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   File Extensions ACX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt ACX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions AGX  IBM Rational Rose XDE data
   FILExt AGX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt CAT  Rational Rose Logical Package (IBM)
   File Extensions CAT  Rational Rose logical package
   FILExt CBX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions CBX  Rational XDE collaboration data
   FILExt CCDOC  Rational CCDoctor Output (IBM)
   File Extensions CCSCC  IBM Rational ClearCase source control info
   FILExt CIX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions CIX  Rational XDE data
   FILExt CLX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions CLX  Rational XDE file
   FILExt CMX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt CNT  Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab File (IBM)
   File Extensions CNT  Rational Rose 98 contents tab
   File Extensions CNX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt CNX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions DBM  IBM Rational Data Architect physical data model
   FILExt DBM  Rational Data Architect Physical Data Model (IBM)
   File Extensions DGX  IBM Rational XDE diagram
   FILExt DGX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions DNX  IBM Rational software
   File Extensions DXL  IBM Rational DOORS extension language
   FileInfo DXL  Rational DOORS Script
   File Extensions EBS  IBM Rational Rose script source file
   FILExt EBS  Rational Rose 98 Script Source (IBM)
   DotWhat EBS  Rational Rose 98 script source
   FILExt EBX  Rational Rose 98 Compiled Script (IBM)
   DotWhat EBX  Rational Rose 98 compiled script
   File Extensions EBX  Rational Rose 98 compiled script
   File Extensions EMX  IBM Rational Software Architect model
   TrID EMX  Rational Software Architect Model
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions ENX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt ENX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   TrID EPX  Rational Software Architect Profile
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions FPZ  IBM Rational Focal Point data
   File Extensions HTPL  IBM Rational Application Developer WebContent theme file
   FILExt IFX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions IFX  Rational XDE data
   FILExt IIX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt INX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions JTPL  Rational Application Developer WebContent theme template file
   FileInfo MDL  Rational Rose Model File
   FILExt MDL  Rational Rose Object Design Model (IBM)
   File Extensions MDL  Rational Rose object design model file
   File Extensions MDX  IBM Rational XDE model
   FILExt MDX  Rational XDE Model (IBM)
   File Extensions MKELEM  IBM Rational ClearCase data
   File Extensions NDX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt NDX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt NIX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions NIX  Rational XDE data
   File Extensions OBX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt OBX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt OR8  Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report (IBM)
   File Extensions OR8  Rational Rose Oracle8 database model report file
   DotWhat OR8  Rational Rose Oracle8 database model report
   File Extensions OXF  IBM Rational Rhapsody data
   File Extensions PJT  Project (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
   FILExt PJT  Rational Rose Project (IBM)
   FILExt PKX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions PKX  Rational XDE data
   FILExt PRC  Rational Rose Processes (IBM)
   File Extensions PRC  Rational Rose processes data
   File Extensions PRP  IBM Rational Rose model properties
   FILExt PRP  Rational Rose Model Properties (IBM)
   File Extensions PTL  Rational Rose export/import data
   FILExt PTL  Rational Rose Export/Import File (IBM)
   FileInfo PTL  Rational Rose Petal File
   File Extensions PTY  IBM Rational Rose 98 properties
   DotWhat PTY  Rational Rose 98
   FILExt PTY  Rational Rose 98 Properties (IBM)
   File Extensions RAT  Autodesk rational method data file
   Cryer REC  Rational Robot test script
   File Extensions RED  IBM Rational Rose module diagram
   FILExt RED  Rational Rose Module Diagram (IBM)
   File Extensions RFTMAP  IBM Rational Functional Tester object map
   FILExt RQS  Rational RequisitePro Project (IBM)
   FILExt RSP  Rational Project Project (IBM)
   File Extensions RSP  Rational Project project file
   FILExt RTMDL  Rational Rose RealTime Model (IBM)
   FILExt RTWKS  Rational Rose RealTime Model (IBM)
   File Extensions RUP  IBM Rational Unified Process data
   Cryer SBH  Rational robot header file
   Cryer SBL  Rational robot language file
   File Extensions SDT  IBM Rational XDE data
   File Extensions SGX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt SGX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   FILExt SMX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions SMX  Rational XDE data
   File Extensions SSX  IBM Rational XDE data
   FILExt SSX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions SUB  IBM Rational Rose component package
   FILExt SUB  Rational Rose Component Package (IBM)
   File Extensions TAF  Rational ClearCase transaction data
   FILExt TAF  Rational ClearCase Transaction File (IBM)
   File Extensions TJF  IBM Rational ClearCase transaction file
   FILExt TJF  Rational ClearCase Transaction File (IBM)
   File Extensions TQF  Rational Test RealTime file
   FILExt UCX  Rational XDE (IBM)
   File Extensions UCX  Rational XDE data

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