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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt $$$  Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files
   FILExt 000  (000-999) Used to number backup versions of files or used to number related data files for multiple users of a small-scale PC application
   FILExt AAS  Movie Clip Autodesk Animation Setup used by Compton's Reference Collection
   DotWhat ADD  Adapter driver file used in the boot process
   File Extensions ATY  3D Topicscape file used for a round-trip re-import
   FILExt AUD  Audio File Used by Westwood Studios for Various Games
   FILExt BIN  MacBinary Archive Format Often used on Macintosh.
   DotWhat BTM  Batch file used by Norton Utilities
   FILExt CCL  PDP-10 Concise Command Language (Used by COMPIL.EXE to Talk to Compilers)
   FILExt CDKEY  Protocol Used in Communicating from MediaRemote Server to PC MediaRemote Plug-in
   FILExt CNF  Configuration File Used by Telnet Windows and other applications with varying internal formats.
   DotWhat DPKG  Proprietary file used to program AAC devices
   FILExt EXE  Out-of-process Code Component Used by COM Clients (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions FUC  Frequently Used Commands script
   DotWhat GLF  3D font used by glf
   Wikipedia GRDNT  Image format used in the core of some very obscure customized operating systems to represent gradients - see also SCTOR
   FILExt H__  C++ Header Seldom used C++ Header (same as H++ and H)
   FILExt HM  Windows Help Context IDs used by MAKEHM.EXE.
   DotWhat HM  Windows Help context IDs used by MAKEHM
   FILExt IDB  Database Used by Disassembler
   File Extensions IDI  DB/TextWorks last-used settings
   File Extensions INT  Intermediate Code used for syntax checking file
   FILExt INT  Intermediate Code Used for Syntax Checking
   Wikipedia IPC  Intellitec Program Configuration - used to configure vehicle electronics - Intellitec
   FILExt LIB  Library Used by an Application
   Wikipedia LIC  License file used by some programs to put their license on disk
   FILExt MAP  Debug Info Used by Some Programming Languages
   Wikipedia MAR  Mozilla ARchive - Mozilla Updater (used to house binary updates to products)
   Wikipedia MIS  Mission, used by many games
   File Extensions MRU  Most Recently Used data
   FILExt MTX  Temporary File often used by a Browser or TWAIN Device
   Wikipedia NDS  Nintendo DS ROM file used for Homebrew and commercial (Game) files on DS - Nintendo DS
   DotWhat NEZ  Emulator file used for game consoles
   Wikipedia NMF  Node Map File - Used by SpicyNodes
   DotWhat ODA  Used with OCX
   FILExt ODA  Used with OCX
   FILExt OEM  OEM Data Used During Device Install
   Wikipedia OPT  Options - name used by many programs for configuration information
   DotWhat PBL  Library file used in a development environment
   Wikipedia PLIST  Mac OS Property List, also used on iOS, NeXTSTEP, and GNUstep - Apple's Property List Editor
   File Extensions PM  Pegasus Mail frequently used data
   FILExt PM  Pegasus Mail Frequently Used File (David Harris)
   DotWhat PRL  seldom used for
   Wikipedia PRO  Profile - used by many programs to store configuration data
   Wikipedia REP  Report file used by many applications
   Wikipedia RPB  Data report file used by CP Backup - CP Backup
   Wikipedia RPT  Report file used by many applications
   Wikipedia RSL  Resource Library used by PC Tools for Windows - PC Tools - Win
   FILExt RUF  ProWORX Nxt Address Used Tables Reference (Schneider Electric)
   Wikipedia RUNZ  pseudo-executable file, used in Portable Apps and software installers for Super OS - RUNZ Framework
   Wikipedia SCTOR  Raster graphics format used by some very obscure custom operating systems
   Wikipedia SET  Extension used by Norton Backup and CPS Backup for setup info - Norton Backup - CPS Backup
   Wikipedia SKY  SYLK Spreadsheet file (used by Multiplan)
   Wikipedia STY  Ami Pro Template (Style) - used by other programs for `styles` - Ami Pro
   Wikipedia TBL  Short for Table - used by many programs
   Wikipedia THM  Thumbnail or Theme File - Picture Publisher, PhotoMagic, Canon Digital Cameras, and Sony Digital Cameras create these Thumbnail files - also used for Sony Ericsson Theme File, for a cell phone
   DotWhat TNY  TiNY bitmap image used on Atari
   Wikipedia TRK  Track (i.e. video sequence), used by many games
   Wikipedia UNV  Text file containing finite elements nodal coordinates and more See notes - Originally used by SDRC for its I-deas software - a lot of simulation software use it today
   Wikipedia W3D  Westwood 3D object format - 3D models used in Renegade and Generals
   Wikipedia WAR  Java Web Archive - A Java file format used to package and deploy web applications
   Wikipedia XA  XA audio file - used in SimCity 3000 by Maxis, also by Sony PlayStation
   Wikipedia XAR  Xara graphics file - Files created by Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (formerly Xara Xtreme and Xara Studio) - early versions used the extension ART
   Wikipedia XMC  Assisted contact lists file format, based on xml and used in kindergartens and schools - Classmates iPhone app

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