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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ACG  Age of Wonders Saved Game (Triumph Studios)
   FILExt AIV  Stronghold Crusader Computer Player AI (Firefly Studios Ltd.)
   File Extensions ARC  Avalanche Studios game archive
   FILExt AUD  Audio File Used by Westwood Studios for Various Games
   File Extensions AUD  Westwood Studios audio data
   FileInfo AUD  Westwood Studios Audio
   TrID AUD  Westwood Studios audio
 Header Hexdump:  22 56 
   FILExt BAM  Bravo! Archived Media (Thought Studios Inc.)
   FILExt BPJ  Bravo! Project (Thought Studios Inc.)
   FILExt BWE  Black and White 2 Environment Data (Lionhead Studios)
   FILExt CHL  Black and White 2 Game Data Script (Lionhead Studios)
   FILExt CNC3REPLAY  Command & Conquer 3 Replay (Westwood Studios)
   TrID DAT  JetDogs Studios game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  77 61 7A 7A 7A 7A 61 75 70 21 
   File Extensions DGRP  Retro Studios dependency group game data
   FILExt DKD  Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
   FILExt DKX  Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
   TrID DRS  Ensemble Studios Data Resource
 Header Hexdump:  43 6F 70 79 72 69 67 68 74 20 28 63 29 20 31 39  
   FILExt GCK  Giants: Citizen Kabuto Customized Map (Planet Moon Studios)
   FILExt GVS  GuitarVision Song File (MTW Studios Inc.)
   FILExt HG1  Hellgate: London Saved Game (Flagship Studios Inc.)
   FileInfo HIP  Heavy Iron Studios Package
   File Extensions HOGG  Cryptic Studios data
   TrID HOGG  Cryptic Studios game data (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  0D F0 AD DE 
   FileInfo ISA  Indie Studios Sound Archive
   FILExt LGT  Age of Mythology World Lighting Effect (Ensemble Studios Microsoft)
   FILExt MAP  Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Mission File (Westwood Studios)
   FILExt MIX  Command & Conquer Picture/Sound File (Westwood Studios)
   FILExt MMX  Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Map File (Westwood Studios)
   File Extensions MPR  Westwood Studios game data
   FILExt MPR  Westwood Studios Game File
   FILExt NCS  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) Compiled Script (BioWare/Pandemic Studios)
   FILExt NMAT  NeoEngine (Reality Rift Studios)
   FILExt NPAC  NeoEngine Resource Package (Reality Rift Studios)
   FILExt NSCE  NeoEngine Scene File (Reality Rift Studios)
   File Extensions NVGP  Girlvanic Studios URL address
   FILExt NWID  NeoEngine (Reality Rift Studios)
   FILExt PAL  Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
   FILExt PAT  Black and White 2 Paths Data (Lionhead Studios)
   TrID PB  Cyberlore Studios Playboy game map
 Header Hexdump:  56 45 52 53 
   FILExt PIGG  City of Heros Virtual Drive Game File (Cryptic Studios)
   FILExt RPL  Toribash Replay Game File (Nabi Studios Pte Ltd)
   FILExt RUN  Rune Map (Human Head Studios)
   TrID RWD  TimeGate Studios game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  54 47 43 4B 
   File Extensions SHADER_BUNDLE  Avalanche Studios game graphics
   FILExt SHP  Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
   File Extensions TAB  Avalanche Studios game data
   FILExt TER  Black and White 2 Terrain Data (Lionhead Studios)
   File Extensions TLK  Westwood Studios game archive
   FILExt VOL  Giants: Citizen Kabuto Archive (Planet Moon Studios)
   FILExt VQA  Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
   FileInfo VQA  Westwood Studios VQA Video
   FILExt WAL  Black and White 2 Wall Data (Lionhead Studios)
   TrID XCD  Starbreeze Studios game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4F 53 20 44 41 54 41 46 49 4C 45 32 2E 30 00 
   TrID XTC  Starbreeze Studios game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4F 53 20 44 41 54 41 46 49 4C 45 32 2E 30 00 
   TrID XWC  Starbreeze Studios game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4F 53 20 44 41 54 41 46 49 4C 45 32 2E 30 00 
   FILExt YRM  Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge Unofficial Multiplayer Map (Westwood Studios)
   FILExt YRO  Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge Official Multiplayer Map (Westwood Studios)

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