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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 000  (000-999) Used to number backup versions of files or used to number related data files for multiple users of a small-scale PC application
   File Extensions 8BIM  Adobe Photoshop related data
   File Extensions ADB  ALLDATA related data
   File Extensions ADC  ClearSight Analyzer related file
   File Extensions ADD  Adobe PageMaker related data
   File Extensions ADO  Stata related data
   File Extensions AEF  ELECTRICAL Designer related data
   File Extensions AFL  Xmap related data
   File Extensions ALT  ReliaSoft ALTA related data
   File Extensions AM  Microsoft Windows speech engine related file
   File Extensions AML  AutoMate related data
   File Extensions ANG  AIMSUN NG related data
   File Extensions AOL  America Online related data
   File Extensions APM  ArcPad ver.6 related data
   File Extensions ASPR  ASProtect related data
   File Extensions AVG  BrainVoyager QX event related averaging data
   File Extensions AXE  ChordMaster related file
   File Extensions BDM  Blaise related data
   File Extensions BTR  Microsoft FrontPage related data
   File Extensions BTWSENDTO  Microsoft Windows Bluetooth related data
   File Extensions C3E  CYPE related data
   DotWhat CBN  PaperMaster Cabinets group related folders and fil
   DotWhat CCD  CloneCd Related File
   File Extensions CGT  ANNO 2070 script related data
   File Extensions CLASSPATH  Eclipse IDE JAVA project related data
   File Extensions CLOUDPHOTODB-SHM  Apple Photos database related data
   FILExt CODE  Graal and Related Servers Encrypted Cache (Cyberjoueurs)
   DotWhat CONF  IRC Related Configuration File
   FILExt CONF  IRC Related Configuration File
   File Extensions CW7  COMPRESS related data
   File Extensions DEBIAN  Debian related data
   File Extensions DLL_RESP  Microsoft Windows Live Messenger contact related data
   File Extensions DNW  EMPOP DrawNetWork related data
   File Extensions DPB  Microsoft Windows driver related data
   DotWhat DSZ  Win Help related file
   FILExt DSZ  Win Help Related File
   File Extensions DXP  Piles' O' Tiles game related data
   File Extensions EFD  Parallels Desktop related data
   FILExt ENC  Dungeon Related File
   File Extensions EPRTX  Microsoft XPS document related data
   File Extensions FDSEQ  XPS document related data
   File Extensions FJV  iGO Primo map related data
   FILExt FPT  NovaBACKUP Backup Database Related Information (NovaStor Corporation)
   File Extensions FPT  NovaBACKUP backup database related information
   File Extensions H1C  Windows Vista file related to Assistance Platform (AP) help
   File Extensions H1K  Keyword index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform client help related data
   File Extensions H1T  Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform client help related data
   FILExt HPD  Harry Potter Related
   File Extensions HTI  Microsoft Windows WinHelp related data
   DotWhat HTI  Win Help related file
   FILExt HTI  Win Help Related File
   DotWhat ICT  image related file
   File Extensions ICT  TIFF and ISO image related data
   FILExt ICT  TIFF and ISO Image Related File
   FILExt IDD  Complete Works Database-related File (Toplevel Computing)
   File Extensions IMOVIEEVENT  iMovie library related data
   FileInfo JBR  Motoman Robot Related Job File
   File Extensions JOD  Microsoft Jet OLE DB related data
   FILExt JOD  MS.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Related File
   File Extensions JQX  Microsoft Windows help related file
   FILExt JQX  Windows Help Related File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions LABELS  Amira 3D mesh related data
   FILExt LCK  Frontpage-related File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions LDWF  Android related data
   FILExt LE  Opera Binary Voice-related File (Opera Software ASA)
   Wikipedia LL3  LapLink III related file (document) - LapLink III
   File Extensions LOS  Close Combat 2 map related game data
   File Extensions LST  Valve map related data
   FILExt LST  Valve Map Related File (Valve Corporation)
   FILExt MC5  Grafic Jpg Bcc file/microsoft C v5 related file
   File Extensions MGRP  NI MASCHINE 1.x audio project related data
   FILExt MNL  AutoCAD AutoLISP Functions Related to Menu (Autodesk Inc.)
   File Extensions MODE2V3  Xcode project related data
   File Extensions MSN  Microsoft Windows network related data
   File Extensions MXGRP  NI MASCHINE 2.x audio project related data
   File Extensions ODS  NCompass Labs internet related script
   FILExt PCC  PCCharge Related Files and Settings (VeriFone)
   FILExt PCM  Opera Binary Voice-related File (Opera Software ASA)
   File Extensions PDB  Apache web server library related file
   File Extensions PERSPECTIVE  Xcode project related data
   File Extensions PERSPECTIVEV3  Xcode project related data
   FILExt PMU  Pegasus Mail Pmail Keyboard Macro-related File (David Harris)
   FILExt PRT  W32/Parrot-A Worm-related
   File Extensions PSTPL  Limesurvey template related data
   File Extensions PTXML  Microsoft Windows DLL XML related data
   File Extensions QTX  Apple QuickTime related image extension
   File Extensions SBO  SAP Business One SDK add-on related data
   Wikipedia SBT  Notes related to record - Suberbase 4 Windows
   DotWhat SBT  Notes related to record data
   File Extensions SCRIPT  Microsoft WinHelp related data
   DotWhat SCRIPT  Win Help related file
   FILExt SCRIPT  Win Help Related File
   File Extensions SD3  Hy-Tek Meet Manager database related data
   FILExt SEA  SCS Programs Data Related To SCS Encryption Methods (Standby Computer Systems)
   File Extensions SP  ANNO 2070 audio related data
   DotWhat SUB  CloneCd Related File
   File Extensions SYN  Opera binary voice-related data
   FILExt SYN  Opera Binary Voice-related File (Opera Software ASA)
   File Extensions TSC  Microsoft Windows WinHelp related data
   DotWhat TSC  Win Help related file
   FILExt TSC  Win Help Related File
   File Extensions VMLT  VMLF related data
   File Extensions VTC  ReliaSoft related data
   DotWhat W20  Windows 2000 Related File
   FILExt W20  Windows2000 Related File
   File Extensions W3I  Warcraft III map related data
   FILExt W95  Windows95-related Data File
   DotWhat W95  Windows95 related data file
   File Extensions W98  Microsoft Windows 98 related data
   FILExt W98  Windows98-related Data File
   DotWhat W98  Windows98 related data file
   File Extensions WDN  AutoCAD Electrical project-related data
   FILExt XGO  Paradox Database-related File
   File Extensions XGO  Paradox database related data
   FILExt XT*  Crosstalk Related File
   FILExt YGO  Paradox Database-related File
   File Extensions YGO  Paradox database related data
   File Extensions ZAX  Z-Axis office design software related data
   FILExt ZED  ZX-Editor ZX-Spectrum Related Text and Graphics (OmikroN-Software)
   FILExt ZXP  ZX-Paintbrush ZX-Spectrum Related Graphic Data (OmikroN-Software)

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