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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ASI  Assembler Include (Borland Software Corporation)
   DotWhat ASI  Assembler Include file
   File Extensions BDH  Silk Performer include data
   File Extensions BI  Microsoft Visual Basic for DOS include data
   FILExt BI  Quick Basic or Visual Basic for DOS Include File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CGINC  Unity custom shader include
   File Extensions CH  Clipper include file
   File Extensions CPY  Cobol include data
   FILExt CPY  Cobol Include
   FILExt CPY  RM/COBOL Development System Include File (Liant)
   File Extensions CSI  ContentServ CS EMMS Suite include data
   DotWhat CSI  ContentServ Include File
   FileInfo CSI  ContentServ Include File
   FILExt E  Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
   File Extensions E  Euphoria include file
   File Extensions EU  Euphoria include data
   FILExt EU  Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
   FILExt EW  Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
   FILExt FI  FORTRAN Include File
   FileInfo FMI  FME Include File
   File Extensions GYPI  Google Chrome include data
   FILExt H  ADS Include File (Autodesk Inc.)
   FILExt H16  VC98 Include 16-bit File
   File Extensions H32  32-bit include data
   FILExt H32  BC45 32-bit Include File
   DotWhat H32  Bc45 32bit include file
   File Extensions HRC  Include header file
   File Extensions HTMLS  HyperText Markup Language document with server-side include
   FILExt HXF  Help 2 Include File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions HXF  Microsoft Help include data
   FILExt I  Progress Database Include File (Progress Software Corporation)
   File Extensions I  Progress database include file
   DotWhat I  Progress Include File
   DotWhat IBY  ROM image component include file
   FILExt IBY  ROM Image Component Include File
   File Extensions IBY  Symbian ROM Image Component Include file
   FILExt INC  Active Server Include File
   FILExt INC  Assembler Language or Active Server Include File
   File Extensions INC  HTML server side include data
   File Extensions INC  Include data
   Wikipedia INC  Include file - several programming languages
   DotWhat INC  Include File
   FileInfo INC  Include File
   FILExt INC  Include File
   FILExt INC  PSpice Include File (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   FILExt INC  Spice Include File Subcircuit
   FILExt INC  Wincommander Include File
   FILExt IXX  C++ Include File
   FILExt NSH  Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) Header/Include File
   DotWhat PBI  Include file
   Wikipedia PBI  Powerbasic include file - Genus
   FILExt PBI  PowerBASIC Include File (PowerBASIC Inc.)
   File Extensions PBI  PowerBASIC include file
   File Extensions PRI  Qt Project include data
   FileInfo PRI  Qt Project Include File
   Wikipedia S7I  Seed7 library / include file - Seed7 interpreter and compiler
   Cryer S7I  Seed7 library or include file
   File Extensions SBI  SetupBuilder include script file
   File Extensions SBS  Spybot Search and Destroy include data
   File Extensions SHT  HTML server side include document
   FileInfo SHTM  HTML Server Side Include File
   File Extensions SHTM  HTML server side include file
   File Extensions SHTML  HTML server side include HTML document
   FileInfo SHTML  Server Side Include HTML File
   FileInfo SSI  Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
   File Extensions STM  HTML server side include data file
   Cryer STM  Server side include
   File Extensions STML  HTML server side include document
   File Extensions TCC  Turbo C / Gcc include std data
   FILExt TCC  Turbo C GCC Include Standard File (Borland Software Corporation)
   File Extensions TI  Turing include data
   FILExt UTS  Spybot - Search & Destroy Include File (PepiMK Software)
   File Extensions UTS  Spybot - Search & Destroy include data
   Wikipedia VC  Include file with color definitions - Vivid 2.0
   DotWhat VC  Include file with color definitions
   FILExt VC  Vivid 2.0 Include File with Color Definitions
   File Extensions VCH  Vocola include data
   Wikipedia VO  Include file with object definition - Vivid 2.0
   FILExt VO  Vivid Include File
   DotWhat VS  Include file w
   Wikipedia VS  Include file with surface definition - Vivid 2.0
   FileInfo VS  Vivid Include File
   FILExt VS  Vivid Include File
   File Extensions WXI  WiX include data
   FileInfo WXI  WiX Include File
   File Extensions XIN  OmniMark include data
   FILExt XIN  OmniMark Include File (Stilo)

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