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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions AB4  AB4 Accounting & Business data
   FILExt AB4  ENIAC Computing AB4 Accounting & Business File
   File Extensions ABL  ADONIS Application Business Library
   FILExt APR  Various Appraisal Software Appraisal File (PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc.)
   File Extensions BC  Print Artist business card
   FILExt BC  Sierra Print Artist Business Card
   File Extensions BCARD  Business Card Composer project
   File Extensions BCD  Business Card Maker data
   FILExt BCD  Cosmi Business Card Maker
   File Extensions BCF  Art Explosion Business Card Factory data
   TrID BCF  Belltech Business Card Designer Pro
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt BCF  Business Card Designer Pro Business Card Design (Belltech Systems LLC)
   File Extensions BCF  Business Card Designer Pro business card design
   FileInfo BCF  Business Card Designer Pro File
   File Extensions BCM  Business Contact Manager data
   DotWhat BCM  Business Contact Manager File
   FileInfo BCM  Business Contact Manager File
   DotWhat BCMX  Business Contact Manager Customization
   FileInfo BCMX  Business Contact Manager Customization
   File Extensions BCMX  Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager customization data
   File Extensions BCN  Business card design
   FILExt BCN  Business Card Pro Design
   File Extensions BCP  Business Card Designer Plus card design data
   FILExt BCP  Business Card Designer Plus Design File (CAM Development)
   FileInfo BCP  Business Card Designer Plus File
   FILExt BCT  Business Card Designer Template
   File Extensions BCT  Business Card Designer template
   FILExt BIAR  Business Objects (SAP)
   FileInfo BIZ  Broderbund Business Card File
   FILExt BIZ  Creatacard Business Card Project (Broderbund)
   FILExt BIZ  Print Shop Business Card File (Broderbund)
   File Extensions BIZ  Print Shop business card
   FILExt BJL  BJL Business Systems Active Translation Document (The BJL Group)
   File Extensions BJL  BJL Business Systems active translation document
   File Extensions BOM  Liaison Delta business object model
   FILExt BOM  Softshare Delta Business Object Model
   File Extensions BOP  Business Office Pro document
   File Extensions BP  DataFlex business process object
   FileInfo BPB  PowerDesigner Business Process Backup File
   File Extensions BPB  PowerDesigner business process backup
   DotWhat BPC  Business Plan Toolkit Chart
   FILExt BPC  Business Plan Toolkit Chart
   TrID BPD  Business Plan data
 Header Hexdump:  3C 70 6C 61 6E 64 61 74 61 20 
   FILExt BPD  Business Plan Pro Business Plan Data (Palo Alto Software Inc.)
   DotWhat BPD  Business Plan Pro Data File
   File Extensions BPD  Business Plan Pro data
   FileInfo BPD  Business Plan Pro Document
   File Extensions BPDX  Business Plan Pro data
   FileInfo BPDX  Business Plan Pro Document
   File Extensions BPF  Business Plan Pro cash compass table formatting data
   File Extensions BPM  PowerDesigner business process model file
   FileInfo BPM  PowerDesigner Business Process Model
   FileInfo BPMN  Business Process Model and Notation
   File Extensions BPO  DataFlex business process object
   FILExt BPS  Business Plan Toolkit
   FILExt BPV  BallPark Business Valuation Valuation Scenario File (BulletProof Business Plans)
   File Extensions BPV  BallPark Business Valuation valuation scenario
   File Extensions BPW  QuickBooks business planner data
   FILExt BPW  QuickBooks Business Planner File (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions BSW  Business Scorecard Manager workspace
   FILExt BSW  Office Business Scorecard Manager Workspace File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions BT5  ERP5 business template
   FileInfo BTD  Business-in-a-Box Document
   File Extensions BTD  Business-in-a-Box document
   FILExt BTD  Business-in-a-Box File (BizTree Inc.)
   File Extensions BU  SAP Business One backup data
   File Extensions BWV  Business Wave data
   DotWhat BWV  Business Wave file
   FILExt BWV  Business Wave File
   File Extensions BZM  Business Map data
   File Extensions CDF  Nominal Small Business Accounting Software company data
   File Extensions CW  CardWorks business card template
   File Extensions CXBML  Business Process Modeler model
   FILExt CXL  Business Integrator Extract Schema (Pervasive Software Inc.)
   File Extensions CXL  Business Integrator extract schema
   DotWhat DBD  Business Insight business data
   File Extensions DBD  Business Insight business data
   FILExt DBD  Business Insight Data
   FILExt DBLS  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Barcode Label Script (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DIC  Microsoft Business Solutions--Great Plains Program Source Code (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt DPO  DECAdry Express Business Cards Business Card File (DECAdry)
   File Extensions DPO  DECAdry Express Business Cards business card
   FILExt DSDF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DSTF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data Transfer File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DUCX-BP  Fabasoft DUCX Business Processes (Fabasoft)
   FILExt DUPX  DuupeCheck Project File (Logix Business Integration)
   FILExt EBB  Empower Business Bulletin (Metapraxis Ltd.)
   File Extensions EBB  Empower business bulletin data
   FILExt EBD  Empower Business Dashboard (Metapraxis Ltd.)
   File Extensions EBD  Empower business dashboard file
   FILExt EDB  Business Assessment Manager (E2S n.v.)
   File Extensions EDB  Business Assessment Manager data
   FILExt EDI  UN/EDIFACT Business Data File
   FILExt EVL  Business Evaluation Systems Pro Spreadsheet (ValuSource the valuation software division of John Wiley & Sons Inc.)
   TrID EXE  DOS Executable Microsoft Business Basic 1.10
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   FILExt EXP  Business Modeler Export of Models From Repository (XDIN AB)
   FILExt FP  GoldMine Business Contact Manager Report
   File Extensions FP  GoldMine business contact manager report
   FILExt FPA  Franklin Potter Associates Business Invoice Designer
   File Extensions GDB  SmartWare business graph
   FILExt GMB  GoldMine Business Contact Management Backup Data (FrontRange Solutions Inc.)
   FILExt IAN  Sterling Software COOL Business Team Model File
   File Extensions IAN  Sterling Software COOL:Jex business team model
   Wikipedia IPN  Intecplan project - Intecplan Business Plan Software
   FILExt JPF  Biz Plan Pro Business Plan Contents (JIAN Tools For Sales Inc.)
   File Extensions JPF  Biz Plan Pro business plan contents
   File Extensions JXL  Trimble Business Center JobXML document
   FILExt KEY  Business Key Accounting File (Universal Systems)
   FILExt KVB  Klick-N-View Business Cards
   File Extensions LOV  SAP Business Objects data
   FILExt MAR  WebSphere Business Modeler Process Model Template (International Business Machines Corp.)
   File Extensions MAR  WebSphere Business Modeler process model template
   FILExt MAX  Maximizer Contact & E-business Program
   File Extensions MBSB  Mamut Business Software company database backup
   FILExt MBT  HASLEMERE / Other MBT Applications MBT Data File (Modern Business Technology Limited)
   FILExt MLT  Forecast Pro Multivariate Forecast File (Business Forecast Systems Inc.)
   FILExt MSBCM  Business Contact Manager Backup Database (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MSBCM  Microsoft Business Contact Manager backup
   FILExt MTX  Matrix Spreadsheet (Grove Business Software)
   FILExt OPT  Business Integrator Option File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PCB  Broderbund Print Shop business card data
   FILExt PCB  Broderbund Print Shop Business Card
   FILExt PCB  Print Shop Deluxe Business Card
   TrID PCB  The Print Shop Deluxe Business card
 Header Hexdump:  50 53 44 65 6C 75 78 65 2E 70 63 63 
   File Extensions PDP  Business Plan Pro plan component
   FILExt PTVW  Exact Business Analytics Template (Exact Holding N.V.)
   FILExt PVN  Design & Print Business Edition Document (Avanquest Publishing USA Inc.)
   TrID PVN  Design and Print Business Edition document
 Header Hexdump:  42 52 4F 43 
   File Extensions PVN  Desing & Print Business Edition data
   DotWhat QBL  Business Lawyer Document
   FILExt QBL  Business Lawyer Document
   File Extensions QBL  Business Lawyer document
   FILExt REP  Business Objects Report (Business Objects SA)
   TrID REP  Business Objects Report
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   FILExt RIFL  Business Integrator Real-Time Integration Flow Language Script (Pervasive Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SBO  SAP Business One SDK add-on related data
   FILExt SBPF  Small Business Publisher Document (Belltech Systems LLC)
   File Extensions SBPF  Small Business Publisher document
   TrID SBPF  Small Business Publisher document
 Header Hexdump:  18 53 6D 61 6C 6C 20 42 75 73 69 6E 65 73 73 20  
   FILExt SIS  SiSoftware Sandra Professional Business Script (SiSoftware)
   FILExt SLC  Business Integrator License File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SLNK  SAP Business All-in-One plug-in file
   FILExt SLU  Business Integrator Upgrade License File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SSI-RESPONSE  CA School of Business exam
   File Extensions TWX  IBM Business Process Manager application
   FILExt UNV  Forecast Pro Univariate Forecast File (Business Forecast Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions VBC  Visual Business Cards data
   FILExt VBC  Visual Business Cards
   FILExt VBC4  Visual Business Cards Business Card File (RKS Software)
   FileInfo VBPF1  Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data File

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