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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt BLK  ProWORX Nxt Block Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions BLK  ProWORX Nxt block data file
   FILExt CDT  ProWORX Nxt Temporary Long Comment Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions CDT  ProWORX Nxt temporary long comment data
   FILExt CGF  ProWORX Nxt CODEGEN Batch File (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt CML  ProWORX Nxt Comment Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions CML  ProWORX Nxt comment data
   FILExt CPF  ProWORX Nxt Comment Pointer And Length File (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions CPF  ProWORX Nxt comment pointer and length file
   FILExt DCF  ProWORX Nxt Database Configuration (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions DCF  ProWORX Nxt database configuration
   FILExt DDB  ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions DDB  ProWORX Nxt descriptor data file
   File Extensions DDF  ProWORX descriptor data
   FILExt DDF  ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt DIF  ProWORX Nxt Data Interchange File (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt DPB  ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer File (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions DPB  ProWORX Nxt descriptor pointer
   FILExt DPF  ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt DSF  ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt DSU  ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions DSU  ProWORX Nxt data setup
   FILExt FIL  ProWORX Nxt Format Export (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions FIL  ProWORX Nxt format export
   File Extensions LBP  ProWORX Nxt logic pointer data
   FILExt LDF  ProWORX Nxt Logic Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions LDF  ProWORX Nxt logic data file
   FILExt LGF  ProWORX Nxt Log Book Note (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions LGF  ProWORX Nxt log book note
   FILExt LOG  ProWORX Nxt Text Log File (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt LPB  ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt LPF  ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt MDB  ProWORX Nxt Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions MDB  ProWORX Nxt memory data
   FILExt MDF  ProWORX Nxt Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions MDF  ProWORX Nxt memory data
   FILExt MSL  ProWORX Nxt MSL Loadables (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions MSL  ProWORX Nxt MSL loadables file
   FILExt NDB  ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions NDB  ProWORX Nxt short comment file
   FILExt NDF  ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions NDF  ProWORX NXT short comment
   FILExt OPT  ProWORX Nxt List Module Option File (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt RDF  ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RDF  ProWORX Nxt cross-reference data
   FILExt RPF  ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Pointer (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RPF  ProWORX Nxt cross-reference pointer data
   FILExt RUF  ProWORX Nxt Address Used Tables Reference (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions RUF  ProWORX tables reference data
   FILExt SRC  ProWORX Nxt Search Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions SRC  ProWORX Nxt search data
   FILExt TDB  ProWORX Nxt Title Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions TDB  ProWORX Nxt title data file
   FILExt TDF  ProWORX Nxt Title Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions TDF  ProWORX Nxt title data file
   FILExt TFP  ProWORX Nxt Full Page Data File (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions TFP  ProWORX Nxt full page data file
   FILExt TSF  ProWORX Nxt Symbol File (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions TSF  ProWORX Nxt symbol file
   File Extensions URF  ProWORX Nxt user configurable register editor data
   FILExt URF  ProWORX Nxt User Configurable Register Editor File (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions USL  ProWORX Nxt USL loadable file
   FILExt USL  ProWORX Nxt USL Loadables (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt XDF  ProWORX Nxt Extended Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions XDF  ProWORX Nxt extended memory data

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