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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 000  IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File (Container) (Smart Projects)
   FILExt A06  Lotto Pro 2002 Smart Number Ticket
   TrID ADR  Smart Address address book (v1)
 Header Hexdump:  F5 01 
   TrID ADR  Smart Address address book (v3)
 Header Hexdump:  05 53 41 2D 56 33 
   FILExt ADR  Smart Address Address Book
   FILExt B5I  IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File (Container) (Smart Projects)
   FileInfo BK  Smart Switch Backup
   FILExt BPD  BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Data Transfer Format (BizInt Solutions)
   File Extensions BPD  BizInt Smart Charts for Patents data transfer format
   Cryer BRD  BizInt Smart Charts file
   FILExt BRD  BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals Data Transfer Format (BizInt Solutions)
   FILExt CBN  CBN Selector Smart Image (CBN Systems)
   File Extensions CBN  CBN Selector smart image file
   FILExt CCD  IsoBuster Data Recovery File (Smart Projects)
   File Extensions CED  VisionTools Pro-e smart graphic configuration
   FILExt CHP  BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Document (BizInt Solutions)
   File Extensions CHP  BizInt Smart Charts for Patents document
   FILExt CHT  BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines Document (BizInt Solutions)
   File Extensions CHT  BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines document
   FileInfo CLASSLIST  SMART Notebook Class List File
   File Extensions CLASSLIST  SMART Notebook class list
   FILExt DBLS  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Barcode Label Script (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DGSS  DigiGuide Smart Search File (GipsyMedia Limited)
   TrID DOC  Smart Software Document (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  80 56 02 0A 00 0B 4F 0F 00 00 
   FILExt DSDF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   FILExt DSTF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams Secure Data Transfer File (DigitalDreams Business Solutions)
   File Extensions DSTF  Smart Manager DigitalDreams secure data transfer file
   TrID DTM  Smart Software Time Manager Data
 Header Hexdump:  63 68 75 63 6B 00 
   FileInfo ENC  Smart Switch Encrypted App Backup
   DotWhat ESM  Digital Tachograph Smart Card File
   FileInfo EXML  Smart Switch Backup Encrypted XML File
   File Extensions EZC  Easy Concerns dynamic smart booklet
   File Extensions GALLERY  SMART Notebook gallery data
   FileInfo GALLERY  SMART Notebook Gallery File
   FileInfo GALLERYCOLLECTION  SMART Notebook Gallery Collection File
   File Extensions GALLERYCOLLECTION  SMART Notebook gallery collection
   FILExt GALLERYITEM  SMART Notebook (SMART Technologies ULC)
   FileInfo GALLERYITEM  SMART Notebook Gallery Item File
   File Extensions GALLERYITEM  SMART Notebook gallery item
   TrID GDF  Smart Software Graph Definition
 Header Hexdump:  47 72 61 70 68 20 56 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 31 2E  
   FILExt HEX  Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (START) Classic Operator Software Update (HySecurity)
   FILExt HYS  Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (START) New Generation Operator Software Update (HySecurity)
   FILExt IBP  IsoBuster CD/DVD Layout File (Smart Projects)
   FILExt IBQ  IsoBuster Optical Media Data Container File (Smart Projects)
   File Extensions ICD  Battelle Columbus Operations Smart Card exchange data
   FILExt IPR  SMART Ideas Document (SMART Technologies Inc.)
   File Extensions IPR  SMART Ideas document
   TrID KTF  Kundo smart card exchange Format
 Header Hexdump:  5B 48 45 41 44 45 52 5D 
   FILExt LAO  Epson Smart Panel File (Epson Corporation)
   File Extensions LAO  EPSON SMART PANEL file
   FileInfo LRSMCOL  Adobe Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File
   FILExt MD5  IsoBuster MD5 Checksum (Smart Projects)
   DotWhat NAR  Nokia Lumia Smart Cam File
   File Extensions NAR  Nokia Smart Cam archive
   File Extensions NBK  SMART Notebook data
   FileInfo NBK  SMART Notebook File
   TrID NDF  ESET Smart Security Quarantine Data
 Header Hexdump:  45 51 44 46 BB 0B 00 00 01 00 00 00 
   File Extensions NOP  Nokia Smart Shoot RAW photo
   FILExt NOTEBOOK  SMART Notebook (SMART Technologies ULC)
   File Extensions NOTEBOOK  SMART Notebook digital lesson
   DotWhat NOTEBOOK  SMART Notebook File
   FileInfo NOTEBOOK  SMART Notebook File
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   TrID NQI  ESET Smart Security Quarantined file Information
 Header Hexdump:  45 51 49 46 01 00 00 00 
   DotWhat NUP  Smart Security Update File
   FileInfo NUP  Smart Security Update File
   TrID S01  Expert Witness compression Format SMART disk image
 Header Hexdump:  45 56 46 09 0D 0A FF 00 
   File Extensions S4UD  Samsung Smart TV video
   File Extensions SBC  SBC Smart Book compiled distribution data
   DotWhat SBC  Smart Book compiled distribution file
   DotWhat SBW  Smart Book file
   File Extensions SCRATE  Serato DJ smart crate playlist
   FILExt SD4  Smart Diary Suite 4 Database (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SD4  Smart Diary Suite database
   FILExt SD4LF  Smart Diary Suite Life Factor Pack (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SD4PP  Smart Diary Suite Parameter Pack (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SDA  Smart Diary Suite Contacts (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDA  Smart Diary Suite contacts
   FILExt SDC  Smart Diary Suite Configuration (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDC  Smart Diary Suite configuration data
   FILExt SDD  Smart Diary Suite Data (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDD  Smart Diary Suite data
   FILExt SDG  Smart Diary Suite Graph Configuration (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDG  Smart Diary Suite graph configuration
   FILExt SDI  Smart Diary Suite Index (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDI  Smart Diary Suite index
   FILExt SDK  Smart Diary Suite Cookbook (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDK  Smart Diary Suite cookbook
   FILExt SDM  Smart Diary Suite Medication (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDM  Smart Diary Suity file
   FILExt SDN  Smart Diary Suite Ingredients (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDN  Smart Diary Suite ingredients data
   FILExt SDP  Smart Diary Suite Planner (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDP  Smart Diary Suite planner data
   FILExt SDR  Smart Diary Suite Reminders (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDR  Smart Diary Suite reminders data
   Cryer SDS  Smart Diary Suite database
   FILExt SDS  Smart Diary Suite Main Database (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDS  Smart Diary Suite main database
   FILExt SDT  Smart Diary Suite Scratch Pad (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDT  Smart Diary Suite scratch pad data
   FILExt SDV  Smart Diary Suite Voice (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDV  Smart Diary Suite voice
   FILExt SDX  Smart Diary Suite Temporary File (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDX  Smart Diary Suite temporary
   TrID SDY  Smart Address Diary (v3)
 Header Hexdump:  05 53 44 2D 56 33 
   FILExt SGD  SmartGo Game Database (Smart Go Inc.)
   Wikipedia SGF  Smart Game Format - Many board games
   TrID SGF  Smart Game Format (var.2)
 Header Hexdump:  28 0D 0A 3B 
   FileInfo SGF  Smart Game Format File
   FILExt SGF  Smart Game Format
   File Extensions SGF  Smart Game Format
   TrID SGF  Smart Game Format
 Header Hexdump:  28 3B 
   File Extensions SMC  HP Smart Message Center cache
   FILExt SMI  CC:Mail Smart Icon (IBM)
   File Extensions SMI  IBM Lotus smart icons
   TrID SMI  Lotus Smart Icon
 Header Hexdump:  49 43 
   DotWhat SMI  Lotus Smart Suite Smart
   FILExt SMM  Smart Install Maker Project File (InstallBuilders Company)
   File Extensions SMM  Smart Install Maker project
   TrID SMM  Smart Install Maker project
 Header Hexdump:  53 6D 61 72 74 20 49 6E 73 74 61 6C 6C 20 4D 61  
   Wikipedia SMT  Text file - Smart Ware II
   FILExt SPA  Smart Protocol Analyzer Real Time Communication Data
   File Extensions SPA  Smart Protocol Analyzer real time communication data
   TrID SPBM  Samsung Smart Switch contact backup
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt SPHH  Smart Pet Health Home Main Database (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SPHP  Smart Pet Health Professional Main Database (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SRD  Smart Reminder Database (Smart Reminder)
   File Extensions SRD  Smart Reminder database
   FILExt SRH  Smart Reminder Holiday List (Smart Reminder)
   File Extensions SSCS  Saropa Smart Copy script
   DotWhat SSL  Corel Flow Smart Library
   File Extensions SSL  Corel Flow smart library
   TrID SSL  Corel Flow Smart Library
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 
   FILExt SSS  Steel Smart System Project File (Applied Science International LLC)
   File Extensions SSS  Steel Smart System project
   FILExt SSX  VersaPro Smart Store Document
   File Extensions SSX  VersaPro smart store document
   TrID STM  Smart Software Time Manager Data
 Header Hexdump:  63 68 75 63 6B 00 
   TrID SZI  Smart Zoom Image format
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FileInfo TABLECONTENT  SMART Table Activity Pack File
   TrID TABLECONTENT  SMART Table Activity Pack
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   File Extensions TABLECONTENT  SMART Table Toolkit activity data
   FileInfo TEACHER  SMART Response Teacher Database File
   File Extensions TOKEND  Smart Card support data
   DotWhat U3P  U3 Smart Application
   FileInfo U3P  U3 Smart Application
   File Extensions UM4  Samsung Smart TV video
   File Extensions VIFF  Smart Pix image
   TrID WS  Smart Software WorkSheet (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 

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