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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions BACKUP  Navicat for MySQL backup
   File Extensions EXP  Navicat for Oracle data pump export profile
   File Extensions NAPJ  Navicat Premium batch job
   File Extensions NAPT  Navicat Premium data transfer profile
   File Extensions NCX  Navicat database exported connection settings
   File Extensions NDM  Navicat Data Modeler database model
   File Extensions NED  Navicat ER Diagram database diagram
   File Extensions NLPB  Navicat for SQLite backup profile
   File Extensions NLPD  Navicat for SQLite data synchronization profile file
   File Extensions NLPE  Navicat for SQLite exported table file
   File Extensions NLPEQ  Navicat for SQLite export query result profile file
   File Extensions NLPEV  Navicat export view result profile file
   File Extensions NLPI  Navicat for SQLite Import Wizard profile
   File Extensions NLPJ  Navicat for SQlite batch job
   File Extensions NLPT  Navicat for SQLite data transfer profile
   File Extensions NMPB  Navicat for MariaDB backup profile
   File Extensions NMPD  Navicat for MariaDB data synchronization file
   File Extensions NMPE  Navicat for MariaDB export wizard profile
   File Extensions NMPEQ  Navicat for MariaDB export query result profile
   File Extensions NMPEV  Navicat for MariaDB export view result profile
   File Extensions NMPI  Navicat for MariaDB import wizard profile
   File Extensions NMPJ  Navicat for MariaDB batch job
   File Extensions NMPS  Navicat for MariaDB structure synchronization
   File Extensions NMPT  Navicat for MariaDB data transfer
   File Extensions NOPB  Navicat file
   File Extensions NOPD  Navicat for Oracle data synchronization profile file
   File Extensions NOPE  Navicat for Oracle exported table
   File Extensions NOPEM  Navicat for Oracle export materialized view profile file
   File Extensions NOPEQ  Navicat for Oracle export query result profile file
   File Extensions NOPEV  Navicat for Oracle export view result profile file
   File Extensions NOPI  Navicat for Oracle Import Wizard profile file
   File Extensions NOPJ  Navicat for Oracle batch job
   File Extensions NOPS  Navicat for Oracle structure synchronization data
   File Extensions NOPT  Navicat for Oracle data transfer profile file
   File Extensions NPB  Navicat for MySQL backup profile
   File Extensions NPD  Navicat for MySQL data synchronization profile
   File Extensions NPE  Navicat for MySQL export profile file
   File Extensions NPEQ  Navicat for MySQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NPEV  Navicat for MySQL export view result profile file
   File Extensions NPI  Navicat for MySQL Import Wizard profile
   File Extensions NPJ  Navicat for MySQL batch job
   File Extensions NPPB  Navicat for PostgreSQL backup profile
   File Extensions NPPD  Navicat for PostgreSQL data synchronization profile file
   File Extensions NPPE  Navicat for PostgreSQL exported table
   File Extensions NPPEM  Navicat for PostgreSQL export materialized view profile
   File Extensions NPPEQ  Navicat for PostgreSQL export query result profile
   File Extensions NPPEV  Navicat for PostgreSQL export view result profile file
   File Extensions NPPI  Navicat for PostgreSQL Import Wizard profile
   File Extensions NPPJ  Navicat for PostgreSQL batch job
   File Extensions NPPS  Navicat for PostgreSQL structure synchronization file
   File Extensions NPPT  Navicat for PostgreSQL data transfer profile
   File Extensions NPS  Navicat for MySQL structure synchronize profile file
   File Extensions NPT  Navicat data transfer profile
   File Extensions NSPB  Navicat for SQL Server backup profile
   File Extensions NSPD  Navicat for SQL Server data synchronization profile
   File Extensions NSPE  Navicat for SQL Server exported table
   File Extensions NSPEQ  Navicat for SQL Server export query result profile file
   File Extensions NSPEV  Navicat for SQL Server export view result profile file
   File Extensions NSPI  Navicat for SQL Server Import Wizard profile file
   File Extensions NSPJ  Navicat for SQL Server batch job
   File Extensions NSPS  Navicat for SQL Server structure synchronization data
   File Extensions NSPT  Navicat for SQL Server data transfer profile file
   File Extensions PMB  Navicat for MariaDB backup
   File Extensions PSB  Navicat uncompressed database backup
   File Extensions PSC  Navicat MySQL database compressed backup
   File Extensions QBS  Navicat Query Builder file
   File Extensions RTM  Navicat print report
   File Extensions RW  Navicat for MySQL data
   File Extensions TVR  Navicat for MySQL data

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