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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   DotWhat 323  New Media Phone
   TrID 3GA  Mobile phone audio
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 18 66 74 79 70 33 67 70 34 00 00 03 00  
   TrID ADB  HP Phone/Database/Note database
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 44 00 
   FILExt AOS  Nokia Phone Add-on Software (Nokia)
   FileInfo BBB  BlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup File
   DotWhat BBB  BlackBerry Phone Backup File
   FILExt BMX  Siemens Mobile Phone Animation (Siemens)
   File Extensions BMX  Siemens mobile phone animation file
   TrID BOOK  MaxiDesk Phone Book
 Header Hexdump:  50 48 4F 4E 45 42 4F 4F 4B 46 49 4C 45 0A 31 0A 
   FILExt CDB  Nokia 9210/9290 Phone Contact Database (Nokia)
   TrID CIP  Cisco IP Phone Image bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  3C 43 69 73 63 6F 49 50 50 68 6F 6E 65 49 6D 61  
   FileInfo CPR  Windows Phone Display Settings File
   FileInfo DBK  Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File
   File Extensions DBK  Sony Ericsson mobile phone backup
   DotWhat DBK  Sony Xperia Phone Backup File
   FILExt EBA  Mobile Phone Data Manager
   DotWhat ECS  Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
   FileInfo ECS  Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
   FILExt ECS  Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
   File Extensions ECS  Sony Ericsson Phone backup file
   File Extensions EO1  Mobile Phone Examiner data
   File Extensions ESCO  Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 firmware
   File Extensions FFU  Windows Phone full flash update
   FILExt FLS  Nokia Phone Flash File (Nokia)
   File Extensions FLS  Nokia phone flash
   File Extensions FXD  FaxIt phone book card
   TrID GDB  HP Phone/Database/Note database
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 44 00 
   FILExt I16  Nokia Phone Logo File (Nokia)
   File Extensions IFG  Samsung mobile phone theme graphic
   File Extensions IMELODY  iMelody mobile phone ring-tone format
   File Extensions IMY  iMelody mobile phone ring-tone
   FILExt INB  Motorola L7 Phone MMS Graphic (Motorola Inc.)
   DotWhat IPU  Internet Phone User
   FILExt IPU  Vocaltech Iphone Internet Phone User File
   FileInfo K3G  3GP Mobile Phone Video File
   FILExt KOZ  Sprint Music Store Music Download for Phone (Sprint Nextel)
   FileInfo LFS  Samsung Phone params.lfs File
   FILExt LRC  Intel Video Phone Language Resource Control (Intel Corporation)
   DotWhat LRC  Video phone file
   FILExt M3G  Nokia Phone Screen Saver (Nokia)
   FILExt MA1  SKY Mobile Phone Icon/Ringtone
   FILExt MED  MOBILedit! Phone Information (COMPELSON Laboratories)
   File Extensions MED  MOBILedit! phone information data
   FILExt MEL  Ericsson Phone Melody
   DotWhat MP_  Mobile Phone Sound File
   File Extensions MP_  Mobile phone sound
   File Extensions NBF  Nokia phone side backup
   DotWhat NBU  Nokia Phone Backup File
   FileInfo NBU  Nokia Phone Backup File
   TrID NBU  Nokia phone BackUp
 Header Hexdump:  CC 52 33 FC E9 2C 18 48 AF E3 36 30 1A 39 40 06  
   TrID NDB  HP Phone/Database/Note database
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 44 00 
   File Extensions NDU  Symbian phone backup
   File Extensions NFB  Nokia PC Suite phone backup
   Cryer NFB  Nokia Phone (Fone) Book, backup file
   FileInfo NFB  Nokia Phone Backup File
   File Extensions NFC  Nokia PC Suite phone backup
   FileInfo NFC  Nokia Phone Backup Copy File
   FILExt NGG  Nokia Phone Group Graphics/Icons (Nokia)
   FILExt NIM  Nokia Phone Game File (Nokia)
   FILExt NOA  Cell Phone Video Clip
   FILExt NOL  Nokia Phone Operator (Manager) Logo (Nokia)
   File Extensions NPF  Samsung PC Studio phone book backup
   FILExt NPM  Nokia Phone Picture Message (Nokia)
   File Extensions NPM  Nokia phone picture message
   FILExt NRT  Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
   FILExt NSL  Nokia Phone Startup Logo (Nokia)
   FILExt OBK  Oxygen Phone Manager Phone Book (Oxygen Software)
   File Extensions OBK  Oxygen Phone Manager phone book
   FILExt OTB  Nokia Phone Graphics Editor (Nokia)
   FILExt OTT  Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
   File Extensions OTT  Nokia phone ring tone
   FILExt P2KC  Mobile Phone Batch Instruction File
   DotWhat PB  Phone book
   FILExt PB  WinFax Pro Phone Book (Symantec Corporation)
   File Extensions PB  WinFax Pro phone book
   File Extensions PBD  Faxit phone book file
   FILExt PBD  Faxit Phone Book
   Wikipedia PBD  Phone book - FaxNOW! - Faxit
   DotWhat PBD  Phone book
   FileInfo PBK  Dial-Up Phone Book File
   File Extensions PBK  ElectraSoft Fax phone book file
   FILExt PBK  ElectraSoft Fax Phone Book
   File Extensions PBK  HP-95 phone book
   FILExt PBK  HP-95LX Phone Book File
   Wikipedia PBK  Microsoft Network Phone book - MSN
   TrID PDB  HP Phone/Database/Note database
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 44 00 
   TrID PDB  Treo Phone skin
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt PH  AOL Phone Home Data File (America Online Inc.)
   File Extensions PHB  Motorola phone book data
   FileInfo PHB  Motorola Phone Book File
   FILExt PHM  DN - Lync Phone Book
   Wikipedia PHM  Phone book - DN - Lync
   Wikipedia PHN  Phone list - UltraFax - QmodemPro
   DotWhat PHN  Phone list
   FILExt PHN  UltraFax/QmodemPro Phone List
   FILExt PHO  Metz Phone Phone List
   Wikipedia PHO  Phone database - Metz Phone for Windows
   DotWhat PHO  Phone database
   File Extensions PMD  Phone polyphonic ringtone
   TrID PQL  ACT! Phone Quick List
 Header Hexdump:  50 51 4C 
   DotWhat PVL  Motorola Phone Photo
   File Extensions QCA  Ericsson Phone Doubler Quick Call data
   File Extensions QCALL  Phone Doubler Quick Call file
   FILExt REL  Nokia Phone Audio File (Nokia)
   FILExt RNG  Nokia Phone Ringtone File (Nokia)
   FILExt RTPL  Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
   FILExt RTX  Mobile Phone Ringtone
   File Extensions RTX  Mobile phone ringtone
   File Extensions S7S  Sony Ericsson S700i Phone firmware data
   File Extensions SBF  Google Android mobile phone backup file
   FileInfo SBN  Cisco IP Phone Firmware File
   DotWhat SBU  Samsung Kies Phone Backup File
   File Extensions SCS  Samsung Q105 phone screen saver file
   FILExt SCS  Samsung Q105 Phone Screen Saver
   FILExt SEEM  RAZR Phone Control File (Motorola Inc.)
   FILExt SI3  Siemens Mobile Phone Sound File (Siemens)
   FILExt SIS  Nokia Phone Program (Nokia)
   File Extensions SKI  Motorola mobile phone skin
   FileInfo SKI  Motorola Phone Skin File
   TrID SKI  Motorola phone skin info
 Header Hexdump:  53 4B 49 31 
   DotWhat SKI  Motorola Phone Skin
   FILExt SKI  RAZR Phone Skin (Motorola Inc.)
   File Extensions SMD  J-Phone SmdEd mobile song
   File Extensions SMI  Siemens mobile phone inbox SMS data
   FILExt SMI  Siemens Mobile Phone Inbox SMS File (Siemens)
   FILExt SMO  Siemens Mobile Phone Outbox SMS File (Siemens AG)
   File Extensions SMT  Samsung mobile phone theme
   DotWhat SMT  Samsung Phone Theme File
   File Extensions SPB  Samsung Kies exported phone contacts library
   File Extensions SPBA  Samsung Kies phone contacts library
   File Extensions SPKG  Microsoft Windows Phone driver package
   File Extensions SRT  Siemens C60 mobile phone sound
   FILExt SRT  Siemens Mobile Phone C60 Sound File (Siemens AG)
   FileInfo SYS  Motorola Cell Phone Driver
   File Extensions THM  Sony Ericsson mobile phone theme
   Wikipedia THM  Thumbnail or Theme File - Picture Publisher, PhotoMagic, Canon Digital Cameras, and Sony Digital Cameras create these Thumbnail files - also used for Sony Ericsson Theme File, for a cell phone
   FileInfo TN  LG Phone Image
   FILExt UPF  Nokia Phone Digital Photo (Nokia)
   File Extensions UPF  Nokia Phone digital photo
   File Extensions USV  LG Xenon mobile phone contact list
   Wikipedia UTZ  Mobile Phone Theme - Sony Ericsson
   FILExt VM  Samsung Cell Phone Voice Memo (Samsung)
   File Extensions VM  Samsung cell phone voice memo
   FILExt VMO  Siemens Mobile Phone Voice File (Siemens)
   DotWhat VMO  Siemens Mobile Phone Voice File
   File Extensions VMO  Siemens SL45 mobile phone voice record
   DotWhat VNT  Mobile Phone vNote File
   FileInfo VNT  Mobile Phone vNote File
   FILExt VNT  Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Note File (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)
   File Extensions VNT  Sony Ericsson mobile phone note

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