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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 3TH  3D Movie Maker Thumbnail Data File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat 3TH  3D Movie Maker Thumbnail Data File
   File Extensions 3TH  Microsoft 3D Movie Maker thumbnail data
   FileInfo 411  Mavica Thumbnail Image
   File Extensions ABC  ABC-View Manager thumbnail cache
   File Extensions ABT  ABC-View Manager thumbnail
   File Extensions ADX  ALSee thumbnail
   File Extensions AID  ACDSee Classic thumbnail data
   File Extensions ALBUM  Thumbnail cache
   TrID BC  Photoshop Thumbnail Cache
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 61 63 
   FileInfo BCT  Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File
   TrID BCT  Photoshop Thumbnail Cache
 Header Hexdump:  6C 6E 62 74 
   File Extensions BIN  Thumbnail cache
   File Extensions BRV  BraveViewer thumbnail cache
   File Extensions BRW  PhotoCool thumbnail cache
   File Extensions CAH  Ulead Photo Explorer thumbnail cache
   FILExt CCH  Photomodeler Photochip Thumbnail File (OES Systems)
   File Extensions CCH  Photomodeler photochip thumbnail
   File Extensions CCH  PicViewer thumbnail cache
   FILExt DAT  Shareaza Thumbnail (Shareaza Development Team)
   File Extensions DAT  Shareaza thumbnail
   File Extensions DAT  Thumbnail cache
   File Extensions DAT2  XYplorer thumbnail cache
   Cryer DB  Thumbnail cache
   FileInfo DB  Windows Thumbnail Cache
   FILExt DB  Windows Thumbnail Database (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions DB  Windows thumbnail database
   TrID DB  Windows Thumbnail Database
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  
   File Extensions DBC  Ashampoo Photo Commander thumbnail cache
   File Extensions DBF  ACDSee thumbnail cache
   File Extensions DBS  ST Thumbnails Explorer thumbnail index cache
   File Extensions DBT  Ashampoo Photo Commander thumbnail cache
   File Extensions DBX  Alteros 3D thumbnail cache
   FileInfo DCMD  DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog
   DotWhat DCMD  DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail Catalog
   File Extensions DGF  Tajima Embroidery Design thumbnail
   FileInfo DGT  DST Thumbnail File
   File Extensions DTF  ACDSee thumbnail database
   File Extensions DTHUMB  Google Android data thumbnail
   File Extensions FD1  Windows Live Photo Gallery thumbnail database
   FILExt FLD  Hijaak Thumbnail Folder
   File Extensions FLD  Hijaak thumbnail folder
   File Extensions FPT  ACDSee thumbnail cache
   FileInfo FSTHUMB  Filmora Thumbnail
   File Extensions FSTHUMB  Wondershare Filmora thumbnail cache
   File Extensions FV  Fresh View thumbnail cache
   FILExt HTA  Hemera Thumbnail Archive (Hemera Technologies Inc.)
   FileInfo ICDB  Icaros Thumbnail Database
   File Extensions IEI  Image Eye thumbnail cache
   File Extensions IMAGE_LAST_THUMB  Google Android thumbnail data
   FILExt IMC  MontagePlus Thumbnail Image Collection (Serif Europe Ltd.)
   File Extensions INF  Ulead Photo Explorer thumbnail cache
   FILExt ITHMB  iPod photo Thumbnail Image (Apple Inc.)
   File Extensions ITHUMB  Apple iPod photo thumbnail
   File Extensions JPG_THUMB  JPG thumbnail image
   FileInfo JPG_THUMB  Twitter Thumbnail JPEG Image
   File Extensions KYN  ALSee thumbnail cache
   File Extensions LST  ALSee thumbnail cache
   File Extensions LTHMB  Adobe Presenter audio thumbnail
   FileInfo LVL  Android Motion Video Thumbnail File
   File Extensions LVL  Samsung Galaxy video thumbnail cache
   FILExt MAI  Sony Video Thumbnail (Sony Corporation of America)
   File Extensions MAI  Sony video thumbnail file format
   DotWhat MAI  Sony Video Thumbnail File
   File Extensions MB  Kodak EasyShare thumbnail cache file
   TrID MD0  Photoshop Thumbnail Cache
 Header Hexdump:  61 74 65 6D 
   File Extensions ME  Kodak EasyShare thumbnail cache
   File Extensions MM  Kodak EasyShare thumbnail cache
   File Extensions MXC3  Magix Photo Manager thumbnail cache
   File Extensions NKD  Nikon ViewNX thumbnail cache
   File Extensions NKI  Nikon ViewNX thumbnail cache
   File Extensions OBV  3D Photo Browser thumbnail cache
   FILExt P7  XV Visual Schnauzer Thumbnail Format
   TrID PE3  Ulead Imageiio/Imaginfo thumbnail
 Header Hexdump:  49 49 4F 31 24 
   TrID PE3  Ulead Imaginfo thumbnail (v3)
 Header Hexdump:   
   FileInfo PE4  Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive
   FILExt PE4  Photo Explorer Thumbnail
   FileInfo PE4  PhotoImpact Thumbnail Cache
   TrID PE4  Ulead Imageiio/Imaginfo thumbnail
 Header Hexdump:  49 49 4F 32 48 
   TrID PE4  Ulead Imaginfo thumbnail (v4)
 Header Hexdump:   
   File Extensions PHM  PhotoPhilia thumbnail cache
   FILExt PPV  Punch CAD Program Thumbnail (Punch! Software)
   File Extensions PPV  Punch! thumbnail
   File Extensions PRP  Turbo Photo Album thumbnail cache
   FileInfo PTN  PaperPort Thumbnail File
   FILExt PTN  PaperPort Thumbnail Images (ScanSoft)
   File Extensions PTN  PaperPort thumbnail images
   DotWhat PTN  PaperPort Thumbnail
   File Extensions PTN2  PaperPort thumbnail cache
   File Extensions PXF  BR' s PhotoArchiver thumbnail cache file
   File Extensions QAD  Corel WordPerfect Office thumbnail
   FILExt QAD  WordPerfect PerfectFit QuickArt NameSpace .WPG Thumbnail (Corel Corporation)
   File Extensions RA_  Resco Photo Viewer thumbnail cache
   DotWhat SKF  Autodesk AutoSKETCH Thumbnail file
   File Extensions SKF  Autodesk AutoSKETCH thumbnail
   FILExt SKF  AutoSketch Thumbnail (Autodesk Inc.)
   File Extensions SLT  Gallery Lock hidden media thumbnail
   File Extensions STF  PhotoImpression thumbnail cache
   Wikipedia T2B  Bookeen Cybook thumbnail - Cybook
   FileInfo T2B  CyBook Thumbnail Image
   File Extensions T2B  CyBook thumbnail image
   File Extensions TB0  Adobe Photoshop file browser thumbnail cache
   TrID TB0  Photoshop Thumbnail Cache
 Header Hexdump:  68 63 61 63 
   TrID TB0  Photoshop Thumbnail Cache
 Header Hexdump:  6C 6E 62 74 
   FileInfo TBN  Kodi Thumbnail Image
   FileInfo TDB  Android Thumbnail Cache
   File Extensions TDB  Google Android thumbnail cache
   FILExt TDP  Serif DrawPlus Thumbnail
   File Extensions TDP  Sherif DrawPlus thumbnail
   FileInfo TDT  AVCHD Thumbnail File
   File Extensions TDT  AVHCD thumbnail image
   Wikipedia TDT  Thumbnail data - AVCHD
   DotWhat THB  Clipart Hijack Thumbnail
   FILExt THB  Hijack Clipart Thumbnail
   FILExt THB  KinuPix Preview THumBnail (KinuPix - COMIRAM Innovation)
   FILExt THM  [Various] Thumbnail Bitmap Image
   FILExt THM  Canon G3 Digital Camera Thumbnail (Canon)
   DotWhat THM  Micrographx Picture Publisher Thumbnail
   FILExt THM  Olympus Digital Image Thumbnail (Olympus Corp.)
   File Extensions THM  Thumbnail bitmap image
   TrID THM  Thumbnail File from Digital Camera Canon G3
 Header Hexdump:  FF D8 FF E1 07 FC 45 78 69 66 00 00 49 49 2A 00  
   DotWhat THM  Thumbnail Image
   Wikipedia THM  Thumbnail or Theme File - Picture Publisher, PhotoMagic, Canon Digital Cameras, and Sony Digital Cameras create these Thumbnail files - also used for Sony Ericsson Theme File, for a cell phone
   File Extensions THM  Video thumbnail data
   FileInfo THM  Video Thumbnail File
   FILExt THM  Video Thumbnail File
   Cryer THM  Video thumbnail file
   DotWhat THM  Video Thumbnail
   File Extensions THMB  Thumbnail data
   FILExt THN  Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail (Alchemy Mindworks)
   File Extensions THN  Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
   TrID THN  Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
 Header Hexdump:  54 48 4E 4C 
   DotWhat THN  Thumbnail
   File Extensions THNL  Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail file
   FILExt THNL  Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
   FileInfo THUMB  JAlbum Thumbnail File
   FILExt THUMB  JAlbum Thumbnail Image (
   File Extensions THUMB  JAlbum thumbnail
   File Extensions THUMB  Snagit thumbnail
   DotWhat THUMB  Thumbnail File
   File Extensions THUMBDATA-IDX3  Android thumbnail index
   FileInfo THUMBDATA  Android Gallery Thumbnail Index
   File Extensions THUMBDATA  Google Android thumbnail database
   File Extensions THUMBDATA3--1763508120  Android thumbnail index file
   FileInfo THUMBDATA3--1967290299  Android Gallery Thumbnail Index
   File Extensions THUMBDATA3--1967290299  Android Thumbnail index file
   File Extensions THUMBDATA3--NUMBER  Android MediaProvider thumbnail database
   FileInfo THUMBDATA3-1763508120  Android Gallery Thumbnail Index
   File Extensions THUMBDATA3-1763508120  Android thumbnail index
   File Extensions THUMBDATA3-1967290299  Android thumbnail index

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