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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 0XE  F-Secure renamed infected executable
   FileInfo 0XE  F-Secure Renamed Virus File
   FILExt 3D  SpinFire Professional Secure 3D Format CAD File (Actify Inc.)
   File Extensions ADOC  Authentica Secure Office encoded Word document
   FILExt ADOC  Authentica Secure Office Protected Word Document (Authentica)
   FILExt APPT  Authentica Secure Office Protected PowerPoint Document (Authentica)
   File Extensions APPT  Authentica Secure Office protected PowerPoint presentation
   FileInfo ASEC  Android Secure Application File
   File Extensions ATT  ZipLip secure e-mail message
   FILExt ATT  ZipLip Secure E-mail
   File Extensions AWSEC  Vodafone Secure Content Locker encrypted data
   FILExt AXLS  Authentica Secure Office Protected Excel Document (Authentica)
   FILExt AZF  AirZip FileSECURE Secure Format File (AirZip Inc.)
   File Extensions AZF  AirZip FileSECURE secure format
   FILExt AZS  AirZip FileSECURE Secure Format File (AirZip Inc.)
   File Extensions AZS  AirZip FileSECURE secure format
   FILExt BPF  F-Secure Base Policy File (F-Secure)
   File Extensions BPF  F-Secure base policy
   FILExt C  Check Point Site Configuration for Secure Remote (Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.)
   DotWhat C  Site configuration for Secure Remote
   FILExt CKP  Valise Secure Archive (CertainKey Inc.)
   File Extensions CKP  Valise secure archive file
   FILExt CM  CopyMinder Contains the secure code that performs a copy protection check (Microcosm)
   FILExt CPM  Cisco Secure Policy Manager File
   File Extensions CPM  Cisco Secure Policy Manager settings
   DotWhat CSF  Content Secure Format
   FILExt CW  CodeWallet Pro Secure Database (Developer One Inc.)
   FILExt DPF  F-Secure Default Policy File (F-Secure)
   File Extensions DPF  F-Secure default policy settings
   FileInfo DRMX  Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File
   FileInfo DRMZ  Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File
   FILExt DSDF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DSTF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data Transfer File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   File Extensions DSTF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams secure data transfer file
   File Extensions ECS  F-Secure Easy Clean selection data
   FILExt ESA  Enveloc Secure Archive (Enveloc Inc.)
   FILExt ETXT  Secure Notepad Encrypted Text File (
   TrID EXE  16bit DOS EXE SECURE protected (v0.19)
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   FILExt EZ2  EZPix Secure Photo Album Photo Package (Electronic Zombie Corp.)
   File Extensions EZ2  EZPix Secure Photo Album photo package
   FILExt EZ3  EZPix Secure Photo Album Photo Package (Electronic Zombie Corp.)
   File Extensions EZ3  EZPix Secure Photo Album photo package
   DotWhat FDS  Final Draft Secure Copy File
   FileInfo FDS  Final Draft Secure Copy
   File Extensions FDS  Final Draft secure document
   FILExt FND  Informida Secure Information Database
   File Extensions FND  Informida secure information database
   FILExt FSFIX  Internet Security Signed Product Patch File (F-Secure)
   FILExt FSKEY  Internet Security Product Key File (F-Secure)
   Wikipedia GXK  Secure Data encryption Format - Galaxkey
   FILExt IFS  InfoSlips Secure Information Package (InfoSlips)
   File Extensions IFS  InfoSlips secure information package
   File Extensions IPF  F-Secure incremental policy data
   FILExt IPF  F-Secure Incremental Policy File (F-Secure)
   Cryer KLB  F-Secure anti-virus signature update file
   FILExt LAVS  Liquid Audio Player Secure Streaming Voucher File (Geneva Media LLC)
   FILExt LRX  BroadBand Secure eBook
   FileInfo LXV  JumpDrive Secure II Vault
   File Extensions LXV  Lexar Secure II encrypted archive file
   FILExt LXV  Lexar Secure II Encrypted Vault (Lexar Media Inc.)
   FILExt MJF  Mjuice Secure Music Files
   Wikipedia MSD  Secure and Encrypted File - mysecuredelivery/Download
   FILExt NCX  SecurDataStor Secure Archive (encryptX Corporation)
   TrID NMFS  Keysight Nemo Secure Measurement Format
 Header Hexdump:  4E 4D 46 53 01 
   File Extensions P10  S/MIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail data
   FILExt PAX  Pick Ax Secure Graphic File (Smaller Animals Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PAX  PickAx secure graphic file
   File Extensions PDC  Lizard Safeguard secure PDF document
   FILExt PFDB  Password Fortress Secure Database File (Dunning Software)
   File Extensions QMSB  Questionmark Secure data
   FILExt RMS  RealMedia Secure Media File (Real Networks Inc.)
   File Extensions RMS  RealMedia secure media file format
   DotWhat RMS  Secure Real Media File
   FileInfo RMS  Secure Real Media File
   TrID RMX  RealMedia Secure clip
 Header Hexdump:  2E 52 4D 58 
   FILExt RMX  RealMedia Secure Media Clip (RealNetworks Inc.)
   File Extensions RMX  RealMedia secure media clip
   FILExt SAF  MusicMatch Jukebox Secure Audio File
   TrID SCAP  Secure Capsule firmware update
 Header Hexdump:  BD 86 66 3B 76 0D 30 40 B7 0E B5 51 9E 2F C5 A0  
   File Extensions SDC  Microsoft Secure Download Cabinet archive
   FILExt SDC  MSDNAA Secure Download Cabinet File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo SDC  Secure Download Cabinet
   FileInfo SDX  Kivuto Secure Download Manager File
   File Extensions SDX  Secure Download Manager data
   FILExt SGC  Secure SnapGear Router Configuration File (Secure Computing Corporation)
   File Extensions SGC  Secure SnapGear Router configuration
   File Extensions SGD  GeneSnap SYNGENE secure SGD form
   FILExt SGD  GeneSnap SYNGENE Secure SGD Format (Synoptics Ltd.)
   FILExt SLE  Steganos Security Suite Virtual Secure Drive (Steganos GmbH)
   File Extensions SLE  Steganos Security Suite virtual secure drive
   FILExt SPT  Liquid Audio Player Secure Portable Track File (Geneva Media LLC)
   File Extensions SSH  Data Fellows secure shell document file
   FILExt SSH  DataFellows Secure Shell Document
   File Extensions SSH2  SSH Secure Shell Client data
   DotWhat SSH2  SSH Secure Shell Client
   FILExt SSH2  SSH Secure Shell Client
   FileInfo SSV  Seavus Secure Project File
   FILExt STM  Secure Login File for Navy's NOWS
   Cryer SWITCH  Secure package file
   FILExt SWITCH  Switch Secure Package Encrypted File (Egress Software Technologies)
   TrID SWITCH  Switch secure package
 Header Hexdump:  53 44 
   FILExt SXF  Secure eXchange Format File
   File Extensions SXF  Secure eXchange Format
   FILExt VIRUS  F-Secure Renamed File Thought to be Infected (F-Secure)
   DotWhat XMZ  SofTeach Secure Electronic Exam File
   FILExt XMZ  SofTeach Secure Exam File (ExamSoft Worldwide)
   File Extensions XMZ  SofTeach secure exam
   File Extensions ZHTML  Secure IE Zipped HTML document
   DotWhat ZHTML  Secure IE Zipped HTML File
   FileInfo ZHTML  Secure IE Zipped HTML File

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