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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo 1  Unix Section 1 Manual Page
   File Extensions 1  Unix unformatted manual page
   File Extensions 2  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff) file
   FILExt 2  UNIX Manual Page
   FileInfo 2  Unix Section 2 Manual Page
   FileInfo 3  Unix Section 3 Manual Page
   File Extensions 3  Unix unformatted manual page
   File Extensions 4  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   FileInfo 4  Unix Section 4 Manual Page
   File Extensions 5  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   FileInfo 5  Unix Section 5 Manual Page
   FileInfo 6  Unix Section 6 Manual Page
   FileInfo 7  Unix Section 7 Manual Page
   FileInfo 8  Unix Section 8 Manual Page
   File Extensions 8  Unix unformatted manual page
   FILExt A5W  Alpha Five Web Publishing Page (Alpha Software Inc.)
   FileInfo A6PAGE  Artisan 6 Page
   FILExt AD2  ad2 Web Page Script File (ad2 Inc.)
   File Extensions AD2  ad2 web page script
   FILExt ADP  AOL Server Dynamic Page (America Online Inc.)
   DotWhat ADP  AOL Server Dynamic Page File
   File Extensions ADP  AOLserver Dynamic Page
   Cryer ADP  Dynamic web page
   FILExt ALL  1-2-3 Always Working Page Format File (IBM)
   File Extensions ALL  Lotus 1-2-3 always working page format
   FileInfo AP  Active Page
   TrID AP  ArtPro page layout
 Header Hexdump:  41 72 74 57 20 A0 
   File Extensions AP  Fifth Generation Systems active page
   FILExt APG  Active Page Generator APG Script (Webgecko Software)
   TrID APNX  Amazon Kindle Page Number index
 Header Hexdump:  00 01 00 01 
   FileInfo APNX  Amazon Page Number Index File
   File Extensions AQF  Aquifer-Generated web page
   FILExt AQF  Aquifer Content Management System Aquifer-Generated Web Page (Liquid Development LLP)
   File Extensions ASP  Active Server Page script page
   DotWhat ASP  Active Server Page
   FileInfo ASP  Active Server Page
   FILExt ASP  Active Server Page
   Cryer ASP  Active Server page
   File Extensions ASPX  Active Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
   DotWhat ASPX  Active Server Page eXtended file
   FileInfo ASPX  Active Server Page Extended Webpage
   File Extensions ATN  Visual FoxPro WWW search page wizard
 Header Hexdump:  50 43 53 00 14 00 00 00 01 00 0D 00 00 00 
   TrID BFX  Bitware BitFax page(s)
 Header Hexdump:  42 49 54 20 20 46 41 58 30 
   FileInfo BRO  Design & Print Page Design File
   File Extensions BWP  BuRg3r web page
   FILExt CBTX  Comic Book Creator Comic Book Page Template File (Planetwide Media)
   FILExt CBTZ  Comic Book Creator Comic Book Page Template Container File (Planetwide Media)
   File Extensions CCP  CodeCharge Studio page data
   FileInfo CCP  CodeCharge Studio Page File
   FILExt CDB  One Page from a ROM With a View Project File
   File Extensions CDB  One page from a ROM With a View project
   File Extensions CGX  ARM RL-TCPnet HTTP Web Server XML web page update script
   FILExt CKI  Off by One Browser Persistent HTTP Cookies (Off By One Productions a division of Home Page Software Inc.)
   File Extensions CMS  Content Management System web page
   FILExt COV  Fax Cover Page (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat COV  Fax Cover Page
   FileInfo COV  Fax Cover Page File
   File Extensions COV  Microsoft Cover Page Editor fax cover page
   File Extensions CPAO  3Dize Cool Page objects counter data
   DotWhat CPAO  3dize Cool Page Objects Counter file
   FILExt CPAO  3dize Cool Page Objects Counter File
   FileInfo CPE  Fax Cover Page File
   File Extensions CPE  Win95 Cover Page Editor Fax cover sheet file
   FILExt CPG  3dize Cool Page File Tutorial
   File Extensions CPG  3dize Cool Page tutorials data
   DotWhat CPG  3dize Cool Page Tutorials file
   TrID CPG  Clip Studio Page
 Header Hexdump:  47 50 53 43 
   TrID CPG  Cool Page Project
 Header Hexdump:  0E 43 6F 6F 6C 20 50 61 67 65 20 46 69 6C 65 
   FileInfo CPG  ESRI Code Page File
   FileInfo CPG  Manga Studio Page File
   TrID CPG  Manga Studio Page
 Header Hexdump:  47 50 53 43 
   TrID CPI  DR-DOS International Code Page Info
 Header Hexdump:  7F 44 52 46 4F 4E 54 
   File Extensions CPI  Microsoft MS-DOS code page information
   TrID CPI  MS-DOS International Code Page Info
 Header Hexdump:  FF 46 4F 4E 54 
   FILExt CPI  Windows International Code Page (Microsoft Corporate)
   FILExt CPX  Code Page Translation File (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID CPX  FreeDOS Code Page Information
 Header Hexdump:  81 FC 
   File Extensions CSHTML  ASP.Net web page
   FileInfo CSP  Caché Server Page
   FILExt CSP  CaseWare Working Papers Script Page
   File Extensions CSP  CaseWare Working Papers script page
   FILExt CSP  Crystal Enterprise Crystal Server Page
   File Extensions CSP  Crystal Enterprise Crystal Server page
   File Extensions CSP  Intersystems Caché server page
   FILExt CSP  Intersystems Caché Server Page File
   File Extensions CSP  RadGs Concept Application Server web page file
   File Extensions CST  Manga Studio page layout
   FILExt CVP  WinFax Cover Page (Symantec Corporation)
   DotWhat CVP  WinFax cover page
   File Extensions CVP  WinFax cover page
   File Extensions CVR  ElectraSoft Fax cover page
   FILExt CVR  WinFax Cover Page (Symantec Corporation)
   FILExt DAP  Access Data Access Page (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo DAP  Access Data Access Page
   File Extensions DAP  Microsoft Access data access page
   DotWhat DAP  MS Access Data Access Page
   FILExt DDJ  SilkRoad Alchemy Page (Joymax. Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions DDJ  Silkroad alchemy page file
   File Extensions DDP  Delphi diagram page from compiler
   FILExt DGR  Fax Page
   File Extensions DGR  Microsoft Outlook Express fax page
   TrID DJV  DjVu multi-page document
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   TrID DJV  DjVu single-page document
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   TrID DJVU  DjVu multi-page document
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   TrID DJVU  DjVu single-page document
 Header Hexdump:  41 54 26 54 46 4F 52 4D 
   File Extensions DLL  Microsoft DLL dynamic web page
   TrID DOC  PageSetter II page (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  1D 19 18 17 50 61 67 65 53 65 74 74 65 72 20 49  
   TrID DOC  PageSetter III page
 Header Hexdump:  12 19 18 17 50 61 67 65 53 65 74 74 65 72 B3 20  
   File Extensions DPSML  Portal Structure Markup Language dynamic page
   FILExt DTC  OutStart Digital Trainer Page Management Table (OutStart)
   File Extensions DTC  OutStart page management table data
   FILExt DTP  Page Express Desktop Publishing Document
   File Extensions DTP  Page Express desktop publishing document
   Cryer DWT  Dreamweaver page template file
   FILExt DXP  Dynamic XML Page (Neolectric)
   DotWhat ECE  Escenic Dynamic Web Page
   FileInfo ECE  Escenic Dynamic Web Page
   FILExt ECE  Oracle Application Express Dynamic Web Page (Oracle)
   File Extensions ECE  Oracle Application Express dynamic web page
   DotWhat ECE  Oracle Express Dynamic Web Page
   Cryer EDB  Extensible Storage Engine database page file
   FileInfo ELP  eCommerce Landing Page
   File Extensions EPG  DynaVox exported PaGe data
   FILExt EXE  PDP-10 Page-Mapped Executable Binary
   File Extensions FACES  JavaServer Faces FacesServlet page
   FILExt FF1  PCLTool (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt FHD  PCLTool Form File (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   Wikipedia FP  Final Page file - FoxPro for DOS
   FILExt FP  Vinal Page Vector TIFF Image
   File Extensions FP  Vinal Page Vector TIFF image
   File Extensions FPAGE  Microsoft XPS document page
   File Extensions FRF  Abbyy FineReader intenal page data
   FILExt GDA  Unix Man Page Guide
   File Extensions GDA  Unix manual page guide
   DotWhat GNE  Flickr Web Page
   File Extensions GPC  Google Page Creator data
   FILExt GQ  Epson Printer Page Description Language (Epson Corporation)
   File Extensions GQ  QLFC archive or Epson Printer page description language
   FileInfo GSP  Groovy Server Page
   DotWhat GZP  Gazelle System Page
   File Extensions GZP  Gazelle system page
   FILExt HCSP  Content Server Web Page (Stellent Inc.)
   Cryer HCSP  HTML page generated from Stellent CMS
   FILExt HMP  Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Home Page File
   File Extensions HMP  Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard home page file
   DotWhat HPW  CompuServe Home Page Wizard
   FILExt HPW  CompuServe Home Page Wizard
   DotWhat HSP  HomeSite WWW page project
   FILExt HSP  HomeSite WWW Page Project

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