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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo 001  Multimedia Fusion Backup File
   File Extensions 001  Multimedia Fusion backup
   TrID 3G2  3GPP2 multimedia audio/video
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   File Extensions 3G2  3GPP2 multimedia data
   DotWhat 3G2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   FileInfo 3G2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   FILExt 3G2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   DotWhat 3GGP2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   TrID 3GP  3GPP multimedia audio/video
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   DotWhat 3GP  3GPP Multimedia File
   FileInfo 3GP  3GPP Multimedia File
   FILExt 3GP  3GPP Multimedia File
   TrID 3GP  3GPP/3GPP2 multimedia audio/video (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   File Extensions 3GP  Multimedia files for wireless networks
   FileInfo 3GP2  3GPP Multimedia File
   File Extensions 3GP2  3GPP2 multimedia data
   DotWhat 3GP2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   FILExt 3GP2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   FileInfo 3GPA  3GPP Multimedia File
   File Extensions 3GPA  3GPP multimedia
   TrID 3GPP  3GPP multimedia audio/video
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   DotWhat 3GPP  3GPP Multimedia File
   FILExt 3GPP  3GPP Multimedia File
   TrID 3GPP  3GPP/3GPP2 multimedia audio/video (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   TrID 3GPP2  3GPP2 multimedia audio/video
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 
   FileInfo 3GPP2  3GPP2 Multimedia File
   File Extensions 3GPP2  Multimedia files for wireless networks
   File Extensions 3P2  3GPP multimedia file format
   FileInfo 3P2  3GPP Multimedia File
   DotWhat 3P2  3P2 Multimedia File
   DotWhat AAF  Advanced Authoring Format Multimedia File
   TrID ANI  DK Multimedia Animation (22kHz audio)
 Header Hexdump:  01 00 
   File Extensions ARR  MultiMedia Fusion array data
   File Extensions AST  Astound multimedia data
   DotWhat AST  Astound multimedia file
   FILExt AST  Astound Multimedia
   File Extensions BMS  Bitmove Multimedia Script
   FILExt BOX  ThrottleBox Multimedia Viewer
   File Extensions BR25  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR27  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR28  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR29  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR3  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR31  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR32  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR4  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR48  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   File Extensions BR5  BMW iDrive multimedia data
   FILExt BRX  Multimedia Browsing Index
   DotWhat BRX  Multimedia Options File
   FILExt BSP  BestAddress HTML Editor Site Project File (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.)
   TrID CCA  Multimedia Fusion - Click'n'Create file
 Header Hexdump:  43 6E 43 32 55 
   File Extensions CCA  Multimedia Fusion data
   FILExt CCA  Multimedia Fusion File (Clickteam)
   FileInfo CCA  Multimedia Fusion File
   DotWhat CCF  Multimedia Viewer configuration
   File Extensions CCF  OS/2 Multimedia Viewer configuration data
   FILExt CCF  OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File
   FILExt CCM  Multimedia Fusion Custom Menu (Clickteam)
   File Extensions CCM  Multimedia Fusion custom menu data
   FileInfo CCN  Compressed Multimedia Fusion File
   File Extensions CCN  Multimedia Fusion development file
   FILExt CCN  Multimedia Fusion Express File (IMSI/Design LLC)
   FILExt CCX  Multimedia Fusion Extension (Clickteam)
   File Extensions CCX  Multimedia Fusion plugin
   File Extensions CFA  Adobe multimedia cache
   DotWhat CFB  Comptons Multimedia file
   FILExt CFB  Comptons Multimedia File
   DotWhat CLKX  Multimedia File
   File Extensions CMM  Corel Multimedia Manager album information
   FileInfo CMM  Corel Multimedia Manager Album
   File Extensions COR1  Corel Multimedia Manager data
   DotWhat COR1  Corel Multimedia Manager
   FILExt COX  Multimedia Fusion Plug-In (Clickteam)
   File Extensions COX  Multimedia Fusion plugin
   FILExt CTP  BestAddress HTML Editor Combined Template File (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.)
   FILExt DEK  Memorize-It Multimedia Flashcard Deck (Side-Eight Software)
   DotWhat DMB  Digital Multimedia Broadcasting File
   FileInfo DMB  Digital Multimedia Broadcasting File
   File Extensions DMB  Digital multimedia broadcasting video data
   File Extensions DS  Linux MultiMedia Studio DrumSynth data
   File Extensions F4V  Adobe Flash mp4 multimedia
   FILExt GAL  Corel Multimedia Manager Album
   File Extensions GMT  Global Mobile Television multimedia data
   File Extensions GPLF  Multimedia data
   TrID GRC  Dinamic Multimedia GFX Resource
 Header Hexdump:  47 46 58 20 52 65 73 6F 75 72 63 65 20 66 69 6C  
   File Extensions HLV  Multimedia data
   FileInfo IKMP  IK Multimedia Preset FIle
   TrID IKMP  IK Multimedia Preset
 Header Hexdump:  49 4B 43 46 54 53 52 50 
   File Extensions ILM  Opus Creator multimedia data
   FILExt ILM  Opus Creator Multimedia File (Digital Workshop)
   TrID ILM  Opus Creator multimedia file
 Header Hexdump:  18 E0 97 2C C6 26 4A 4F B8 84 56 D1 9C 68 D2 E3  
   FILExt IMA4  ADPCM algorithm (Interactive Multimedia Association)
   File Extensions ISMV  Smooth Streaming MPEG-4 multimedia fragment
   FILExt IVC  iView MediaPro Catalog (iView Multimedia Ltd.)
   FILExt IVN  iView MediaPro Catalog Notepad File (iView Multimedia Ltd.)
   FILExt IVS  TronMe Multimedia File (3D Solar UK Ltd.)
   FILExt JMF  Java Multimedia File (Sun)
   DotWhat JMF  Java Multimedia File
   File Extensions JMM  JVC recorded multimedia data
   File Extensions K3G  GOM Player multimedia data
   File Extensions KUX  Multimedia data file
   File Extensions LGI  Multimedia Logic data
   FILExt LGI  Multimedia Logic Digital Logic Diagram (Softronics Inc.)
   DotWhat LGI  Multimedia Logic File
   FileInfo LGI  Multimedia Logic File
   FILExt LPD  LECTURNITY Multimedia Audio/Video/Clips Presentation Document (IMC AG)
   File Extensions LPD  Lecturnity multimedia presentation document
   DotWhat M3G  Multimedia File
   FILExt MAP  Imagination Image Map Editor Image Map Coordinates File (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.)
   FILExt MBD  Multimedia Builder Data (as-master)
   TrID MBD  Multimedia Builder Data
 Header Hexdump:  0B 4D 4D 42 75 69 6C 64 65 72 
   FILExt MBD  Multimedia Builder MP3 Authoring File (
   File Extensions MBD  Multimedia Builder MP3 project
   FileInfo MBD  Multimedia Builder Project File
   Wikipedia MCF  Multimedia Container Format (predecessor of Matroska)
   File Extensions MCL  Multimedia Manager collection data
   FILExt MCL  Multimedia Manager Collection File
   FILExt MCP  NetMC Player Composed Media Multimedia File
   FILExt MDB  Mediator Multimedia Data
   File Extensions MDB  Mediator multimedia data
   TrID ME3  Arcsoft MultiMedia Email 3.0 message
 Header Hexdump:  30 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 50 00 00 00 E4 25 00 00  
   File Extensions ME3  Arcsoft MultiMedia Email project
   FILExt ME3  Multimedia Email Message (ArcSoft Inc.)
   FILExt MEX  mexReader Multimedia File
   FILExt MF2  Authorware Mediator5 Multimedia File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   File Extensions MF2  Authorware Mediator5 multimedia file
   DotWhat MF2  Mediator5 multimedia authorware file
   TrID MFA  MultiMedia Fusion 2 Application
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4D 46 32 
   DotWhat MFA  Multimedia Fusion Development File
   Wikipedia MFA  Source code file - Multimedia Fusion 2 / The Games Factory 2
   FILExt MFA  The Games Factory Multimedia Fusion File (Clickteam)
   FILExt MFM  mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
   FILExt MFW  mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
   FILExt MFX  mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
   File Extensions MFX  Multimedia Fusion extension file
   DotWhat MFX  Multimedia Fusion Extension
   File Extensions MHG  Multimedia data
   DotWhat MHG  Multimedia File
   FILExt MHG  Multimedia File
   FILExt MIO  mexReader Multimedia File
   File Extensions MIO  MIO multimedia data
   Wikipedia MKV  Matroska Multimedia Container - Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Matroska Splitter
   File Extensions MKV  Matroska multimedia container video file
   File Extensions MMB  MultiMedia Builder data
   DotWhat MMB  MultiMedia Builder File
   FILExt MMB  MultiMedia Builder
   FILExt MMD  DocsAlive Multimedia Document (Softedge-Systems Ltd)
   File Extensions MMD  DocsAlive multimedia document
   FILExt MME  Multimedia Protector project file (Mirage Computer Systems)

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