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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   DotWhat 232  Microsoft Office Install
   File Extensions 232  Microsoft Office installation data
   FILExt 232  Office Install (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt ABK  Ability Office Write Document Backup (Ability Software)
   FILExt ACCDE  MS Office Access (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat ACCDE  Office Access 2007
   FILExt ACCDR  MS Office Access (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt ACCDT  MS Office Access (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ACCTL  Microsoft Office InfoPath data
   DotWhat ACL  Automatic Correction List for Microsoft Office 7
   File Extensions ACL  Microsoft Office automatic correction list
   FILExt ACL  Office AutoCorrect List (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID ACL  Office AutoCorrect List
 Header Hexdump:  04 00 96 00 
   File Extensions ACP  Microsoft Office Assistant preview data
   DotWhat ACP  Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
   FILExt ACP  Office Assistant Preview File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ACT  Microsoft Office actor data
   DotWhat ACT  MS Office Actor Program File
   FILExt ACT  Office Actor Program File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt ADB  Ability Office Database (Ability Software)
   DotWhat ADB  Ability Office Database File
   FILExt ADML  Windows/Office Language Specific Group Policy Settings (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt ADMX  Windows/Office Group Policy Settings (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ADOC  Authentica Secure Office encoded Word document
   FILExt ADOC  Authentica Secure Office Protected Word Document (Authentica)
   TrID ADV  Gold Disk Office Calc/Graph spreadsheet
 Header Hexdump:  01 00 04 28 9B 86 F4 02 00 08 
   DotWhat APH  Ability Office
   FILExt APH  Ability Office Photo Album (Ability Software)
   File Extensions APO  Abacre Paperless Office data
   FILExt APO  Paperless Office (Abacre)
   FILExt APPT  Authentica Secure Office Protected PowerPoint Document (Authentica)
   File Extensions APPT  Authentica Secure Office protected PowerPoint presentation
   TrID APX  Ability Office PhotoPaint bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  53 44 33 53 
   FILExt APX  Ability Office Photopaint Image (Ability Software)
   File Extensions ARS  Corel WordPerfect Office audio
   TrID ART  The Office Publisher graphics Art (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  07 4F 50 04 56 31 2E 
   DotWhat ASSP  Microsoft Office HTML
   FILExt AST  Ability Office Spreadsheet (Ability Software)
   File Extensions AST  Corel WordPerfect Office template
   File Extensions ATE  Microsoft Office Accounting compressed backup
   File Extensions ATI  Microsoft Office Accounting updated company data
   FILExt AWP  Ability Office Write Document Template (Ability Software)
   FILExt AWS  Ability Office Spreadsheet (Ability Software)
   TrID AWS  Ability Office Spreadsheet
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   DotWhat AWW  Ability Office
   FILExt AWW  Ability Office Write Document (Ability Software)
   FILExt AXLS  Authentica Secure Office Protected Excel Document (Authentica)
   File Extensions BLK  Corel WordPerfect Office temporary file
   File Extensions BOP  Business Office Pro document
   FILExt BSW  Office Business Scorecard Manager Workspace File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions BSWX  Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server database
   FILExt BTF  Basi Office TypeFace Document (Basi Computers)
   File Extensions BTF  Basi Office TypeFace document
   DotWhat BUP  Office
   File Extensions CCC  Corel WordPerfect Office calendar data
   FILExt CCC  WordPerfect Office Calendar File (Corel Corporation)
   FILExt CCF  GPS Pathfinder Office Configuration File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions CCF  GPS Pathfinder Office configuration
   TrID CCW  MSX Home Office document/data
 Header Hexdump:  43 43 57 53 53 53 53 53 
   FileInfo CELL  Thinkfree Office NEO Cell Workbook
   File Extensions CIL  Microsoft Office Clip Gallery download package
   FILExt CLB  Office XP Developer Code Librarian (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat CLB  Office XP Developer Code Librarian File
   File Extensions CMW  Microsoft Office Custom Maintenance Wizard data
   FileInfo CNV  Office Converter File
   File Extensions COR  Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office corrected SSF data
   TrID CPO  Corel Print Office image
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 
   FILExt CRC  JPEG Sheriff CRC Info File (engineering bureau Office Automation)
   File Extensions CRTX  Microsoft Office chart template
   FileInfo CRTX  Office 2007 Chart Template File
   DotWhat CRTX  Office 2007 Chart Template
   FILExt CSE  GPS Pathfinder Office Coordinate System (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions CVR  Microsoft Office/Outlook crash report
   FILExt DAF  dKart Office Cartographic Data Exchange Format (HydroService AS)
   FILExt DB  SmartWare Office Pac File
   File Extensions DCTX  Microsoft Office IME open extended dictionary
   File Extensions DCTXC  Microsoft Office IME open extended dictionary
   FILExt DDD  TIS-Office Digital Tachograph Data File (Siemens AG)
   FILExt DDF  GPS Pathfinder Office Data Dictionary (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions DDF  GPS Pathfinder Office data dictionary
   File Extensions DECK  Microsoft Office for Mac query
   File Extensions DET  Microsoft Office 2010 component
   FILExt DGF  GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions DGF  GPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid file
   File Extensions DICPROOF  Microsoft Office dictionary proofing file
   FILExt DID  IKON DISC Image Document IDentifier (IKON Office Solutions Inc.)
   TrID DOC  Mini Office II Document
 Header Hexdump:  00 
   TrID DOC  Mini Office text Document
 Header Hexdump:  47 0D 80 CF 80 81 
   FILExt DOC  Perfect Office Document (Perfect Office)
   TrID DOC  The Office Publisher Document (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  07 4F 50 04 56 31 2E 
   DotWhat DOCM  Microsoft Office Word
   TrID DOCM  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format document (with Macro)
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt DOCM  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document with Macros Enabled (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions DOCT  OnlyOffice online office converted docx file
   DotWhat DOCX  Microsoft Office Word
   FILExt DOCX  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID DOCX  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format document
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   DotWhat DOTM  Microsoft Office Word
   FILExt DOTM  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Template with Macros Enabled (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat DOTX  Microsoft Office Word
   FILExt DOTX  Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Template (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions DPC  Microsoft Office resource data
   File Extensions DPS  Kingsoft Office presentation
   File Extensions DPT  Kingsoft Office presentation template
   File Extensions DSN  SureThing Office Labeler document file
   FILExt DSN  SureThing Office Labeler Document Formerly DesignExpress.
   DotWhat DSN  SureThing Office Labeler Document
   File Extensions DWP  Microsoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
   File Extensions EAS-MS  Microsoft Office Live Meeting data
   TrID ECF  Exchange Extended Configuration File - Office Add-in
 Header Hexdump:  5B 47 65 6E 65 72 61 6C 5D 0D 0A 44 69 73 70 6C  
   DotWhat ECF  Microsoft Office 97 Add
   FILExt ECF  WinFax Office Add-in File (Symantec Corporation)
   File Extensions ECF  WinFax Office add-in
   FileInfo ECT  Yozo Office Chart Template File
   File Extensions ECT  Yozo Office chart template
   File Extensions EFTX  Microsoft Office 2007 theme effect
   DotWhat EFTX  Office 2007 Theme Effect File
   FileInfo EFTX  Office 2007 Theme Effect File
   File Extensions EFXT  Microsoft Office theme
   FileInfo EIO  Yozo Office File
   FileInfo EIT  Yozo Office Template File
   FileInfo ELM  Office Theme File
   File Extensions EMPTYBINARYREGISTRY  Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler data
   File Extensions EMV  Office Furniture Modeling Language environment
   FILExt EPH  GPS Pathfinder Office Ephemeris File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions EPH  GPS Pathfinder Office Ephemeris file
   FileInfo EXC  Microsoft Office 2003 Exclusion Dictionary
   File Extensions EXPORTEDUI  Microsoft Office exported customization data
   FileInfo EXPORTEDUI  Microsoft Office Exported UI Customization File
   File Extensions FAD  Office file attribute database
   File Extensions FAE  MS Office 97 file converter DLL file
   DotWhat FAE  MS Office 97 file converter DLL
   DotWhat FFA  Microsoft Office Fast Find File
   DotWhat FFL  Microsoft Office Fast Find File
   DotWhat FFT  Microsoft Office Fast Find File
   DotWhat FFX  Microsoft Office Fast Find File Index
   File Extensions FML  Office Furniture Modeling Language scene
   File Extensions FSF  Microsoft Office cache data
   TrID FWT  The Office Publisher Font (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  07 4F 50 04 56 31 2E 
   File Extensions FX  Corel WordPerfect Office template
   FILExt FX  WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel Corporation)
   File Extensions FX2  Corel WordPerfect Office template
   FILExt FX2  WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel Corporation)
   FileInfo GCSX  Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File
   File Extensions GCSX  Microsoft Office SmartArt color variation package
   File Extensions GEOPROJ  DataGeosis Office project
   FILExt GFS  Office Groove Partial Download File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt GGF  GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
   File Extensions GGF  GPS Pathfinder Office geoid grid
   FILExt GLOX  Microsoft Office (Microsoft Corporation)

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