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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 08I  QuickBooks return tax
   File Extensions 1PA  QuickBooks form
   File Extensions AIF  QuickBooks Accountant' s Review copy data
   DotWhat AIF  QuickBooks Accountant
   DotWhat BDB  QuickBooks Timer Backup file
   File Extensions BDB  QuickBooks timer backup file
   File Extensions BPW  QuickBooks business planner data
   FILExt BPW  QuickBooks Business Planner File (Intuit Inc.)
   FILExt CFP  QuickBooks Cash Flow Projector File (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions CFP  QuickBooks cash flow projector
   File Extensions DES  QuickBooks form design template
   FILExt DES  QuickBooks Forms Template (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat DES  QuickBooks Forms Template
   File Extensions ECML  Quickbooks licence file
   FILExt EXP  QuickBooks (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions EXP  QuickBooks export
   DotWhat EXP  QuickBooks File
   Cryer IIF  QuickBooks import file
   FILExt IIF  QuickBooks Import/Export Interchange File (Intuit Inc.)
   TrID IIF  QuickBooks Import/Export Interchange File
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   File Extensions IIF  QuickBooks interchange format
   FileInfo LAYOUTDESIGNER  QuickBooks Layout Designer File
   File Extensions LAYOUTDESIGNER  QuickBooks layout designer template
   File Extensions LGB  QuickBooks little green box
   File Extensions LMR  QuickBooks Loan Manager data
   FILExt LMR  QuickBooks Loan Manager File (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions ND  QuickBooks network data configuration
   FileInfo ND  QuickBooks Network Data File
   DotWhat ND  QuickBooks Network Data
   File Extensions NPC  QuickBooks online banking data
   FileInfo QB2005  QuickBooks 2005 File
   File Extensions QB2005  QuickBooks 2005 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2006  QuickBooks 2006 File
   File Extensions QB2006  QuickBooks 2006 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2007  QuickBooks 2007 File
   File Extensions QB2007  QuickBooks 2007 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2009  QuickBooks 2009 File
   File Extensions QB2009  QuickBooks 2009 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2010  QuickBooks 2010 File
   File Extensions QB2010  QuickBooks 2010 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2011  QuickBooks 2011 File
   File Extensions QB2011  QuickBooks 2011 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2012  QuickBooks 2012 File
   File Extensions QB2012  QuickBooks 2012 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2013  QuickBooks 2013 File
   File Extensions QB2013  QuickBooks 2013 for Mac backup
   FileInfo QB2014  QuickBooks 2014 File
   File Extensions QB2014  QuickBooks for Mac 2014 backup
   File Extensions QB2015  QuickBooks 2015 backup
   FileInfo QB2015  QuickBooks 2015 for Mac Data File
   FileInfo QB2016  QuickBooks 2016 for Mac Data File
   FileInfo QB2017  QuickBooks 2017 for Mac Data File
   FILExt QBA  QuickBooks Accountant's Copy File (Intuit Inc.)
   FileInfo QBA  QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Work File
   File Extensions QBA  QuickBooks accountant review copy data
   TrID QBB  Intuit QuickBooks Backup
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   FILExt QBB  QuickBooks Backup File (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat QBB  QuickBooks Backup File
   FileInfo QBB  QuickBooks Backup File
   Wikipedia QBB  Quickbooks Backup File
   File Extensions QBB  QuickBooks backup
   FILExt QBI  QuickBooks Crash Roll Back File (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions QBI  QuickBooks image file
   File Extensions QBJ  QuickBooks data
   FileInfo QBJ  QuickBooks General Journal Entry File
   File Extensions QBL  QuickBooks data
   FileInfo QBL  QuickBooks License File
   File Extensions QBM  QuickBooks portable company data
   FILExt QBM  QuickBooks Portable Company File (Intuit Inc.)
   FileInfo QBM  QuickBooks Portable Company File
   DotWhat QBM  Quickbooks Portable Company
   FileInfo QBMB  QuickBooks Backup File
   File Extensions QBMB  QuickBooks backup file
   FileInfo QBMD  QuickBooks Backup File
   File Extensions QBMD  QuickBooks backup
   File Extensions QBO  QuickBooks online bank statement data
   FileInfo QBO  QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File
   DotWhat QBO  QuickBooks Web Connect File
   File Extensions QBP  QuickBooks printer file
   FileInfo QBR  QuickBooks Report Template
   TrID QBW  Intuit QuickBooks for Windows
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   File Extensions QBW  QuickBooks company data
   DotWhat QBW  QuickBooks Company File
   FileInfo QBW  QuickBooks for Windows Company File
   FILExt QBW  QuickBooks Primary Data File (Intuit Inc.)
   Wikipedia QBW  Spreadsheet - QuickBooks for Windows
   File Extensions QBX  QuickBooks Accountant transfer data
   FILExt QBX  QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File (Intuit Inc.)
   FileInfo QBX  QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File
   FileInfo QBXML  QuickBooks XML Format File
   FileInfo QBY  QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Import File
   File Extensions QBY  Quickbooks Accountant' s import data
   FILExt QDT  QuickBooks UK Accountancy Data File (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions QDT  QuickBooks UK accountancy data
   File Extensions QOB  QuickBooks 2010 Pro data
   FileInfo QPB  QuickBooks Point of Sale Data File
   File Extensions QPG  QuickBooks data
   File Extensions QSM  QuickBooks Statement Wirter data
   File Extensions QUICKBOOKSAUTODATARECOVERY  QuickBooks auto recovery data
   File Extensions QWC  QuickBooks Web Connector configuration
   TrID QWC  QuickBooks Web Connector configuration
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   DotWhat QWC  QuickBooks Web Connector File
   File Extensions RGT  Intuit Quickbooks temporary data
   FILExt SDI  QuickBooks Data (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions SDI  QuickBooks data
   FILExt SDT  QuickBooks Data (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions SDT  QuickBooks data
   FILExt SMT  QuickBooks (Intuit Inc.)
   File Extensions SMT  QuickBooks data
   FILExt SNX  QuickBooks Data (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat SNX  QuickBooks Data
   File Extensions SNX  QuickBooks data
   File Extensions TAXFORM  QuickBooks draft data
   File Extensions TDB  QuickBooks Timer data
   FILExt TLG  QuickBooks Transaction Log File (Intuit Inc.)
   FileInfo TLG  QuickBooks Transaction Log File
   DotWhat TLG  QuickBooks Transaction Log
   File Extensions TLG  QuickBooks transaction log
   File Extensions UTL  QuickBooks accounting data
   FILExt UTL  QuickBooks Data (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat UTL  QuickBooks data
   File Extensions V30  QuickBooks v 3.0 backup

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