etc.) Advanced Revelation Database File (Revelation Software)
   File Extensions 000  Advanced Revelation database
   TrID 000  GeoWorks GeoFile database
 Header Hexdump:  C7 45 C1 53 
   File Extensions 0000000001  Bitcoin Core database log
   File Extensions 001  Superbase database index (001-999 file sequence)
   FILExt 3DB  3D Mark Database (Futuremark Corporation)
   DotWhat 3DB  3DMark Database
   File Extensions 3DB  3DMark database
   TrID 3DB  3DMark database
 Header Hexdump:  33 44 4D 61 72 6B 20 44 61 74 61 62 61 73 65 20  
   Cryer 3DT  3D Topicscape database file
   FILExt 3DT  Topicscape Database (3D-Scape Limited)
   File Extensions 4DB  4D Database structure data
   FILExt 4DB  4th Dimension Database Structure (4D Inc.)
   FileInfo 4DB  4th Dimension Database Structure File
   TrID 4DB  4th Dimension database
 Header Hexdump:  44 44 55 56 
   File Extensions 4DD  4D Database data
   FILExt 4DD  4th Dimension Database Data (4D Inc.)
   FileInfo 4DD  4th Dimension Database Data File
   FILExt 4DF  4th Dimension Database Windows Search Document (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4DF  4th Dimension Database Windows Search Document
   FileInfo 4DL  4th Dimension Database Log File
   File Extensions 4DL  4th Dimension database log
   FILExt 4DL  4th Dimension Database Windows Log File (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4DL  4th Dimension Database Windows Log File
   FILExt 4DR  4th Dimension Database Data (4D Inc.)
   FILExt 4DS  4th Dimension Database Windows Data Segment (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4DS  4th Dimension Database Windows Data Segment
   File Extensions 4DS  4th Dimension database Windows data segment
   FILExt 4DX  4th Dimension Database Plug-in (4D Inc.)
   FILExt 4FI  4th Dimension Database Windows ASCII Map (4D Inc.)
   FILExt 4FR  4th Dimension Database Windows Apply Formula Document (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4FR  4th Dimension Database Windows Apply Formula Document
   FILExt 4LB  4th Dimension Database Windows Label (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4LB  4th Dimension Database Windows Label
   FILExt 4LK  4th Dimension Database Windows Hot Link File (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4LK  4th Dimension Database Windows Hot Link File
   File Extensions 4LK  4th Dimension database
   FILExt 4MA  FileMaker Runtime Database (FileMaker Inc.)
   File Extensions 4MP  4-MP3 audio database
   FileInfo 4MP  4-MP3 Database File
   FILExt 4QR  4th Dimension Database Windows Quick Report (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4QR  4th Dimension Database Windows Quick Report
   FILExt 4ST  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Set (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4ST  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Set
   FILExt 4UG  4th Dimension Database Windows User/Groups Set (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4UG  4th Dimension Database Windows User
   File Extensions 4UG  4th Dimension database
   FILExt 4VR  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Variable (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4VR  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Variable
   File Extensions 4VR  4th Dimension database windows saved variable
   File Extensions 85D  TI-85 graphic database
   File Extensions 9XD  TI Connect graph database
   FILExt AAO  Agenda at Once Database File (Dataland Software)
   File Extensions ABCDDB  Apple Address Book database
   FILExt ABD  Adventure Builder Database
   File Extensions ABM  Alpha Five database export
   FILExt ABS  Absolute Database Database (ComponentAce)
   FileInfo ABS  Absolute Database File
   TrID ABS  Absolute Database file
 Header Hexdump:  41 42 53 30 4C 55 54 45 44 41 54 41 42 41 53 45  
   File Extensions ABS  Absolute Database single-file database
   TrID AC  Ancestral Quest family tree database (collaboration)
 Header Hexdump:  43 41 51 00 
   FILExt ACAD  AutoCAD Database (Autodesk Inc.)
   DotWhat ACAD  AutoCAD Database File
   File Extensions ACAD  AutoCAD database
   FILExt ACCDB  Access 2007 Database File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo ACCDB  Access 2007 Database
   Cryer ACCDB  Microsoft Access 2007 database file
   TrID ACCDB  Microsoft Access 2007 Database
 Header Hexdump:  00 01 00 00 53 74 61 6E 64 61 72 64 20 41 43 45  
   DotWhat ACCDB  Microsoft Access Database File
   File Extensions ACCDB  Microsoft Access main database
   File Extensions ACCDC  Microsoft Access digitally signed database
   FileInfo ACCDE  Access Execute Only Database
   File Extensions ACCDE  Microsoft Access compiled execute only database
   DotWhat ACCDR  Microsoft Access 2007 Database
   File Extensions ACCDR  Microsoft Access runtime mode database
   DotWhat ACCDT  Microsoft Access 2007 Database Template
   FileInfo ACCDT  Microsoft Access Database Template
   File Extensions ACCDT  Microsoft Access database template
   File Extensions ACCDU  Microsoft Access database wizard
   TrID ACCDW  Microsoft Access Database Link
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions ACCFT  Microsoft Access database template
   TrID ACDB  Audio Calibration DataBase
 Header Hexdump:  51 43 4D 53 4E 44 44 42 
   File Extensions ACDB  Riviera-PRO coverage database
   FILExt ACF  DB/TextWorks Database Access Control File (Inmagic Inc.)
   TrID ACF  DB/TextWorks Database Access Control
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 46 20 30 30 32 20 
   File Extensions ACQ  AcqURL bookmark manager database
   File Extensions ADB  Ability Database database
   FileInfo ADB  Ability Database File
   FILExt ADB  Ability Office Database (Ability Software)
   DotWhat ADB  Ability Office Database File
   FileInfo ADB  Alpha Five Database File
   FILExt ADB  Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ADB  HP 100LX appointment database file
   DotWhat ADB  HP 100LX Organizer appointment database
   FILExt ADB  HP 100LX Organizer Appointment Database
   TrID ADB  HP Phone/Database/Note database
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 44 00 
   FILExt ADD  Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions ADD  Advantage Database Server data
   FILExt ADI  Advantage Database Server Database Index File (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions ADI  Advantage Database Server index
   FILExt ADL  ADONIS Models and Model Groups Export From Database (BOC Group)
   FILExt ADM  Advantage Database Server Database Memo File (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions ADM  Advantage Database Server memo data
   FILExt ADR  Address Plus Database
   File Extensions ADR  Adress PLUS SQL database
   FILExt ADT  Advantage Database Server Database File (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions ADT  Advantage Database Server database
   FILExt ADT  Casio Travel Phrase Database (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions ADT  Casio travel phrase database
   FILExt ADT  MediSoft Database Dictionary File
   File Extensions ADX  Approach database index
   TrID ADX  Lotus Approach Database index
 Header Hexdump:  03 00 00 00 41 50 50 52 
   File Extensions AE1  FileMaker Pro runtime database file
   File Extensions AET  FileMaker Pro runtime database
   DotWhat AFT  Ancestry Genealogy Database File
   FileInfo AFT Family Tree Database
   FILExt AI  Advantage Database Server (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions AI  Advantage Database Server data
   FILExt AI  Progress Database After Image File (Progress Software Corporation)
   DotWhat AI  Progress Database After Image File
   File Extensions AI  Progress database after image
   FILExt ALM  Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ALM  Alpha Five database information
   FILExt ALN  LexNavigator Database Update (UltraTech Group)
   File Extensions ALN  LexNavigator database update
   File Extensions ALX  Alpha Five database information
   FILExt AM  Advantage Database Server (Sybase Inc.)
   File Extensions AM  Advantage Database Server data
   FILExt AMB  All My Books Book Database (Bolide Software)
   File Extensions AMB  All My Books book database
   FileInfo AMB  All My Books Database File
   File Extensions AMJ  AceMoney database
   FileInfo AMM  All My Movies Database File
   File Extensions AMM  All My Movies film database
   FILExt AMM  All My Movies Movie Database (Bolide Software)
   FILExt APG  EasyBase Database File (Pg SoftWorkS')
   File Extensions APH  Ability Photoalbum album database
   File Extensions APLIBRARY  Aperture pictures library database
   DotWhat APP  Database Application
   TrID APV  API Viewer Database
 Header Hexdump:  56 42 41 50 49 
   FILExt APV  ApiViewer API Database (ActiveVB)
   File Extensions APV  ApiViewer API database
   File Extensions APX  Borland C++ appexpert database
   TrID APX  Borland C++ Appexpert database
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt APX  C++ Appexpert Database (Borland Software Corporation)

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