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   TrID _IM  IBM Audio Visual Connection (AVC) Still Video Image
 Header Hexdump:  2B 41 2B 56 2B 43 2B 
   DotWhat AINI  Connection Extension
   File Extensions AMX  NGA WinControl Excel connection parameter
   DotWhat ASP  Procomm Plus Setup and Connection Script
   DotWhat CBND  Connection Tool
   FileInfo CFG  Citrix Server Connection File
   FILExt CMF  Connection Manager Fixer File
   File Extensions CMP  Microsoft Windows Connection Manager profile
   FileInfo CMP  Windows Connection Manager Profile
   File Extensions CMS  Windows Connection Manager service provider data
   File Extensions CNN  ADO-network connection configuration data
   File Extensions CNS  Windows 2000 Client Connection Manager Export data
   FILExt CNS  Windows2000 Client Connection Manager Export File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CON  BI/Query connection data
   File Extensions CYBERDUCKPROFILE  Cyberduck connection profile
   File Extensions DEP3  Data Exchange Protocol connection designs
   FILExt DWC  NetOp Connection File
   FILExt ECR  Ecrypt E-mail File (Email Connection)
   FILExt EFA  Ecrypt 2005 E-mail File (Email Connection)
   FILExt EMC  Ecrypt File (Email Connection)
   FILExt ENZ  EndNote Connection File (The Thomson Corporation)
   DotWhat ENZ  EndNote Connection File
   FileInfo ENZ  EndNote Connection File
   TrID ENZ  EndNote Connection
 Header Hexdump:  45 4E 44 4E 45 4E 5A 33 00 00 00 
   File Extensions ENZ  Thomson Reuters EndNote connection data
   File Extensions F2B  ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION board database
   File Extensions ICW  Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard data
   FILExt INC  Internet Connection File
   File Extensions KCC  KCML client connection settings
   FileInfo KEXIC  Kexi Database Connection File
   File Extensions KEXIC  Kexi database connection settings file
   File Extensions KEXIS  Kexi database connection file
   FILExt KEXIS  Kexi Database Connection Parameter File (KDE e.V.)
   DotWhat LLC  LapLink Saved Connection File
   FILExt LLC  LapLink Saved Connection File
   File Extensions LLC  LapLink saved connection file
   DotWhat MCCL  Emailer Connection File
   File Extensions MCCL  Emailer connection file
   FILExt MCX  Intel Connection Fax File
   File Extensions MDCCACHE  Microsoft Document Connection cache file
   File Extensions NCX  Navicat database exported connection settings
   File Extensions OCE  Open Catalog extension connection data
   FileInfo OCE  Open Catalog Extension Connection File
   Cryer ODC  Microsoft Office Data Connection file
   File Extensions ODC  Microsoft Office database connection data
   FileInfo ODC  Office Data Connection File
   DotWhat ODC  Office Data Connection
   FILExt ODC  Office Data Connection
   FILExt ODCCUBEFILE  Office Data Connection
   FILExt ODCDATABASEFILE  Office Data Connection
   File Extensions ODCNEWFILE  Microsoft Office data connection
   FILExt ODCNEWFILE  Office Data Connection
   FILExt ODCTABLEFILE  Office Data Connection
   FILExt PIZ  Pizza Connection 2 Saved Game (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
   File Extensions PIZ  Pizza Connection 2 saved game file
   FILExt PND  Pegasus Mail Connection Information (David Harris)
   File Extensions PND  Pegasus Mail connection information file
   File Extensions RDG  Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager configuration
   Cryer RDI  Remote desktop connection file
   File Extensions RDP  Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection settings
   Wikipedia RDP  RDP connection - Remote Desktop connection
   FILExt RDP  Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID RDP  Remote Desktop Connection Settings (Unicode)
 Header Hexdump:  FF FE 73 00 63 00 72 00 65 00 65 00 6E 00 20 00  
   TrID RDP  Remote Desktop Connection Settings
 Header Hexdump:  73 63 72 65 65 6E 20 6D 6F 64 65 20 69 64 3A 69  
   FileInfo RTC  Live Meeting Connection File
   File Extensions RTC  Microsoft Office Live Meeting connection data
   TrID RTC  Office Live Meeting Connection
 Header Hexdump:  3C 72 74 63 3E 
   FileInfo RTS  Royal TS Remote Connection File
   File Extensions RTS  Royal TS remote connection settings
   TrID RTS  Roytal TS remote connection
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt SC  Skills Connection Test Set Document (Scantron Corporation)
   FILExt SHAREDVIEW  SharedView Connection File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat SRVR  Server Connection Fil
   File Extensions TDC  Tableau Desktop data connection customization data
   FileInfo TMB  Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
   FILExt TMB  Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
   File Extensions TMB  Timbuktu Pro connection document
   FileInfo TPC  Topic Connection Placeholder
   DotWhat TPC  Topicscape Connection Placeholder File
   File Extensions TPX  TinyTERM connection settings
   FILExt TTX  Crystal Reports Data Connection File (Crystal Decisions)
   File Extensions TTX  Crystal Reports data connection
   File Extensions UDCX  Microsoft Office Universal Data Connection format
   FileInfo UDCX  Universal Data Connection File
   File Extensions UXDC  Microsoft Excel data retrieval service connection file
   TrID UXDC  Office Data Retrieval Service Connection
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt VL2  Tribes 2 Server Connection FIle (Sierra Entertainment Inc.)
   Wikipedia WDM  Admin tool connection definition - War FTP
   File Extensions ZZC  FutureSoft MultiView connection details

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