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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 500  Tally.ERP accounting data
   File Extensions AB4  AB4 Accounting & Business data
   FILExt AB4  ENIAC Computing AB4 Accounting & Business File
   File Extensions AC2  Banana 4 accounting data
   TrID AC2  Banana accounting data
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   DotWhat AC2  Banana Accounting File
   FILExt ACH  Medlin Accounting Automated Clearing House File (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt ACR  Medlin Accounting Accrual Method Adjustments (Unpaid Invoices) (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt ARP  Ahsomme Accounting Package Report Layout Template (Simple Solutions)
   DotWhat ARP  Ahsomme Accounting Package Report Layout Template
   File Extensions ATE  Microsoft Office Accounting compressed backup
   File Extensions ATI  Microsoft Office Accounting updated company data
   File Extensions BAZ  Acomba Accounting Suite backup
   FILExt CDF  Nominal Accounting (bsmArt Consulting)
   File Extensions CDF  Nominal Small Business Accounting Software company data
   File Extensions CF9  Cashflow Manager accounting data
   FILExt COA  Medlin Accounting Chart of Accounts With Beginning of Year Balances (Medlin Accounting)
   DotWhat CRE  Cresus Accounting File
   FILExt CUS  Medlin Accounting Customer Data (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions DAC  Dynacom Accounting data
   FILExt DDD  Medlin Accounting Direct Deposit Information (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt DES  Medlin Accounting Sales Code Information (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt EMP  Medlin Accounting Employee Data File (Medlin Accounting)
   DotWhat HBK  Accounting data file
   File Extensions HBK  Humanic Software accounting data file
   FILExt HBK  Humanic Software Accounting Data
   File Extensions IBANK  iBank accounting data file
   File Extensions IMP  Simple Accounting data
   Cryer IMP  Simply Accounting file
   FILExt INV  Medlin Accounting Current Year Checks and Invoices (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions KB7  Kaikei accounting data
   File Extensions KD3  Yayoi Kaikei accounting data
   FILExt KEY  Business Key Accounting File (Universal Systems)
   FILExt LIN  Medlin Accounting Current Period Invoice Detail (Medlin Accounting)
   Wikipedia MANAGER  Accounting data file - Manager – free accounting software
   FILExt MEM  Medlin Accounting Additional Vendor Data (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt MWI  Medlin Accounting Invoice Layout Information (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt MWS  Medlin Accounting Statement Layout Information (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions NV  NewViews 1 accounting data file
   FILExt NV  NewViews Accounting Database (Q.W. Page Associates Inc.)
   Cryer NV  NewViews accounting for DOS database file
   Wikipedia NV  NewViews DOS accounting database - QW Page NewViews
   File Extensions NV2  NewViews 2 accounting data
   Wikipedia NV2  NewViews accounting database - QW Page NewViews
   FILExt NV2  NewViews Accounting Database (Q.W. Page Associates Inc.)
   Cryer NV2  NewViews accounting for Windows database file
   FileInfo PLS  MYOB Accounting Data File
   FILExt PRC  Medlin Accounting Current Year Paychecks (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt PTB  Peachtree Complete Accounting Backup Data File (Best Software SB Inc.)
   File Extensions PTB  Peachtree Complete Accounting backup
   File Extensions PTDB  Peachtree Accounting accounting data
   FILExt PTDB  Peachtree Accounting Database
   File Extensions Q06  QuickTax 2006 accounting data
   File Extensions QID  Quicken accounting data
   File Extensions RDA  Ready Ace accounting data
   FILExt RDA  Ready Ace Accounting Database (Codice srl)
   File Extensions RDY  Ready Pro accounting data
   FILExt RDY  Ready Pro Accounting Database (Codice srl)
   FILExt REC  Medlin Accounting Bank Reconciliation Data (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions SAY  Saya Matrix accounting database
   FILExt SAY  SayaMatrix Accounting Database (Saya InfoNet India Ltd)
   File Extensions SBA  SpeedBalance accounting data
   FILExt SBA  SpeedBalance Accounting Database (
   File Extensions SBB  Microsoft Office Accounting company backup
   FILExt SBB  Office Accounting Professional Backup File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SBC  Microsoft Office Accounting company shortcut
   FileInfo SBC  Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
   File Extensions SBD  Microsoft Office Accounting company data
   FileInfo SBD  Office Accounting Company Data File
   File Extensions SBL  Microsoft Accounting SQL Server log
   FILExt SDB  Simply Accounting File
   File Extensions SIE  Swedish Accounting data format
   FILExt SKF  Sage Accounting Software Data (The Sage Group plc)
   File Extensions SKF  Sage accounting software data
   FILExt SKI  Sage Accounting Software Instruction File (The Sage Group plc)
   File Extensions SKO  Sage accounting executable
   FILExt SKO  Sage Accounting Software Executable (The Sage Group plc)
   FILExt SKP  Sage Accounting Software Print Format (The Sage Group plc)
   File Extensions SKP  Sage accounting software print
   File Extensions SOA  Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software data
   DotWhat SOA  Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
   FILExt SOA  Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
   FILExt STM  Medlin Accounting Statement Layout (Medlin Accounting)
   FILExt TB2  TAS BOOKS 2 Accounting Backup File (TAS Software (a division of Sage (UK) Limited))
   File Extensions TB2  TASBooks accounting backup file
   File Extensions TBP  TASBooks accounting data file
   FILExt TDR  Medlin Accounting Tax Deposit Records (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions TOM  Total Office Manager accounting data
   FILExt TRN  Medlin Accounting Current Year Transactions (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions UTL  QuickBooks accounting data
   FILExt VND  Medlin Accounting Vendor Information (Medlin Accounting)
   File Extensions VND  Medlin Accounting vendor information

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