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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions AIF  SmartWare executable program file
   File Extensions BDC  SmartWare Word Processor backup file
   File Extensions BDF  SmartWare backup definition file
   File Extensions BFR  SmartWare backup report
   File Extensions BFS  SmartWare backup sort definition file
   File Extensions BFT  SmartWare backup transaction definition data
   File Extensions BFW  SmartWare backup cross-tab data
   File Extensions BFX  SmartWare backup relate definition file
   File Extensions BKY  SmartWare backup keyboard file
   File Extensions BP0  SmartWare backup project
   File Extensions BP1  Smartware backup document
   File Extensions BP2  SmartWare backup project file
   File Extensions BP3  SmartWare backup project file
   File Extensions BP4  SmartWare backup project
   File Extensions BTX  SmartWare backup text file
   File Extensions BVS  SmartWare backup standard view
   File Extensions BVW  SmartWare backup standard view data
   File Extensions BWS  SmartWare backup worksheet file
   File Extensions CCD  SmartWare compiled cartridge descriptor data
   File Extensions CDV  SmartWare communications driver file
   File Extensions CPD  SmartWare compiled printer descriptor
   File Extensions CSF  SmartWare data format definition file
   FILExt DB  data by Synopsys Design Compiler dbVista Paradox Smartware XTreeGold
   File Extensions DB  SmartWare data
   FILExt DB  SmartWare Office Pac File
   File Extensions DBQ  SmartWare backup query definition
   DotWhat DEF  SmartWare II Data File
   FileInfo DEF  SmartWare II Data File
   FILExt DEF  SmartWare II Data File
   File Extensions DFQ  SmartWare query definition data
   File Extensions DFR  SmartWare report definition file
   File Extensions DFS  SmartWare sort definition file
   File Extensions DFT  SmartWare transaction definition
   File Extensions DFW  SmartWare cross-tab definition
   File Extensions DFX  SmartWare relate definition file
   File Extensions DTM  SmartWare appointment file
   File Extensions EXC  SmartWare dictionary file
   File Extensions GDB  SmartWare business graph
   File Extensions GDC  SmartWare composite graph
   File Extensions GDE  SmartWare elevation graph
   File Extensions GDF  SmartWare graph definition
   File Extensions GDH  SmartWare high-low graph
   File Extensions GDN  SmartWare graph definition
   File Extensions GDQ  SmartWare quick graph file
   File Extensions GDS  SmartWare scientific graph
   File Extensions GDT  SmartWare text graph file
   File Extensions GDV  SmartWare graphics screen driver
   File Extensions GMF  SmartWare graph metafile
   File Extensions HDV  SmartWare hardware driver file
   File Extensions HUD  SmartWare dictionary
   File Extensions HYP  SmartWare dictionary file
   File Extensions IFF  SmartWare temporary merge data
   File Extensions IS1  SmartWare input screen
   File Extensions IS2  SmartWare input screen data
   File Extensions IS3  SmartWare input screen data
   File Extensions IS4  SmartWare input screen file
   File Extensions LRL  SmartWare local resource library
   File Extensions MBK  SmartWare macro backup
   File Extensions MDV  SmartWare modem definition file
   File Extensions MNU  SmartWare menu keywords file
   File Extensions MSG  SmartWare intro display file
   File Extensions NDV  SmartWare network driver
   File Extensions PDV  SmartWare printer driver file
   File Extensions PF?  SmartWare project source
   File Extensions PF0  SmartWare project source code file
   File Extensions PF1  SmartWare project source code
   File Extensions PF2  SmartWare project source code
   File Extensions PF3  SmartWare project source code
   File Extensions PF4  SmartWare project source code
   File Extensions PIX  SmartWare physical index
   File Extensions PRN  SmartWare report printed to disk
   File Extensions PRT  SmartWare report printed to disk file
   File Extensions PSC  SmartWare plotter descriptor
   File Extensions RDF  SmartWare report definition file
   File Extensions RF0  SmartWare runtime project file
   File Extensions RF1  SmartWare runtime project
   File Extensions RF2  SmartWare runtime project
   File Extensions RF3  SmartWare runtime project
   File Extensions RF4  SmartWare runtime project
   File Extensions SDV  SmartWare text screen driver file
   File Extensions SFF  SmartWare screen font file
   File Extensions SMD  SmartWare II 1.02 data
   FILExt SMD  SmartWare II version 1.02
   FILExt SMT  SmartWare II Text File
   File Extensions SRL  SmartWare resource library
   File Extensions STM  SmartWare appointment file
   FILExt SW  SmartWare Spreadsheet
   File Extensions UCP  SmartWare communications profile
   File Extensions VW  SmartWare custom view file
   File Extensions VWS  SmartWare standard view
   FILExt WS  SmartWare Worksheet
   File Extensions WS  SmartWare worksheet

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