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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt !C  Graphics Converter Pro
   FILExt $C  Graphics Converter Pro
   FILExt $S  Graphics Converter Pro
   DotWhat 3T4  Util3 binary file converter to ascii
   DotWhat 8BIF  Photoshop Converter
   File Extensions A2S  Microsoft Access to MySQL Converter data
   File Extensions ADW  Tamil transliterater/font converter data
   FILExt CCP  'RIB Import Converter Profiles Import profile (RIB Software)
   File Extensions CCP  C Converter profiles file
   File Extensions CJK  China Japan Korea to Latin Converter data
   FileInfo CNV  Office Converter File
   TrID DEF  Sprint converter Definition
 Header Hexdump:  2A 
   File Extensions FAE  MS Office 97 file converter DLL file
   DotWhat FAE  MS Office 97 file converter DLL
   FileInfo FCF  Final Draft Converter File
   FILExt FCF  Final Draft File Converter Format (Final Draft Inc.)
   FILExt HXCONV  Huelix Audio Converter Session Information (Huelix Solutions Private Ltd)
   File Extensions IEC  Microsoft HTML Converter data
   FILExt LP4  36-Image Converter Encrypted Language Pack (UIC Phoenxsoftware)
   File Extensions LP4  36-Image Converter encrypted language pack
   FILExt MDP  Visual Studio .NET Project Converter (VC 4.x) (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions O2S  Oracle to MySQL Converter data
   FILExt PII  36-Image Converter Phoenx Inet Image (UIC Phoenxsoftware)
   FILExt RIN  RappInfo PostScript Converter Configuration File
   File Extensions RPF  Raven Check converter payment
   File Extensions S2E  SWF to EXE Converter project
   File Extensions SAM  MS Office 97 file converter (DLL)
   FILExt SAM  Office 97 File Converter (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat SAM  Office 97 File Converter
   File Extensions STRN  HyperCard stack converter data
   DotWhat STRN  HyperCard Stack Converter
   FILExt UCSETTINGS  Universal Converter Configuration File (Anthony R. Daly)
   File Extensions UCSETTINGS  Universal Converter settings file
   File Extensions UCV  Universal Converter conversion data
   FILExt UCV  Universal Converter Conversion File (Anthony R. Daly)
   DotWhat WDEC  Word 6 Converter
   DotWhat WDEP  Microsoft Text Converter
   DotWhat WDGC  Word Converter
   DotWhat WDPC  Word 6 Graphics Converter
   File Extensions WPC  Microsoft Word and Write Windows 95 WordPad file converter data
   DotWhat WPC  Windows 95 WordPad File Converter
   FILExt WPC  Word and Write File Converter (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo WPC  WordPad Converter File
   DotWhat ZPI  Nuance PDF Converter Index File
   File Extensions ZPI  Nuance PDF Converter index
   FileInfo ZPI  PDF Converter Index File

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