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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 1T  Fortran data
   DotWhat 1T  Fortran file
   FILExt 1T  Fortran File
   File Extensions BSC  Fortran Pwbrmake file
   FILExt BSC  Fortran Pwbrmake Object
   File Extensions CER  Lahey Fortran compilation error message
   FILExt CER  Lahey Fortran Compilation Error Messages
   DotWhat COD  FORTRAN Compiled code
   FILExt COD  FORTRAN Compiled Code
   File Extensions COD  FORTRAN program compiled code
   DotWhat DCD  FORTRAN Data File
   FILExt DCD  FORTRAN Data File
   File Extensions DCD  FORTRAN data
   File Extensions EER  Lahey Fortran error data
   DotWhat EER  Lahey Fortran execution error messages
   FILExt EER  Lahey Fortran Execution Error Messages
   DotWhat F  FORTRAN file
   Wikipedia F  Fortran language source code file (in fixed form) - Many Fortran compilers
   FileInfo F  Fortran Source Code
   FILExt F  FORTRAN Source Code
   File Extensions F  Fortran source code
   Wikipedia F03  Fortran language source code file (in free form) - Many Fortran compilers
   File Extensions F03  Fortran source code
   Wikipedia F4  Fortran IV source code file
   FILExt F40  PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 Compiler Source
   File Extensions F40  PDP-10 FORTRAN-4 compiler source
   DotWhat F77  FORTRAN 77
   File Extensions F77  Fortran 77 language source code
   FILExt F77  FORTRAN 77 Program
   FileInfo F77  Fortran 77 Source Code File
   Wikipedia F77  Fortran language source code file (in fixed form) - Many Fortran compilers
   FILExt F77  PDP-10 FORTRAN-77 Compiler Source
   FileInfo F90  Fortran 90 Source Code File
   DotWhat F90  FORTRAN file
   Wikipedia F90  Fortran language source code file (in free form) - Many Fortran compilers
   FILExt F90  FORTRAN Program
   File Extensions F90  Intel Fortran 90 language source
   File Extensions F95  Fortran 95 language source code file
   FileInfo F95  Fortran 95 Source Code File
   Wikipedia F95  Fortran language source code file (in free form) - Many Fortran compilers
   Wikipedia FD  Declaration file - Microsoft Fortran
   FILExt FD  FORTRAN Declarations
   File Extensions FD  Fortran declarations
   FILExt FI  FORTRAN Include File
   FILExt FI  FORTRAN Interface File (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia FI  Interface file - Microsoft Fortran
   File Extensions FI  Microsoft Fortran interface data
   File Extensions FIG  Lahey Fortran linker options data
   DotWhat FIG  Lahey FORTRAN Linker Options
   FILExt FIG  Lahey FORTRAN Linker Options
   File Extensions FMK  Fortran PowerStation make data
   Wikipedia FMK  Makefile - Fortran PowerStation
   FILExt FMK  PowerStation FORTRAN Make File
   FileInfo FOR  Fortran 77 Source File
   Wikipedia FOR  Fortran language source file - many
   Cryer FOR  Fortran source code file
   File Extensions FOR  Fortran source code
   DotWhat FOR  FORTRAN Source
   FILExt FOR  PDP-10 FORTRAN-10 Compiler Source
   File Extensions FPP  Fortran source code file
   DotWhat FPP  Fortran Source Code
   FileInfo FPP  Fortran Source Code
   DotWhat FTN  Fortran language source code file fixed form
   File Extensions FTN  Fortran language source code
   FileInfo FTN  Fortran Source Code File
   FILExt FTN  FORTRAN Source Code File
   DotWhat FWEB  Fortran WEB
   FILExt FWEB  Fortran WEB
   File Extensions FWEB  Fortran WEB
   Wikipedia FWEB  Fortran WEB
   File Extensions HPF  High Performance FORTRAN data
   FileInfo HPF  High Performance Fortran File
   DotWhat IL  Fortran 90
   File Extensions IL  Fortran 90 inline expansion data
   FILExt IL  FORTRAN 90 Inline Expansion File
   File Extensions LNG  Lahey Fortran language data
   FILExt LNG  Lahey FORTRAN Language Extension
   File Extensions MOD  Fortran module file
   FileInfo MOD  Fortran Module
   FILExt PST  Lahey Fortran Paste Buffer
   File Extensions PST  Lahey Fortran paste buffer
   File Extensions QF  FORTRAN embedded QUEL file
   FILExt R  Ratfor FORTRAN Preprocessor File
   File Extensions R  RatFor Fortran preprocessor source
   DotWhat SGX  Lahey Fortran help file index
   FILExt SGX  Lahey Fortran Help File Index
   File Extensions SGX  Lahey Fortran help index
   File Extensions SIT  PDP-10 Fortran-77 compiler source file
   FILExt SIT  PDP-10 Steven's Institute of Technology Load-and-Go Fortran-77 Compiler Source
   FILExt SO  Fortran 90 Shared Object
   File Extensions VFPROJ  Visual Studio Intel Fortran project
   TrID VFPROJ  Visual Studio Intel Fortran Project
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt WSP  Fortran PowerStation Workspace
   File Extensions WSP  Microsoft Fortran Powerstation workspace file
   FILExt WSP  Visual C++ FORTRAN Workspace Info (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia WSP  Workspace - Fortran PowerStation
   File Extensions XSU  Fortran 77 library
   DotWhat XSU  Fortran Libf77 file
   FILExt XSU  Fortran Libf77 File

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