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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt $DX  Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) Backup Index File (CA)
   File Extensions _BSLN140  Blend for Visual Studio data
   TrID _IM  IBM Audio Visual Connection (AVC) Still Video Image
 Header Hexdump:  2B 41 2B 56 2B 43 2B 
   File Extensions _SLN  Microsoft Visual Studio Launcher data
   FILExt _SLN  Visual Studio Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _SLN100  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _SLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _SLN120  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _SLN140  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _SLN150  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _SLN60  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _SLN60  Visual Studio 6.0 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _SLN70  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _SLN70  Visual Studio .NET 2002 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _SLN71  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _SLN71  Visual Studio .NET 2003 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _SLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _SLN80  Visual Studio 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _SLN90  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   FILExt _SLN90  Visual Studio 2008 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VBXSLN100  Microsoft Visual Basic file
   File Extensions _VBXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VBXSLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _VBXSLN80  Visual Basic Express 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VBXSLN90  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   FILExt _VBXSLN90  Visual Basic Express 2008 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VCPPXSLN100  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VCPPXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VCPPXSLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _VCPPXSLN80  Visual C++ Express 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VCPPXSLN90  Microsoft Visual C++ file
   FILExt _VCPPXSLN90  Visual C++ Express 2008 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VCSXSLN100  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VCSXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VCSXSLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   FILExt _VCSXSLN80  Visual C# Express 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VCSXSLN90  Microsoft Visual C# file
   FILExt _VCSXSLN90  Visual C# Express 2008 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VCSXSLN€‹80  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VJSXSLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   FILExt _VJSXSLN80  Visual J# Express 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VPDXSLN100  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VPDXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VPDXSLN120  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VSTASLN80  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VW8XSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN100  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN120  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN140  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN80  Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express file
   FILExt _VWDXSLN80  Visual Web Developer Express 2005 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VWDXSLN90  Microsoft Visual Studio Launcher file
   FILExt _VWDXSLN90  Visual Web Developer Express 2008 Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions _VWINXSLN120  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _VWINXSLN140  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _WDXSLN110  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _WDXSLN120  Microsoft Visual Studio file
   File Extensions _WDXSLN140  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions _WDXSLN150  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   File Extensions 1ST  Visual FoxPro documenting wizard list
   FILExt 3DV  Visual Component File
   DotWhat 850  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   FILExt 850  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   File Extensions 850  Visual FoxProo 98 data
   File Extensions 852  Microsoft Visual FoxPro data
   DotWhat 852  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   FILExt 852  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   DotWhat 866  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   File Extensions 866  Visual FoxPro 98 data
   FILExt 866  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   File Extensions ACCESSOR  Microsoft Visual Studio accessor data
   File Extensions ACM  Visual SourceSafe module
   File Extensions ACTIVITYDIAGRAM  Microsoft Visual Studio activity diagram
   File Extensions ACTPROJ  Microsoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
   FILExt ACTPROJ  Visual Studio .NET ACT Project (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ADDIN  Microsoft Visual Studio add-in
   FileInfo ADDIN  Visual Studio Add-in Definition File
   TrID AEF  CA Visual Objects Application Export File (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  01 00 20 00 00 00 
   File Extensions AEF  Visual Objects application export data
   FILExt AEF  Visual Objects Application Export File (CA)
   FILExt AEH  iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext (Visual Vision)
   File Extensions ALC  Visual MP3 embedded dynamic lyrics
   File Extensions ANDROIDPROJ  Microsoft Visual Studio Android project
   TrID APP  CA Visual Objects Application (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt APP  Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) Project File (CA)
   File Extensions APP  CA Visual Objects platform for developer (CAVO) project
   TrID APP  Generated application MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:  FE F2 
   File Extensions APP  Visual FoxPro application
   File Extensions APPXSYM  Microsoft Visual Studio Windows 8 application information
   File Extensions APPXUPLOAD  Microsoft Visual Studio Windows application upload data
   File Extensions APS  Microsoft Visual C++ binary resource
   TrID APS  Visual C++ binary resource
 Header Hexdump:  48 57 42 00 
   FILExt APS  Visual C++ File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo APS  Visual C++ Resource File
   File Extensions ASA  Microsoft Visual InterDev data
   DotWhat ASA  Microsoft Visual InterDev File
   FILExt ASA  Visual InterDev File (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer ASCX  Visual Studio custom user control source file
   File Extensions ASDATABASE  Microsoft Visual Studio data
   Cryer ASF  Media player audio-visual file
   FileInfo ASM  Visual Studio Assembler Source Code File
   File Extensions ASPROJ  Microsoft Visual Studio Analysis Services project file
   File Extensions ATN  Visual FoxPro WWW search page wizard
   File Extensions ATP  Microsoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
   FILExt ATP  Visual Studio .NET ACT Project (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat AVR  Audio Visual Research file
   TrID AVR  Audio Visual Research sample
 Header Hexdump:  32 42 49 54 
   File Extensions AVR  Audio Visual Research sound file
   FILExt AVR  Audio Visual Research Sound
   FILExt B4U  docPointer Visual ReadMe File (docPointer)
   File Extensions B4U  Visual ReadMe data
   File Extensions BAK  Visual UML (Unified Modeling Language) backup
   TrID BAS  Visual Basic 2 source (tokenized)
 Header Hexdump:  FC 04 02 00 0F 00 50 01 50 01 09 00 01 02 03 04  
   TrID BAS  Visual Basic 3 source (tokenized)
 Header Hexdump:  FC 05 02 00 0F 00 5F 01 5F 01 09 00 01 02 03 04  
   File Extensions BCF  Visual MODFLOW data
   File Extensions BDCM  Microsoft Visual Studio BDC model file
   File Extensions BDCR  Microsoft Visual Studio BDC resource data
   File Extensions BI  Microsoft Visual Basic for DOS include data
   FILExt BI  Quick Basic or Visual Basic for DOS Include File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt BLD  Visual Build Project (Kinook Software Inc.)
   File Extensions BLD  Visual Build project
   TrID BSC  Microsoft Visual C Source Code Browser info
 Header Hexdump:  02 00 02 01 
   File Extensions BSC  Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ source browser information data
   FileInfo BSC  Visual Studio Source Browser Information File
   TrID BTE  Visual Home object
 Header Hexdump:  65 00 00 00 FF FF 
   DotWhat BWB  Visual Baler Spreadsheet application
   FILExt BWB  Visual Baler Spreadsheet File
   File Extensions BWB  Visual Baler spreadsheet
   File Extensions C#  Microsoft Visual C# data
   DotWhat CC  Visual dBASE custom class file
   FILExt CC  Visual dBASE Custom Class File
   File Extensions CC  Visual dBASE custom class
   DotWhat CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file
   FILExt CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
   File Extensions CCB  Visual Basic animated button configuration
   File Extensions CCPROJ  Microsoft Visual Studio cloud service project
   TrID CCPROJ  Visual Studio Cloud service project
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E  
   File Extensions CCS  Visual CCScript script
   FileInfo CD  Visual Studio Class Diagram
   File Extensions CD  Visual Studio class diagram
   DotWhat CDM  Visual dBASE custom data module
   FILExt CDM  Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
   File Extensions CDM  Visual dBASE custom data module
   FILExt CDP  Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) (CA)
   File Extensions CDP  CA Visual Objects Platform for Developer data
   TrID CDX  Compound index MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:  00 04 00 00 00 
   DotWhat CDX  MS Visual Foxpro Index
   Cryer CDX  Visual FoxPro compound index
   FILExt CDX  Visual Foxpro Index (Microsoft Corporation)

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