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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 3RF  Advent 3B2 Extensions Script Cross Reference
   File Extensions 3RF  Advent 3B2 extensions script cross reference
   FILExt AAS  Movie Clip Autodesk Animation Setup used by Compton's Reference Collection
   File Extensions APPREF-MS  Application Reference data
   FILExt APPREF-MS  Application Reference File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo APPREF-MS  Microsoft Application Reference File
   File Extensions APREF-MS  Application reference data
   Cryer AUX  LaTeX auxiliary reference file
   FILExt AUX  TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference File
   File Extensions AWR  Ad-Aware reference data
   FILExt AWR  Ad-Aware Reference File (Lavasoft)
   File Extensions BACKUP  Ad-Aware reference data
   FILExt BACKUP  Ad-Aware Reference File (Lavasoft)
   FILExt BBL  TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File
   File Extensions BBL  TeX/BibTeX bibliographic reference file
   DotWhat BMR  Bitmap Reference Code file
   DotWhat BPR  Reference count 01 file
   FILExt BPR  Reference Count 01 File
   File Extensions BRE  Bible Reference Exporter extracted list
   FILExt CCH  Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) Character Reference File
   File Extensions CCH  Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures character reference
   DotWhat CRC  Circular reference file
   File Extensions CRF  Cross-reference data
   FILExt CRF  Database Cross-Reference File
   FILExt CRF  MASM Cross-Reference File
   FILExt CRF  Programming Cross-reference
   FILExt CRF  Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File
   FILExt DX  THOR Database Cross-reference Data
   FILExt EAS  EAS 2004 Applicant Reference Database (UCAS)
   FILExt EGL  EagleCheck Encrypted Database Reference File (Washington State Gambling Commission)
   FILExt ERF  SGML Visual DTD Entity Reference File
   File Extensions ERF  SGML Visual DTD entity reference file
   TrID FLATPAKREF  Flatpack Reference (with rem)
 Header Hexdump:  23 
   TrID FLATPAKREF  Flatpack Reference
 Header Hexdump:  5B 46 6C 61 74 70 61 6B 20 52 65 66 5D 
   FileInfo FLATPAKREF  Linux Flatpak Application Package Reference File
   TrID FREF  Freenet node Reference (var.2)
 Header Hexdump:  69 64 65 6E 74 69 74 79 3D 
   TrID FREF  Freenet node Reference
 Header Hexdump:  6F 70 65 6E 6E 65 74 3D 
   File Extensions FXR  Oracle font cross-reference data
   File Extensions GER  OpenMap geo reference data
   FileInfo GSR  Golden Software Reference File
   FileInfo GSR2  Golden Software Reference File
   FILExt HX  THOR Database Cross-reference Hash File
   File Extensions INK  CorelDRAW pantone reference fills data
   FileInfo INK  Pantone Reference File
   FILExt INK  Pantone Reference File
   Wikipedia INK  Pantone reference fills file - CorelDRAW
   DotWhat INK  Pantone Reference Fills File
   Cryer INK  Pantone reference fills file
   FILExt IPL  Corel Pantone Spot Reference Palette
   File Extensions IPL  CorelDRAW Pantone spot reference palette
   Wikipedia IPL  Pantone Spot reference palette file - CorelDRAW
   DotWhat IPL  Pantone Spot reference pallette
   TrID JPR  Jeepers Reference DB
 Header Hexdump:  4A 45 50 52 53 20 52 65 66 65 72 65 6E 63 65 20  
   File Extensions KRF  KMESS curve reference data
   File Extensions LRY  Konica Minolta Data Management Software reference data
   FILExt LSR  Logos Library System 2.x Standard Reference Definition
   File Extensions MATERIAL  Rigs of Rods texture reference
   File Extensions MGRS  Military Grid Reference System data
   DotWhat MGRS  Military Grid Reference System
   File Extensions MMF  Media Processing Server Studio reference file
   FILExt MMF  Media Processing Server Studio Reference Name (Nortel Networks)
   File Extensions MRG  MySQL reference data
   FileInfo MSO  Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
   File Extensions NDL  Lotus Notes document reference
   FILExt OBR  Objective Reference Document Link (Objective Corporation Limited)
   File Extensions OBR  Objective Reference Document Link data
   FILExt PRF  Plot Reference File
   FILExt RDF  ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RDF  ProWORX Nxt cross-reference data
   Wikipedia REF  Cross-reference
   FILExt REF  Cross Reference
   FileInfo REF  IDRISI Raster Image Reference File
   TrID REF  IDRISI raster image Reference
 Header Hexdump:  72 65 66 2E 20 73 79 73 74 65 6D 20 3A 
   TrID REF  Lavasoft Ad-Aware reference file
 Header Hexdump:  50 1B 53 54 44 50 53 50 
   FileInfo REF  Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
   DotWhat REF  Reference file
   FILExt REF  Reference
   File Extensions REF  Reference
   FILExt REF  Train Simulator Object Reference File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions REFERENCE  Budget In Brief application reference data
   File Extensions REFI  e-Sword reference iOS notes data
   File Extensions REFX  e-Sword reference library note
   FILExt RIS  Bibliographic Reference File
   FILExt RIS  Reference Manager RIS Format (The Thomson Corporation)
   FileInfo RMD  Reference Manager Data File
   FILExt RMD  Reference Manager Database (The Thomson Corporation)
   File Extensions RMD  Reference Manager database file
   FILExt RMX  Reference Manager Database Indes (The Thomson Corporation)
   File Extensions RMX  Reference Manager database index
   FileInfo RMX  Reference Manager Index File
   FILExt RPF  ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Pointer (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RPF  ProWORX Nxt cross-reference pointer data
   FILExt RUF  ProWORX Nxt Address Used Tables Reference (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RUF  ProWORX tables reference data
   FILExt RVT  VersaPro Reference View Table
   File Extensions RVT  VersaPro reference view table
   File Extensions SVCMAP  Windows Communication Foundation WCF reference
   FILExt TLB  Bubble Chamber Reference Table
   Wikipedia TLB  Reference table - Bubble Chamber
   FILExt TR5  TRIM Reference File (TOWER Software)
   File Extensions TR5  TRIM reference
   File Extensions XDOCLET  JBoss XDoclet reference file
   File Extensions XLG  AutoCAD external reference log
   FILExt XR  Chaos Desktop External Reference File (Chaos systems AB)
   File Extensions XR  Chaos Desktop reference
   FILExt XREF  AIX Cross Reference File
   DotWhat XREF  Cross reference file
   File Extensions XREF  IBM AIX cross reference data
   Wikipedia XRF  Cross-reference file
   TrID XRF  Cross-Reference info
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 6E 64 6F 72 5F 6E 61 6D 65 20 3D 20 
   FILExt XRF  Cross Reference
   FILExt XRF  TrialDirector Cross Reference File (inData Corporation)
   File Extensions XRF  WordSearch cross reference file

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