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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions _VTI_BIN  SharePoint data
   File Extensions 000  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions 001  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary
   File Extensions 002  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions BSD  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   File Extensions BSI  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   File Extensions CI  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   FILExt CMP  Microsoft Sharepoint (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CMP  Microsoft SharePoint Server backup
   File Extensions CSD  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   File Extensions CSI  Microsoft SharePoint Server temporary data
   File Extensions DIA  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   File Extensions DIR  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions DWP  Microsoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
   TrID DWP  SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part (Unicode)
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 3C 
   FILExt DWP  SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part File (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID DWP  SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part
 Header Hexdump:  3C 
   DotWhat DWP  SharePoint Webpart Exchange File
   FILExt DWT  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions FEATURE  Microsoft Visual Studio SharePoint feature data
   FileInfo FEATURE  SharePoint Feature File
   File Extensions FLD  Microsoft SharePoint federated location definition
   File Extensions FP_FOLDER_INFO  Microsoft SharePoint data
   FILExt FWP  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions GFS  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove remote data
   File Extensions GIM  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove identity message file
   File Extensions GLK  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove shortcut file
   File Extensions GRV  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove data
   File Extensions GSA  SharePoint WorkSpace Groove workspace archive or template
   File Extensions GTA  Microsoft SharePoint Workspacen tool archive
   File Extensions HMAP.DIR  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions HMAP  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions IAL  Microsoft SharePoint list activity file
   File Extensions LEX  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
   File Extensions PACKAGE  Microsoft Visual Studio SharePoint package
   File Extensions RSDS  SharePoint shared data source
   FILExt SPDESIGNASAX  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNASAX  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNASMX  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNASMX  SharePoint Designer file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNBAR  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNBOT  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNBOT  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNCONFIG  SharePoint Designer Configuration File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNCONFIG  SharePoint Designer configuration file
   FILExt SPDESIGNCSS  SharePoint Designer CSS File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNCSS  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNDOCLIB  SharePoint Designer Design Library (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNDOCLIB  SharePoint Designer design library file
   FILExt SPDESIGNEDITED  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNEDITED  SharePoint Designer file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNFILE  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNHOMEOP  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNHOMEOP  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNHOMEPG  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNHOMEPG  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNHTML  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNHTML  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNHTT  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNHTT  SharePoint Designer file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNJS  Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNJS  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNLINKBAR  Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNLINKBAR  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt SPDESIGNLIST  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNLIST  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNLISTDATA  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNLISTDATA  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNMASTER  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNMASTER  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNNAV  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNNAV  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNNOPUB  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNNOPUB  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNOPEN  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNOPEN  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNPICLIB  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNPICLIB  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNRESX  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNRESX  SharePoint Designer file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSHTM  Microsoft SharePoint Desginer shtml document
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSHTML  Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNSITEMAP  SharePoint Designer Site Map (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSITEMAP  SharePoint Designer site map file
   FILExt SPDESIGNSKIN  SharePoint Designer Skin (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSKIN  SharePoint Designer skin file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSTM  Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNSURVEY  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNSURVEY  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNTHEME  SharePoint Designer Theme (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNTHEME  SharePoint Designer theme file
   File Extensions SPDESIGNTXT  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNTXT  SharePoint Designer Text (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt SPDESIGNUNKNOWN  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNUNKNOWN  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNWEB  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNWEB  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNWFDOCLIB  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNWFDOCLIB  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNXML  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNXML  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNXOML  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNXOML  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNXSL  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNXSL  SharePoint Designer file
   FILExt SPDESIGNXSLT  SharePoint Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SPDESIGNXSLT  SharePoint Designer data
   File Extensions STP  Microsoft SharePoint services template
   FILExt STP  SharePoint Services Template (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions VCG  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove vCard contact
   File Extensions VWI  Microsoft SharePoint workflow diagram
   File Extensions WEBPART  Microsoft SharePoint web part
   FILExt WEBPART  SharePoint Web Part (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID WEBPART  SharePoint Web Part
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 3C 77 65 62 50 61 72 74 73 3E 0D 0A 20  
   File Extensions WID  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions WSB  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
   File Extensions WSP  SharePoint Services Solution framework data
   FileInfo WSP  SharePoint Solution Package
   DotWhat WSP  Win SharePoint Services Solution Framework Fil
   Cryer WSP  Windows SharePoint Services file
   FILExt WSP  Windows SharePoint Services Solution Framework File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions XFP  Microsoft SharePoint Extending Form Library properties
   File Extensions XSS  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove database
   File Extensions XSSLOG  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove log
   File Extensions XSSR  Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove data

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