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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   DotWhat 7XE  Keeboo web book import shortcut
   FILExt ALS  Calmira Shortcut File
   FILExt AOM  Download Manager Online Manager Shortcut (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   DotWhat AOM  Download Manager Online Manager Shortcut
   File Extensions ARTASK  Remedy User Tool shortcut
   TrID ARTASK  Remedy User Tool shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  5B 53 68 6F 72 74 63 75 74 5D 
   FILExt AWSHORTCUT  ActiveWords Shortcut (ActiveWord Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions AWSHORTCUT  ActiveWords Shortcut file
   DotWhat AWSHORTCUT  ActiveWords Shortcut
   FILExt CCR  Internet Chat Room Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat CCR  Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation Shortcut
   DotWhat CDA  CD Audio Track Shortcut
   FileInfo CDA  CD Audio Track Shortcut
   FILExt CDA  CD Audio Track Shortcut
   TrID CDA  CD Audio track shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  52 49 46 46 24 00 00 00 43 44 44 41 66 6D 74 20  
   FileInfo DESKLINK  Desktop Shortcut
   File Extensions FAV  Microsoft Outlook bar-shortcut
   FileInfo FETCHSHORTCUTS  Fetch Shortcut List FIle
   FileInfo GDOC  Google Docs Shortcut
   FileInfo GDRAW  Google Drawings Shortcut
   FileInfo GFNPC  GeForce NOW Game Shortcut
   FileInfo GFORM  Google Forms Shortcut
   FileInfo GJAM  Google Jamboard Shortcut
   FileInfo GLINK  Google Drive External File Shortcut
   File Extensions GLK  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove shortcut file
   FileInfo GMAP  Google My Maps Shortcut
   FileInfo GSCRIPT  Google Apps Script Shortcut
   FileInfo GSHEET  Google Sheets Shortcut
   FileInfo GSITE  Google Sites Shortcut
   FileInfo GSLIDES  Google Slides Shortcut
   FileInfo GTABLE  Google Fusion Table Shortcut
   FileInfo GWI  GroupWise Database Shortcut File
   DotWhat GWI  Novell GroupWise Shortcut
   File Extensions ICK  IntelliCAD keyboard shortcut data
   FileInfo INDK  Adobe Shortcut Set File
   File Extensions KBD  3D Studio Max keyboard shortcut
   FILExt KBX  AVG Keyboard Shortcut Definitions (AVG Technologies)
   FileInfo KEXIS  Kexi Database Shortcut File
   FileInfo KKSRC  KDE Plasma Keyboard Shortcut Settings
   TrID KKSRC  KDE Plasma Keyboard Shortcut Settings
 Header Hexdump:  5B 
   FILExt KMS  Model Browser Shortcut (Metis)
   FileInfo KSVLAYOUT  Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Specification
   File Extensions KYS  Adobe keyboard shortcut
   FILExt KYS  Photoshop CS Keyboard Shortcut (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   Wikipedia LNK  Windows 95 shortcut - Windows 95
   DotWhat LNK  Windows File Shortcut
   FILExt LNK  Windows Shortcut File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo LNK  Windows Shortcut
   File Extensions LNK  Windows Shortcut
   Cryer LNK  Windows shortcut
   TrID LNK  Windows Shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  4C 00 00 00 01 14 02 00 00 00 00 00 C0 00 00 00  
   Wikipedia LNK  Windows XP shortcut - Windows XP
   FILExt LNK2  Program Neighborhood Explorer Shortcut (Citrix Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions LNK2  Program Neighborhood explorer shortcut
   FileInfo LNK42  Windows 93 Desktop Shortcut
   FILExt LSX  Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut
   FileInfo LSX  Streaming Media Shortcut
   DotWhat LTF  Frogans Shortcut File
   FileInfo LTF  Frogans Shortcut File
   FILExt MAC  Access Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAC  Microsoft Access Shortcut
   File Extensions MAC  Microsoft Access shortcut
   FILExt MAD  Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAD  Microsoft Access Module Shortcut
   File Extensions MAD  Microsoft Access module shortcut
   DotWhat MAF  Microsoft Access Form Shortcut
   File Extensions MAF  Microsoft Access form shortcut
   FILExt MAG  Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAG  Microsoft Access Diagram Shortcut
   File Extensions MAG  Microsoft Access diagram shortcut
   FILExt MAM  Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAM  Microsoft Access Macro Shortcut
   File Extensions MAM  Microsoft Access macro shortcut
   FILExt MAQ  Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAQ  Microsoft Access Query Shortcut
   File Extensions MAQ  Microsoft Access query shortcut
   FILExt MAR  Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MAR  Microsoft Access report shortcut
   FILExt MAT  Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAT  Microsoft Access Table Shortcut
   File Extensions MAT  Microsoft Access table shortcut
   FILExt MAV  Access View Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAV  Microsoft Access View Shortcut
   FILExt MCC  The Microsoft Network Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MCL  Microsoft Media Center application shortcut
   File Extensions MFX  Adobe user keyboard shortcut settings
   File Extensions NAL  Novell ZENworks Suite network delivered application shortcut file format
   FILExt NAL  ZENworks Suite Network Delivered Application Shortcut (Novell Inc.)
   FILExt NLU  Practice Platform Shortcut (neuroLanguage Corporation)
   FileInfo OLS  Microsoft Office List Shortcut
   File Extensions OLS  Microsoft Office list shortcut
   FILExt PNZ  Panorama Shortcut to Open Multiple Databases (ProVUE Development)
   FileInfo PSI  PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
   File Extensions PSI  PrimalScript online help shortcut
   FileInfo REGLNK  Registry Editor Shortcut File
   File Extensions RNK  Dial-up shortcut file
   FILExt RNK  Dial-up Shortcut
   FILExt S2R  RegMagiK Registry Editor Registry Shortcut File (Guzner Software)
   File Extensions SBC  Microsoft Office Accounting company shortcut
   FileInfo SBC  Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
   FILExt SFS  Sibelius Feature & Keyboard Shortcut Set (Sibelius Software Ltd)
   File Extensions SFS  Sibelius shortcut set
   File Extensions SHB  Microsoft Windows shortcut into a document
   FILExt SHB  Windows Shortcut into a Document
   FILExt SHORTCUT  As-U-Type Text Shortcut File (Fanix Software)
   File Extensions SHORTCUT  Asutype shortcut
   File Extensions URL  Internet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
   Wikipedia URL  Internet Shortcut (URL) - Windows Explorer
   Cryer URL  Internet shortcut file
   DotWhat URL  Internet Shortcut
   FileInfo URL  URL Shortcut File
   TrID URL  Windows URL shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  5B 
   File Extensions URL_  Internet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
   File Extensions URLS  GetRight Internet shortcut
   Wikipedia WAX  Windows Media Audio Shortcut - Windows Media Player (Windows Media Audio Redirector)[10]
   FILExt WEBSITE  Internet Exploer 9 Pinned Site Shortcut (Microsoft)
   File Extensions WEBSITE  Internet Explorer 9 pinned site shortcut
   FileInfo WEBSITE  Internet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut
   File Extensions WFX  Adobe user keyboard shortcut settings
   FILExt WMX  Windows Media Player A/V Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID WVX  Windows Media redirector / shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  5B 52 65 66 65 72 65 6E 63 65 5D 0D 
   DotWhat XLNK  XML Shortcut File
   FileInfo XLNK  XML Shortcut File
   FILExt XNK  Exchange Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo XNK  Exchange Shortcut
   TrID XNK  Microsoft Exchange Server Shortcut
 Header Hexdump:  05 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 00 00  
   File Extensions XNK  Microsoft Exchange shortcut
   DotWhat XNK  Shortcut file
   FileInfo ZDOC  Zoho Writer Shortcut
   FileInfo ZSHEET  Zolo Sheet Shortcut
   FileInfo ZSHOW  Zoho Show Shortcut

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