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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo 256  Descent 2 Color Palette File
   FILExt 3DC  3DCC Color Scheme
   File Extensions 8BCO  Adobe Photoshop for Mac color table
   DotWhat 8BCO  Photoshop Color Table
   FileInfo ACB  Adobe Photoshop Color Book File
   File Extensions ACB  Adobe Photoshop Color Book file
   TrID ACB  Adobe Photoshop Color Book
 Header Hexdump:  38 42 43 42 00 01 0B 
   File Extensions ACB  AutoCAD color book data
   TrID ACB  AutoCAD Color Book
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt ACB  Photoshop Color Book (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   File Extensions ACBL  Adobe Color Book data
   TrID ACF  ASCII Color Format
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 46 20 31 2E 30 0D 
   DotWhat ACO  Adobe Color palette
   File Extensions ACO  Adobe Photoshop color palette and swatches data
   FileInfo ACO  Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
   FILExt ACO  Photoshop Color Swatch File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   FileInfo ACT  Adobe Color Table File
   File Extensions ACT  Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator color table
   FILExt ACT  Photoshop Color Table (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   FILExt ADC  Scanstudio 16-color Bitmap Graphic File
   DotWhat ADC  Scanstudio 16 color Bitmap Graphic file
   FILExt ALF  Color Quick Label
   File Extensions ANC  Canon Computer Pattern Maker color pattern list
   File Extensions ASE  Adobe Color Swatch Exchange
   FileInfo ASP  Adobe Color Separation Setup File
   FileInfo AST  Adobe Color Separations Table
   File Extensions AST  Adobe Photoshop color separation table
   File Extensions ASV  Adobe Photoshop selective color data
   FILExt ASV  Photoshop Selective Color (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   File Extensions AUI  AGE3D UI Editor color table
   File Extensions AXT  Adobe Photoshop replace color range
   FILExt AXT  Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   FILExt BBC  Babya Photo Workshop Color Collection (Babya Software Group)
   TrID BCF  Binary Color Format (v1.0)
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 46 20 31 2E 30 00 
   TrID BCF  Binary Color Format (v2.0)
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 46 20 32 2E 30 00 
   TrID BCF  Binary Color Format (v2.1)
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 46 20 32 2E 31 00 
   DotWhat BCLF  Adobe Color Table
   FILExt BEX  Kashmir 3D Transparent Color Definition
   File Extensions BEX  Kashmir 3D transparent color definition
   DotWhat BLA  Adobe Black Color Separation
   FILExt BLA  Black Color Separation (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   DotWhat BMP24  24 Color BitMap File
   FILExt BWC  BeadWizard Color Palette (Black Hills Software)
   File Extensions BWC  BeadWizard color palette
   FILExt C  Desktop Color Separation Specification Cyan Layer
   FileInfo CAMP  WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
   DotWhat CAMP  WCS Color Appearance Model Profile
   FILExt CAMP  Windows Color System Color Appearance Model Profile (CAMP) (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CBOARD  Final Cut Pro color board preset
   TrID CBOARD  Final Cut Pro X Color Board preset
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   TrID CC  ICC Color profile (generic)
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt CC  KODAK Color Control Profile (KODAK)
   File Extensions CC  KODAK color control profile file
   FILExt CC  Picture Window's Color Curve File
   File Extensions CC  Picture Window color curve
   TrID CCC  Color Correction Collection
 Header Hexdump:  3C 43 6F 6C 6F 72 43 6F 72 72 65 63 74 69 6F 6E  
   FILExt CCP  CalComp Color Palette File
   TrID CDL  Color Decision List
 Header Hexdump:  3C 43 6F 6C 6F 72 44 65 63 69 73 69 6F 6E 4C 69  
   FILExt CDMP  Windows Color System Device Model Profile (DMP) (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CFF  ColorImpact color formula
   TrID CFM  Color Font Maker pattern (v1)
 Header Hexdump:  43 46 4D 31 
   File Extensions CFPRESET  SA Color Finesse plugin for After Effects preset
   FILExt CGA  Color Graphics Adapter Graphics Data
   File Extensions CGB  Gameboy color data
   FILExt CGB  Gameboy Color
   File Extensions CIE  CIE File Format file - color information
   File Extensions CIF  ColorImpact color scheme
   FILExt CLR  1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image
   File Extensions CLR  Adobe Flash color table
   FileInfo CLR  Animate Color Set
   File Extensions CLR  Apple Color Picker palette
   FILExt CLR  Boxer/2 Color Scheme
   FILExt CLR  Flash Color Table File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   TrID CLR  Macromedia Flash Color Table File
 Header Hexdump:  FF FF 00 00 0A 00 43 43 6F 6C 6F 72 4C 69 73 74 
   File Extensions CLR  PhotoStyler color definitions
   FILExt CLR  PhotStyler Color Definition
   DotWhat CLR  PhotStyler Color defintion
   FILExt CLR  Vue Color Maps (e-on software inc.)
   File Extensions CLR  Vue color maps
   FILExt CLR  WinMX Color Scheme (Frontcode Technologies)
   File Extensions CLR  WinMX color scheme
   File Extensions CLR0  Nintendo Wii color swapping animation file
   TrID CLR0  Wii Color Swapping Animation
 Header Hexdump:  43 4C 52 30 
   DotWhat CLUT  Color Lookup table
   File Extensions CM0  Kodak color measurements
   FILExt CMAP  Hex Workshop Color Map File (BreakPoint Software Inc.)
   File Extensions CMAP  Hex Workshop Hex Editor color map
   TrID CMAP  IFF Color Map
 Header Hexdump:  46 4F 52 4D 
   FILExt CMP  Giza Specifier Color Map (20-20 Technologies)
   File Extensions CMP  Giza specifier color map
   TrID CMP  LEADTools CMP Image Compressed bitmap (color)
 Header Hexdump:  4C 45 41 44 
   FILExt COL  Autodesk Color Palette (Autodesk Inc.)
   DotWhat COL  Autodesk Color Palette
   File Extensions COL  Autodesk color palette
   File Extensions COL  EA IFF color map
   File Extensions COL  Embroidery Thread Color format
   FILExt COL  IFF Color Map Palette
   FILExt COL  Internet Color Wizard Color Scheme
   File Extensions COL  Internet Color Wizard color scheme
   TrID COL  PPrint Color map
 Header Hexdump:  43 4F 4C 4D 41 50 00 
   FILExt COL  SequoiaView Color Template (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
   File Extensions COLOR  FontTwister color gradient file
   TrID COLOR  Montage Color data
 Header Hexdump:  2F 43 4F 4C 4F 52 5F 
   TrID COLOR1  Montage Color data
 Header Hexdump:  2F 43 4F 4C 4F 52 5F 
   File Extensions COLORPICKER  Apple Mac OS X color picker component
   File Extensions COLORS  SAM makelogo color data
   File Extensions COLOURSCHEME  J& ASoft Speedy Browser color scheme settings
   File Extensions CPL  CoreDRAW color palette
   TrID CPL  Corel Color Palette (alt)
 Header Hexdump:  CC DC 
   FILExt CPL  Corel Color Palette (Corel)
   DotWhat CPL  Corel Color Palette
   TrID CPL  Corel Color Palette
 Header Hexdump:  DC DC 
   File Extensions CPS  Color PostScript file
   File Extensions CS  Adobe Encore color settings
   FileInfo CS  ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme
   TrID CS  ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme
 Header Hexdump:  43 53 01 00 00 00 01 00 
   FILExt CSF  Acrobat Color Setting (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   FileInfo CSF  Adobe Color Settings File
   TrID CSF  Adobe Color Settings File
 Header Hexdump:  00 
   File Extensions CSF  Adobe color settings
   DotWhat CSF  Adobe Photoshop Color Settings
   FILExt CSF  Photoshop Color Settings (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   File Extensions CSL  CineStyle color settings
   FileInfo CTB  AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
   TrID CTB  AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style
 Header Hexdump:  50 49 41 46 49 4C 45 56 45 52 53 49 4F 4E 5F 32  
   FILExt CTB  AutoCAD Color-dependent Plot Style Table (Autodesk Inc.)
   DotWhat CTB  AutoCAD Color
   TrID CUI  QuarkXPress Color Library UI specs
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   DotWhat CV4  CodeView color file
   DotWhat CV4  Microsoft CodeView color configuration
   DotWhat CVW  CodeView color file
   File Extensions CWC  ClarisWorks color palette
   File Extensions CXM  QuadColor color correction master data
   FILExt CXM  QuadColor Color Correction Master
   FILExt CYA  Cyan Color Separation (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   DotWhat DCOL  Claris Color File
   TrID DCOL  IFF Direct Color bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  46 4F 52 4D 
   FILExt DCS  Color Separated EPS Format
   DotWhat DCS  Desktop Color Separation file
   FileInfo DCS  Desktop Color Separation File
   FILExt DCS  Desktop Color Separation File
   FILExt DCS  Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification
   File Extensions DCS  QuarkXPress desktop color separation data
   TrID DJV  DjVu color IW44 bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   TrID DJVU  DjVu color IW44 bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   File Extensions DOCC  DragThing color settings data
   TrID DPAL  Dragon UnPACKer color Palette
 Header Hexdump:  44 50 41 4C 1A 
   FileInfo DVTCOLORTHEME  Xcode Color Theme File
   TrID DVTCOLORTHEME  Xcode Color Theme
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions EDR  Embird color palette

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