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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt A2B  A2B Player Playlist (
   DotWhat A2B  A2B Player Playlist
   File Extensions A2B  A2B Player playlist
   TrID A2B  DigitalPhono A2B Player Playlist
 Header Hexdump:  4D 49 4D 45 2D 56 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3A 20 31 2E  
   FileInfo A3D  Alternativa Player 3D Export File
   File Extensions AAI  Dune HD Player AAI graphics image
   File Extensions ACS2  AIMP Media Player skin
   TrID ADX  MSX sound performance system Player XPL-A song
 Header Hexdump:  01 25 00 
   File Extensions AIF  Beatnik Player plug-in file
   File Extensions AIMPPL  AIMP media player playlist
   FILExt AIV  Stronghold Crusader Computer Player AI (Firefly Studios Ltd.)
   File Extensions AIV  Stronghold Crusader computer player AI
   File Extensions AJP  AJP Player video
   FILExt AJZ  Jukebox MP3 Player Firmware Update (Archos)
   FileInfo ALBUM  GLC_Player Album File
   File Extensions ALBUM  GLC_Player album
   File Extensions ALBW  Zoom Player data
   File Extensions APL  Atari Player Editor picture image
   Cryer ASF  Media player audio-visual file
   File Extensions ASHLANG  Ashampoo Media Player+ data
   FILExt ASK  ALShow Media Player Skin (ESTsoft)
   File Extensions ASK  ALShow Media Player skin
   TrID ASK  WinAsks Player compiled app (v2.00)
 Header Hexdump:  1C 00 57 49 4E 41 53 4B 53 20 50 4C 41 59 45 52  
   FILExt ASS  Media Player Classic Subtitle
   FILExt ATM  .nugthat Player (Nuggets Unlimited Inc.)
   DotWhat AUCD  AppleCD Audio Player
   File Extensions AUD  NICE Media Player audio
   DotWhat AUPF  Audio CD Player Preferences
   File Extensions AVI-2  GOM Media Player data
   File Extensions AVI-3  GOM Media Player data
   FileInfo BAK  Terraria World or Player Backup
   TrID BIN  Mac Flash player data (MacBinary)
 Header Hexdump:  00 
   File Extensions BLUESTACKS  BlueStacks App Player data
   FileInfo BS  Baldur's Gate Player Character Script
   File Extensions BSED  Baidu Player media data
   File Extensions BSL  BS.Player configuration
   File Extensions BSZ  BS.Player compressed skin
   File Extensions BWA  Bookworm Adventures player data
   FileInfo BWW  Bagpipe Player File
   File Extensions C4P  Clonk game player data
   FILExt C4P  Clonk Player File (RedWolf Design GmbH)
   Cryer C4P  Clonk player file
   File Extensions CACHE-2  VLC media player font cache
   File Extensions CACHE-3  VLC media player font cache
   FILExt CDF  CDF Player Computable Document Format (Wolfram)
   TrID CFG  Inertia Player Configuration (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  49 4E 52 10 
   File Extensions CHF  BS.Player chapter information
   TrID CHR  Infinity Engine exported player Character (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 52 20 56 
   TrID CHR  Infinity Engine exported player Character (v1.2)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 52 20 56 31 2E 32 
   TrID CHR  Infinity Engine exported player Character (v2.0)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 52 20 56 32 2E 30 
   TrID CHR  Infinity Engine exported player Character (v2.2)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 52 20 56 32 2E 32 
   TrID CHR  Infinity Engine exported player Character (v9.0)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 52 20 56 39 2E 30 
   FILExt CMV  Creative Zen/Centrale Media Player Video File (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt CO  Cult3D ActiveX Player Application (Cycore Systems AB)
   File Extensions CO  Cult3D ActiveX player application
   File Extensions CSZ  The Core Media Player skin
   FILExt CXP  Core Media Player XML-based Playlist File (CoreCodec Inc.)
   File Extensions CXP  Core Media Player XML-based playlist
   DotWhat D00  Adlib player sound
   TrID DAT  Cubic Player animation
 Header Hexdump:  43 50 41 4E 49 1A 
   TrID DAT  Cubic Player archive cache
 Header Hexdump:  43 50 41 72 63 68 69 76 65 43 61 63 68 65 1A 
   TrID DAT  Cubic Player module information data base
 Header Hexdump:  43 75 62 69 63 20 50 6C 61 79 65 72 20 4D 6F 64  
   DotWhat DBD  DemoShield Player
   File Extensions DDAT  DivX Web Player temporary download
   FileInfo DDT  Football Manager Keep Player Data File
   File Extensions DDT  Football Manager player club and nations file
   File Extensions DEMOCRACY  VLC media player data
   FILExt DFP  Zoids Commando Player Data File (D9 Software)
   File Extensions DFP  Zoids Commando player data
   File Extensions DINFO  DivX Web Player temporary download
   FILExt DJE  MattBatt iAM-player Track List (MattBatt Productions)
   TrID DLL  DeliPlayer player plugin
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 90 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 FF FF 00 00  
   TrID DLL  Quintessential Player input plugin
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 90 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 FF FF 00 00  
   File Extensions DMSK  DivX Web Player temporary download
   File Extensions DMSKM  GOM Media Player media
   TrID DMSKM  GOM Media Player video
 Header Hexdump:  44 4D 53 4B 4D 31 2E 30 
   FILExt DO  4oD Player Playlist (Channel 4)
   File Extensions DO  4oD Player playlist
   DotWhat DPS  DivX Player 2 Skin
   File Extensions DPS  DivX player skin
   File Extensions DS0  Vizio Blu-ray player firmware update
   FILExt DSM  Media Player Classic DSM Streaming Container
   File Extensions DSM  Media Player Classic DSM streaming container
   FileInfo DSZ  DS Player Saved Game
   File Extensions DXU  DivX Player playlist
   FILExt EBZ  EB Player Saved Game (Intersystem Concepts Inc.)
   File Extensions ELIST  Emperor media player playlist
   TrID EMW  Resident Evil player model data
 Header Hexdump:  64 00 B0 00 
   FileInfo EPP  Elmedia Player Playlist
   File Extensions EPP  Elmedia Player playlist
   FileInfo EVO  SeeVogh Player Video Recording
   FileInfo EVX  SeeVogh Player Remote Recording
   FILExt FAT  Zinf Audio Player Theme File
   FILExt FIL  Media Player 10+ Special Icon Image (Microsoft)
   File Extensions FIL  Windows Media Player special icon image
   Wikipedia FILM  Filmkey film file - Filmkey Player
   File Extensions FILM  Filmkey Player media data
   FILExt FILM  Filmkey Player Media File (Belle Nuit Montage)
   FileInfo FILM  Filmkey Player Media File
   FILExt FNC  Frogans Player Network Certificate (STG Interactive)
   FileInfo FNC  Frogans Player Network Certificate
   File Extensions FP3  Fisher Price FP3 Player music data
   FILExt FP3  Fisher Price FP3 Player Music File (Mattel Inc.)
   File Extensions FPT  Liquid Audio Player faceplate (theme) data
   FILExt FPT  Liquid Audio Player Faceplate (Theme) File (Geneva Media LLC)
   File Extensions GASX  GOM Media Player data
   TrID GCHONE  Bars and Pipes Guitar Player Chord
 Header Hexdump:  42 4C 55 45 52 49 42 42 4F 4E 47 43 48 4F 4E 45  
   TrID GCHORD  Bars and Pipes Guitar Player Chords bank
 Header Hexdump:  42 4C 55 45 52 49 42 42 4F 4E 47 43 48 4F 52 44 
   File Extensions GFP  GreenForce-Player audio or video data
   FileInfo GFP  GreenForce-Player Protected Media File
   FILExt GMM  GMT Player Live Media Feed (GGMMTV Ltd.)
   FILExt GMT  GMT Player Live IPTV Feed (GGMMTV Ltd.)
   FileInfo GOD  Populous II Player Progress File
   FileInfo GPS  GOM Player Skin File
   File Extensions GPS  GOM Player skin
   Cryer GVP  Google Video Player File
   File Extensions GVP  Google Video Player Google video pointer playlist
   File Extensions HEM  Hold' em Manager player poker statistic data
   File Extensions HEU  Adobe Flash Player cache metadata
   File Extensions HM10  Media Player Classic - BE RAW video
   FileInfo HOW2  Visma Performit Player Configuration File
   FILExt IDX  RCA/Lyra Handheld MP3 Player Database Index (RCA)
   File Extensions IGP  Igor player data
   FILExt IGP  IGOR Player File (Elmer Productions)
   Wikipedia IP  Immortal Player file - Immortal Player
   File Extensions JPGS  CyberLink Power Media Player data
   FILExt JPP  Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Definition (B&P Games B.V.)
   File Extensions JPP  Jigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle definition
   FILExt JPS  Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Completion Status (B&P Games B.V.)
   File Extensions JPS  Jigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle completion status
   File Extensions K3G  GOM Player multimedia data
   FILExt K4E  Karaoke 4 Player/Editor File (Karaoke 4
   DotWhat K4E  Player
   FileInfo KDI  KD Player Skin Image File
   File Extensions KDI  KD Player skin image
   FileInfo KDS  KD Player Skin File
   File Extensions KDS  KD Player skin
   TrID KDS  KD Player Skin
 Header Hexdump:  6B 64 73 6B 69 6E 0D 0A 2A 20 4E 61 6D 65 3A 
   File Extensions KEN  Player CDcheck compressed data
   DotWhat KEN  Player Cdcheck compressed file
   FILExt KEN  Player CDcheck Compressed File
   File Extensions KHUB  Offline Course Player file
   FILExt KMP  Ketchum Media Player Playlist (Ketchum Software Inc.)
   File Extensions KNI  Klango Player data
   FILExt LA1  Liquid Audio Player Resource DLL (Geneva Media LLC)
   FILExt LAM  Netscape Media Player Streaming Audio Metafile
   File Extensions LAM  Netscape Media Player streaming audio metafile
   FILExt LAR  Liquid Audio Player Registration File (Geneva Media LLC)
   File Extensions LAR  Liquid Audio Player registration file format
   FILExt LAV  Liquid Audio Player Voucher File (Geneva Media LLC)

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