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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 1ST  Visual FoxPro documenting wizard list
   DotWhat 850  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   FILExt 850  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   File Extensions 852  Microsoft Visual FoxPro data
   DotWhat 852  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   FILExt 852  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   DotWhat 866  Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
   File Extensions 866  Visual FoxPro 98 data
   FILExt 866  Visual Foxpro 98 File
   Cryer ACT  Action diagram (FoxPro)
   FILExt ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram data
   DotWhat ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
   FileInfo APP  FoxPro Generated Application
   TrID APP  Generated application MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:  FE F2 
   FILExt APP  R:Base Symphony DR-DOS FoxPro (or other) Application
   File Extensions APP  Visual FoxPro application
   File Extensions ATN  Visual FoxPro WWW search page wizard
   TrID CDX  Compound index MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:  00 04 00 00 00 
   DotWhat CDX  MS Visual Foxpro Index
   Cryer CDX  Visual FoxPro compound index
   FILExt CDX  Visual Foxpro Index (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat CSQ  Foxpro Queries
   FILExt CSQ  Foxpro Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CSQ  Microsoft FoxPro queries data
   FileInfo DBC  FoxPro Database
   DotWhat DBC  Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container File
   File Extensions DBC  Microsoft Visual FoxPro database
   FILExt DBC  Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer DBC  Visual FoxPro database file
   Cryer DBF  FoxPro database file
   FileInfo DBF  FoxPro Table
   TrID DBF  Table MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:   
   File Extensions DBF  Visual FoxPro database table
   FileInfo DBG  Visual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File
   FILExt DBT  FoxPro Foxbase+ Style Memo
   Cryer DBX  FoxPro table file
   File Extensions DBX  Microsoft Visual FoxPro table
   FILExt DBX  Visual Foxpro Table (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat DBX  Visual Foxpro Table
   FileInfo DCT  FoxPro Database Memo
   Cryer DCT  FoxPro file
   File Extensions DCT  Microsoft Visual FoxPro database container memo file
   FILExt DCT  Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat DCT  Visual Foxpro Database Container
   FileInfo DCX  FoxPro Database Index
   Cryer DCX  FoxPro database index
   File Extensions DCX  Microsoft Visual FoxPro database container (DBC)
   DotWhat DCX  Microsofts Visual FoxPro Database Container File
   FILExt DCX  Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat ERR  FoxPro Compilation Error file
   Cryer ERR  FoxPro compilation error file
   FileInfo ERR  FoxPro Compilation Error
   FILExt ESL  FoxPro Macintosh Runtime Library
   Cryer ESL  FoxPro support library file
   FILExt ESL  Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ESL  Visual FoxPro distributable support library
   DotWhat ESO  FoxPro
   FILExt ESO  FoxPro
   TrID EXE  Win32 Executable MS Visual FoxPro 7
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   TrID EXE  Win32 Executable MS Visual FoxPro 8
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 90 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 FF FF 00 00  
   File Extensions F+DB  Microsoft FoxPro database
   FILExt FCT  Foxpro Catalog (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat FCT  FoxPro catalog memo file
   File Extensions FCT  FoxPro catalog memo
   FILExt FDB  FoxPro Database
   File Extensions FDB  FoxPro database
   FILExt FKY  Foxpro Macro (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer FKY  FoxPro macro file
   FileInfo FKY  FoxPro Macro
   Wikipedia FKY  Macro file - FoxPro
   File Extensions FKY  Visual FoxPro macro
   FileInfo FLL  FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
   Cryer FLL  FoxPro dynamic link library
   FILExt FLL  Foxpro Library (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat FLL  FoxPro Runtime Dynamic
   File Extensions FLL  Visual FoxPro dynamic link library
   FILExt FLM  FoxPro Library
   File Extensions FLM  Visual FoxPro library
   Wikipedia FMT  Format file - dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
   FileInfo FMT  FoxPro Format File
   Cryer FMT  FoxPro format file
   FILExt FMT  Visual FoxPro Csreen Format File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt FOX  FoxBase/FoxPro+ Executable File
   File Extensions FOX  FoxPro executable file
   DotWhat FOXX  FoxPro
   Wikipedia FP  Final Page file - FoxPro for DOS
   DotWhat FP  FoxPro Configuration File
   Cryer FP  FoxPro configuration file
   FILExt FP  FoxPro Configuration Info (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions FP  Microsoft FoxPro configuration
   Wikipedia FPC  Catalog - FoxPro
   FILExt FPC  FoxPro Catalog File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions FPC  FoxPro catalog
   Wikipedia FPM  Configuration file - FoxPro for MacIntosh
   FILExt FPM  FoxPro Startup File
   File Extensions FPM  Microsoft FoxPro startup data
   File Extensions FPQ  Microsoft Visual FoxPro updatable query
   FILExt FPT  FoxPro Memo Field (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia FPT  Foxpro memo field tables - FoxPro
   FileInfo FPT  FoxPro Table Memo
   Cryer FPT  Foxpro table memo
   DotWhat FPT  Visual FoxPro Memo Fields File
   Wikipedia FPU  Configuration file - FoxPro for Unix
   Wikipedia FPW  Configuration file - Visual FoxPro
   FILExt FPW  FoxPro Configuration
   File Extensions FPW  FoxPro configuration
   DotWhat FPW  Visual FoxPro Configuration File
   FILExt FPX  Compiled FoxPro Program
   File Extensions FPX  FoxPro compiled program
   Wikipedia FRT  Additional (FPT) report description file - FoxPro
   FILExt FRT  FoxPro Report File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo FRT  FoxPro Report Memo
   Cryer FRT  FoxPro report
   File Extensions FRT  Visual FoxPro additional report description
   DotWhat FRT  Visual FoxPro Report Menu
   FILExt FRX  FoxPro Report File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat FRX  FoxPro Report
   FileInfo FRX  FoxPro Report
   Cryer FRX  FoxPro report
   Wikipedia FRX  Main (DBF) report description file - Visual FoxPro
   File Extensions FRX  Visual FoxPro main report description
   File Extensions FXD  FoxPro FoxDoc support data
   FILExt FXD  FoxPro FoxDoc Support
   FileInfo FXP  FoxPro Compiled Program
   Cryer FXP  FoxPro compiled program
   FILExt FXP  FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo FXP  FOXPRO Digital Game Call Audio File
   Wikipedia FXP  Foxpro executable (precompiled .prg) - Visual FoxPro
   File Extensions FXP  Visual FoxPro compiled database
   FILExt IDX  FoxPro Index (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer IDX  FoxPro index file
   Wikipedia IDX  Index - many - FoxPro - also unrelated Quicken file format
   FILExt INT  Foxpro Code Page (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions INT  FoxPro code page
   FILExt INX  Foxpro Foxbase Index
   File Extensions KRT  Microsoft Visual FoxPro recreation data
   Wikipedia LBT  Additional (FPT) label description file - FoxPro
   FILExt LBT  Foxpro Label Memo (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo LBT  FoxPro Label Memo
   Cryer LBT  FoxPro label memo
   DotWhat LBT  FoxPro Label
   File Extensions LBT  Visual FoxPro additional label description
   FILExt LBX  Foxpro Label (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo LBX  FoxPro Label File
   Cryer LBX  FoxPro label
   DotWhat LBX  FoxPro Labels
   Wikipedia LBX  Main (DBF) label description file - FoxPro
   File Extensions LBX  Visual FoxPro main (DBF) label description data
   FileInfo LST  FoxPro Documenting Wizard List

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