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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   Cryer ACT  Action diagram (FoxPro)
   FILExt ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram data
   DotWhat ACT  FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
   File Extensions ACTIVITYDIAGRAM  Microsoft Visual Studio activity diagram
   File Extensions AD  Application Diagram data
   FILExt AFD  ArisFlow Diagram
   File Extensions AFD  ArisFlow flowchart diagram
   FILExt AGG  AggFlow Plant Flow Diagram (BedRock Software Inc.)
   DotWhat AGG  AggFlow Plant Flow Diagram
   FILExt AGZ  AggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram (BedRock Software Inc.)
   DotWhat AGZ  AggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram
   File Extensions AGZ  AggFlow aggregate plant flow diagram
   File Extensions ASY  LTspice IV circuit diagram
   FILExt ASY  LTspice/SwitcherCAD III Circuit Diagram (Linear Technology)
   FILExt B3D  Boso View Express Structure Mesh Diagram (Mackoy)
   TrID CCD  ClickCharts Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  6C 73 64 66 01 00 0A 00 
   FILExt CD  Class Diagram (Unicode)
   TrID CD  Class Diagram (Unicode)
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 
   TrID CD  Class Diagram (UTF-8)
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E  
   Cryer CD  Class diagram file
   FileInfo CD  Visual Studio Class Diagram
   File Extensions CD  Visual Studio class diagram
   TrID CDCOM  Circuit Diagram Component (compiled)
 Header Hexdump:  B8 43 44 43 4F 4D 0D 0A 01 D4 1D 8C D9 8F 00 B2  
   FILExt CDD  Cadifra Diagram (Cadifra Inc.)
   File Extensions CDD  Cadifra diagram
   TrID CDD  Cadifra Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt CDD  Concept Draw Drawing/Diagram (Computer Systems Odessa Corp.)
   File Extensions CDD  ConceptDraw drawing diagram
   File Extensions CDDX  Circuit Diagram diagram data
   FileInfo CDDX  Circuit Diagram Document
   TrID CDDX  Circuit Diagram Document
 Header Hexdump:  28 41 67 00 
   FileInfo CDML  Creately Diagram File
   File Extensions CFK  Microsoft Developer Studio diagram file
   FILExt CFK  MS Developer Studio Diagram
   FILExt CFL  Developer Studio Diagram (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CFL  Microsoft Developer Studio diagram
   File Extensions CLASSDIAGRAM  Microsoft Visual Studio class diagram
   File Extensions COMPONENTDIAGRAM  Microsoft Visual Studio component diagram
   FILExt CYP  FCB Cypher Knot Diagram (International Guild of Knot Tyers)
   File Extensions CYP  FCB Cypher knot diagram
   TrID DBD  DataBase Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  3C 58 4D 4C 44 69 61 67 72 61 6D 3E 
   File Extensions DD  Microsoft Visual Studio deployment diagram file
   FILExt DDD  Diagram Designer Project Data File (MeeSoft)
   File Extensions DDD  Diagram Designer project data
   File Extensions DDP  Delphi diagram page from compiler
   FILExt DDP  Delphi Diagram Portfolio (Borland Software Corporation)
   FileInfo DDP  Delphi Diagram Portfolio File
   Cryer DDP  Delphi diagram portfolio file
   TrID DDP  Delphi Diagram Portfolio
 Header Hexdump:  07 18 44 45 4C 50 48 49 2E 44 49 41 47 52 41 4D  
   FILExt DDT  Diagram Designer Template (MeeSoft)
   File Extensions DDT  Diagram Designer template
   TrID DDT  Diagram Designer Template
 Header Hexdump:  03 44 44 74 
   FileInfo DE  DrawExpress Diagram File
   TrID DFD  ATK Data Flow Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  2A 20 44 66 64 20 54 69 74 6C 65 20 2A 0D 0A 
   DotWhat DFD  Data Flow Diagram Graphic
   FILExt DFD  File Flow Diagram Graphic
   FILExt DFD  Prosa Data Flow Diagram Graphic
   File Extensions DFM  Data Flow diagram model (Prosa)
   DotWhat DFM  Data Flow Diagram model
   FILExt DFM  File Flow Diagram Model
   FILExt DFM  Prosa Data Flow Diagram Model
   DotWhat DGM  Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
   FILExt DGM  Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
   File Extensions DGM  DesSoft diagram
   FILExt DGM  Freelance Graphics Diagram (IBM)
   File Extensions DGM  IBM Lotus Freelance Graphics diagram data
   DotWhat DGM  LOTUS Freelance diagram
   File Extensions DGX  IBM Rational XDE diagram
   FileInfo DIA  Dia Diagram File
   TrID DIA  Diagram-Master Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  43 4F 4D 4D 45 4E 54 20 
   TrID DIA  Diagram! Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  04 0B 74 79 70 65 64 73 74 72 65 61 6D 81 03 A2  
   TrID DIA  Graph Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  47 72 61 70 68 00 00 
   TrID DIA  PolyPlot Diagram definition
 Header Hexdump:  2C 00 24 08 08 08 50 6F 6C 79 70 6C 6F 74 20 44  
   TrID DPA  Diagram! Palette
 Header Hexdump:  04 0B 74 79 70 65 64 73 74 72 65 61 6D 81 03 A2  
   File Extensions DRAWIO diagram
   TrID DRAWIO diagram
 Header Hexdump:  3C 6D 78 66 69 6C 65 
   TrID DRN  DRAKON Editor diagram
 Header Hexdump:  53 51 4C 69 74 65 20 66 6F 72 6D 61 74 20 33 
   TrID DSD  Diagram Studio Document
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 
   TrID DSD  Meta Software Design Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  0F 00 
   TrID DSL  Diagram Studio Library
 Header Hexdump:  44 53 4C 00 
   FILExt DTC  CADE Diagram File (Weresc Software)
   Cryer DTI  Delphi 5 diagram portfolio file
   FILExt DTR  DiagTransfer Chess Diagram (alain Blaisot)
   File Extensions DTR  DiagTransfer chess diagram
   File Extensions ECORE  Kermeta ecore diagram
   File Extensions ECOREDIAG  Kermeta ecore diagram information data
   FILExt EDG  EDGE Diagrammer Diagram (Pacestar Software)
   File Extensions EDG  EDGE Diagrammer diagram file
   TrID EDG  EDGE Diagrammer diagram
 Header Hexdump:  45 44 47 45 20 44 69 61 67 72 61 6D 20 46 69 6C  
   FILExt EPC  EPC Tools Diagram
   FileInfo ER1  ERWin Entity Relationship Diagram
   FileInfo ERD  Entity Relation Diagram
   TrID ERD  Entity Relation Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   DotWhat ERD  Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file
   FILExt ERD  Entity Relationship Diagram
   FILExt ERD  Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Graphic File
   File Extensions ERD  PROSA entity relationship diagram
   DotWhat ERM  Entity Relationship Diagram Model file
   FILExt ERM  Entity Relationship Diagram Model
   FILExt ERM  Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Model File
   File Extensions ERM  Prosa Entity Relationship diagram model
   File Extensions EVE  Embedded Vector Editor diagram
   FILExt EVE  EmbeddedVectorEditor Diagram (Barry Kauler)
   File Extensions FC5  Flow Charting diagram
   File Extensions FCD  Flow Charting diagram
   File Extensions FCT  Flow Charting diagram template
   File Extensions FCX  Flow Charting diagram
   FILExt FHD  Family Historian Diagram Type (Calico Pie Limited)
   TrID FLO  RFFlow diagram
 Header Hexdump:  52 46 4C 4F 
   FileInfo FTN  Flowton Diagram File
   FileInfo GDIAGRAMSTYLE  OmniGraffle Diagram Style File
   File Extensions GFT  Flow Charting diagram template
   TrID GLIFFY  Gliffy diagram (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  7B 22 63 6F 6E 74 65 6E 74 54 79 70 65 22 3A 22  
   FileInfo GLIFFY  Gliffy Diagram File
   File Extensions GSCX  Microsoft Office Diagram data
   File Extensions ISF  Inspiration diagram
   File Extensions JDM  Jade diagram file
   FILExt KM  COOL Biz Database Diagram (Sterling Software Inc.)
   TrID LAD  Company Ladder diagram
 Header Hexdump:  41 00 01 01 01 
   File Extensions LAYERDIAGRAM  Microsoft Visual Studio layer diagram
   FILExt LBXSDG  Logos Bible Software Series X Sentence Diagram
   FILExt LGI  Multimedia Logic Digital Logic Diagram (Softronics Inc.)
   FILExt LLG  LADSIM Ladder Logic Diagram (Bytronic Ltd)
   File Extensions LLG  LADSIM ladder logic diagram
   File Extensions LSAPROTOTYPE  Microsoft Visual Studio Logical Datacenter Diagram Toolbox Prototype file
   File Extensions LVLAD  LabVIEW ladder diagram
   FILExt MAG  Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat MAG  Microsoft Access Diagram Shortcut
   File Extensions MAG  Microsoft Access diagram shortcut
   FILExt MDD  Database Designer for MySQL Database Diagram (MicroOLAP Technologies LTD)
   File Extensions MDD  Database Designer for MySQL database diagram
   FILExt MER  Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram
   TrID MER  Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions MER  Entity-Relationship diagram
   TrID MONOPIC  Monodraw diagram
 Header Hexdump:  FF 4D 4F 4E 4F 50 49 43 01 1F 8B 08 
   FILExt MSM  Multisim Circuit Diagram (National Instruments Corporation)
   File Extensions MSM  Multisim circuit diagram
   File Extensions NED  Navicat ER Diagram database diagram
   FILExt NGR  NEPLAN Graphic (Single Line Diagram) Data File (BCP Busarello + Cott + Partner Inc.)
   File Extensions NMIND  NovaMind diagram
   TrID OCD  MetaEdit OODA Class Diagram
 Header Hexdump:  64 00 EB 03 12 00 4F 4F 44 41 20 43 6C 61 73 73  
   File Extensions ODX  Microsoft BizTalk Server diagram
   DotWhat OID  Object Interaction Diagram
   FILExt OID  Prosa/OM Object Interaction Diagram
   FILExt OPX  OrgChart Organization Diagram (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions PFD  Micrografx Optimal process flow diagram
   FILExt PRX  Process Revolution Diagram File
   Wikipedia PSD  Design II for Windows Process Simulation Diagram
   File Extensions PTQ  Flow Charting diagram template

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