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   TrID ATC  SimCity 4 Animated Texture Collections
 Header Hexdump:  EC D1 A5 29 44 0E B5 7A 
   File Extensions ATC  SimCity 4 animation texture collection
   TrID AVP  SimCity 4 Animation View Position
 Header Hexdump:  75 CD AD 09 
   File Extensions AVP  SimCity 4 animation viewpoints
   File Extensions BLD  SimCity 3000 Building Architect building data
   File Extensions BNK  SimCity game data
   FILExt BNK  SimCity Game File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions BSPEC  SimCity 4 bridge length specs
   FILExt CIM  SimCity 2000 (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions CIM  SimCity 2000 game data
   File Extensions CTY  SimCity city data
   FILExt CTY  SimCity City File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   DotWhat CTY  SimCity City File
   FileInfo CTY  SimCity City File
   TrID CTY  SimCity City
 Header Hexdump:  00 
   File Extensions DBDF  SimCity 4 DBDF compression directories
   TrID EXMP  SimCity 4 Cohort (binary)
 Header Hexdump:  43 51 5A 42 31 23 23 23 
   TrID EXMP  SimCity 4 Cohort (text)
 Header Hexdump:  43 51 5A 54 31 23 23 23 
   File Extensions EXMP  SimCity 4 cohort data
   TrID EXMP  SimCity 4 Exemplar (binary)
 Header Hexdump:  45 51 5A 42 31 23 23 23 
   TrID EXMP  SimCity 4 Exemplar (text)
 Header Hexdump:  45 51 5A 54 31 23 23 23 
   TrID FSC  SimCity 3000 Freshness Score
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 37 
   File Extensions FSC  SimCity 4 freshness scores
   File Extensions HLS  SimCity 4 hitlist
   File Extensions ID  SimCity 4 channel identification format
   File Extensions INFO  SimCity 4 album info
   File Extensions MXF  Maxis SimCity font
   TrID MXF  Maxis SimCity Font
 Header Hexdump:  4D 58 46 4E 
   FILExt MXF  SimCity Maxis Font File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   DotWhat MXF  SimCity Maxis Font File
   File Extensions PGF  SimCity graphic data
   File Extensions PPF  SimCity game data
   File Extensions PSF  SimCity audio data
   File Extensions PSN  SimCity city data
   File Extensions SC1  SimCity game data
   DotWhat SC1  Simcity
   FILExt SC2  SimCity 2000 City (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SC2  SimCity 2000 file
   TrID SC2  SimCity 2000 save game/map data
 Header Hexdump:  46 4F 52 4D 
   DotWhat SC2000  Simcity 2000 dos tileset file
   Wikipedia SC3  Saved City - SimCity 3000
   FILExt SC3  SimCity 3000 City Data (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SC3  SimCity 3000 game data
   Wikipedia SC4  Saved City - SimCity 4
   FILExt SC4  SimCity 4 Saved City (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   DotWhat SC4  SimCity 4 Saved City
   FileInfo SC4  SimCity 4 Saved File
   TrID SC4  SimCity 4 Saved game
 Header Hexdump:  44 42 50 46 
   File Extensions SC4DESC  SimCity 4 description data
   FileInfo SC4DESC  SimCity 4 Description File
   FILExt SC4DESC  SimCity 4 Lot-Model Descriptive File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SC4LOT  SimCity 4 lot data
   FILExt SC4LOT  SimCity 4 Lot File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   FileInfo SC4LOT  SimCity 4 Lot File
   FILExt SC4MODEL  SimCity 4 Model (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   FileInfo SC4MODEL  SimCity 4 Model File
   File Extensions SC4MODEL  SimCity 4 model
   File Extensions SC4PATH  SimCity 4 network paths
   FILExt SC4PATH  SimCity 4 Path (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   FILExt SCN  SimCity 2000 Scenario City (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   FileInfo SCN  SimCity 2000 Scenario
   FileInfo SCS  SimCity Societies Saved Game File
   File Extensions SCS  SimCity Societies saved game
   FILExt SCSPACK  SimCity Download Package (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SCSPACK  SimCity Societies transfer package
   FILExt SCT  SimCity 3000 Real-World Terrain City (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SCT  SimCity 3000 real-world terrain city data
   FILExt SGR  SimCity 4 Graphics Rules (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions SGR  SimCity 4 graphics rules
   File Extensions SJS  Simcity 3000 buildings add-on
   FILExt SJS  SimCity Bulidings Add-on (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   FILExt ST3  SimCity 3000 Starter Town City (Electronic Arts Inc.)
   File Extensions ST3  SimCity 3000 starter town city file
   File Extensions TGI  SimCity 4 game data
   Wikipedia XA  XA audio file - used in SimCity 3000 by Maxis, also by Sony PlayStation
   File Extensions XAC  SimCity Societies game data
   File Extensions XSM  SimCity Societies game file

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