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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt A68  PDP-10 Algol-68 Compiler Source
   File Extensions ABS  GNU C Compiler ELF/DWARF format absolute data
   DotWhat ABS  GNU compiler output file
   FILExt ABS  PC GNU Compiler Output
   File Extensions ADT  Caesar/Aldebaran Development Package compiler file
   FILExt ALG  PDP-10 ALGOL Compiler Source
   File Extensions ALG  PDP-10 ALGOL compiler source
   FILExt ALW  PDP-10 Algol-W Compiler Source
   FILExt B36  PDP-10 BLISS-36 Compiler Source
   FILExt BCL  PDP-10 BCPL Compiler Source
   File Extensions BCL  PDP-10 BCPL compiler source
   FILExt BCP  Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Project File (Bambalam)
   FileInfo BCP  Batch Compiler Preset File
   File Extensions BCP  Batch Compiler preset
   File Extensions BCS  Batch Compiler specification data
   FileInfo BCS  Batch Compiler Specification File
   FILExt BLI  PDP-10 BLISS-10 Compiler Source
   File Extensions BLI  PDP-10 BLISS-10 compiler source
   FILExt BLU  Blue Compiler Blue Source File (Monash University)
   File Extensions BXM  BasicX-24 basic express compiler map
   FILExt BXM  BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
   File Extensions BXP  BasicX-24 basic express compiler module list
   FILExt BXP  BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Module List
   FileInfo CBA  CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File
   File Extensions CBA  CryENGINE resource compiler settings
   FILExt CBL  PDP-10 COBOL Compiler Source
   File Extensions CC4  Crossword Compiler crossword puzzle
   FILExt CCJ  Crossword Compiler Compiled Crossword Applet (Antony Lewis)
   File Extensions CCJ  Crossword Compiler compiled crossword applet
   File Extensions CCW  Crossword Compiler saved puzzle
   File Extensions CLP  CA-Clipper compiler script
   DotWhat CLP  Clipper 5 Compiler Script
   FILExt CLP  Clipper 5 Compiler Script
   FILExt COD  C Compiler Output (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt COD  Compiler Program Code
   DotWhat COD  Microsoft C compiler output
   File Extensions COD  Microsoft C compiler output
   File Extensions COMP  CodeWarrior Compiler data
   DotWhat COMP  CodeWarrior Compiler
   File Extensions COS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler query data
   FILExt COS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Query File
   TrID CSF  Quartus Compiler Setting File
 Header Hexdump:  43 4F 4D 50 49 4C 45 52 5F 53 45 54 54 49 4E 47  
   FILExt DB  data by Synopsys Design Compiler dbVista Paradox Smartware XTreeGold
   File Extensions DB  Synopsys Design Compiler data
   TrID DBG  ASIC compiler debug info
 Header Hexdump:  FE 
   FILExt DCPIL  Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
   File Extensions DCPIL  Delphi compiler symbolic information
   FILExt DCUIL  Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
   File Extensions DDP  Delphi diagram page from compiler
   FILExt DDS  INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
   DotWhat DDS  INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler
   File Extensions DJG  DJGPP Compiler makefile
   DotWhat DKC  Virtue Deskshow Compiler
   FILExt DLB  TigerSHARC Processor VisualDSP++ 3.5 C/C++ Compiler Run-time Library File
   FILExt DLK  INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
   File Extensions DLK  INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler link info
   DotWhat DLK  INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler
   TrID EXE  TMT Pascal Compiler 3.90 DOS executable
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A E0 00 19 00 00 00 04 00 B4 06 FF FF D7 03  
   FILExt F40  PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 Compiler Source
   File Extensions F40  PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 compiler source
   FILExt F77  PDP-10 FORTRAN-77 Compiler Source
   FILExt FAI  PDP-10 FAIL Compiler Source
   FILExt FD  DataFlex Field Compiler Offsets (Data Access Corporation)
   File Extensions FD  DataFlex field offsets for compiler
   Wikipedia FD  Field offsets for compiler - DataFlex
   DotWhat FD  Field offsets for compiler
   FILExt FOR  PDP-10 FORTRAN-10 Compiler Source
   FILExt FPC  Free Pascal Compiler Makefile (Free Pascal Makefile Generator)
   File Extensions FPC  FreePascal Compiler makefile
   Wikipedia GCH  GNU preprocessed C header file - GNU C compiler
   FileInfo GCPROJ  Genome Compiler Project
   FileInfo GLD  MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File
   File Extensions GLD  MPLAB C Compiler linker script file
   FILExt GMT  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Grammar File
   FILExt HEH  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Facts File
   Wikipedia HPJ  Help project - Microsoft Help Compiler for Windows - HC.EXE
   TrID HPJ  Microsoft Help compiler Project (with rem)
 Header Hexdump:  3B 
   TrID HPJ  Microsoft Help compiler Project
 Header Hexdump:  5B 4F 50 54 49 4F 4E 53 5D 0D 0A 
   DotWhat J1  EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary file
   FILExt J1  EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary File
   FILExt KL  Haxial Compiler Haxial KL Source File (Haxial Software Ltd.)
   FILExt LAY  Track Builder Simulation Compiler Code (Signal Computer Consultants)
   File Extensions LAY  Track Builder simulation compiler code
   Wikipedia LCF  Linker Control File - Norton Guides compiler
   File Extensions LCF  Linker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)
   FileInfo LGC  WordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
   FILExt LIS  Compiler Listing File
   FILExt LRT  Yacc: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler Log File
   Wikipedia LST  List file (archive index - compiler listfile)
   File Extensions LVC  Alstom MMS compiler report
   FILExt MAC  PDP-10 MACRO-10 Assembler Compiler Source
   FILExt MCP  Master Compiler Profile
   File Extensions MCP  Master Compiler profile
   File Extensions MINGW32  Mingw compiler data
   DotWhat MINGW32  Mingw compiler file
   FILExt MINGW32  Mingw Compiler File
   File Extensions MND  AutoCAD Menu Compiler data
   Wikipedia MND  Menu source - AutoCAD Menu Compiler
   Wikipedia MNU  Menu - AutoCAD Menu Compiler – Norton Commander – Signature
   FILExt MOC  QT Meta-Object Compiler Header Files (Trolltech)
   FILExt MOD  PDP-10 MODULA-II Compiler Source
   File Extensions MP?  LoseThos compiler map
   FILExt MPP  BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
   FILExt MPX  BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
   File Extensions MPX  BX-24 Basic Express compiler map
   FILExt MPX  Foxpro Compiler Menu (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MPX  FoxPro compiler menu
   File Extensions MSVC  Microsoft Visual C++ compiler makefile
   FILExt NGS  NG Compiler Source (NGC)
   DotWhat NGS  NG compiler source
   Wikipedia NGS  NG compiler source file - NGC
   FILExt NJP  njPipes Compiler File
   FILExt NML  .nugthat Compiler Source Code (.nugthat Mark-up Language) (Nuggets Unlimited Inc.)
   FILExt OM  Omicron Compiler File
   FILExt PAL  PDP-10 Program Assembly Language (PDP-8 Code Cross-Compiled on a PDP-10) Compiler Source
   FILExt PAS  PDP-10 PASCAL Compiler Source
   File Extensions PBE  Proton Plus compiler data
   FILExt PH  Help Compiler Phrase Table
   TrID PRJ  MATLAB Compiler Project
 Header Hexdump:  3C 64 65 70 6C 6F 79 6D 65 6E 74 2D 70 72 6F 6A  
   FILExt PRX  Foxpro Compiler Program (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt PVS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Reserved Words File
   FILExt PYC  Python Compiler Script (Bytecode) (Python Software Foundation)
   FileInfo QC  Half-Life Model Compiler Script
   FILExt RC  C++ Resource Compiler Script File (Borland Software Corporation)
   FILExt RC  Compiler Resource File
   DotWhat RC  Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler
   Wikipedia RC  Resource Compiler script file - Microsoft C/C , Borland C
   Wikipedia RC  Windows resource compiler script - RC.EXE -Resource WorkShop - OS/2
   DotWhat RCV  Resource Compiler Resource script
   FILExt RCV  Resource Compiler Resource Script
   Wikipedia RDF  Compiled UIC source code - Geoworks UI Compiler
   FILExt RDF  Geoworks UI Compiler Source Code
   Wikipedia RED  REDuced nodelist file - T-Mail nodelist Compiler
   File Extensions RES  Microsoft Linker resource compiler input file
   File Extensions RGL  Scarlett Expert System Compiler rules data
   FILExt RGL  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Rules File
   File Extensions RPO  IBM XL C/C++ for Linux compiler data
   FileInfo RSP  C# Compiler Response File
   Wikipedia S7I  Seed7 library / include file - Seed7 interpreter and compiler
   FILExt SAI  PDP-10 SAIL Compiler Source
   Wikipedia SD7  Seed7 source file - Seed7 interpreter and compiler
   FILExt SIM  PDP-10 Simula-67 Compiler Source
   FILExt SIMPLE  Simple Compiler Source Code File (Google Code)
   File Extensions SIMPLE  Simple Compiler source code
   File Extensions SIT  PDP-10 Fortran-77 compiler source file
   FILExt SIT  PDP-10 Steven's Institute of Technology Load-and-Go Fortran-77 Compiler Source
   FILExt SLC  Telix Compiler SALT Script
   FILExt SNO  PDP-10 SNOBOL Compiler Source
   FILExt SPX  Foxpro Compiler Screen Program (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia SRC  Source code - Aurora Compiler

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