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   File Extensions ACM  Adobe Photoshop command button file
   FILExt ACM  Photoshop Command Button (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   DotWhat ACM  Photoshop Command Button
   File Extensions BAMP  Easy Button & Menu Maker project
   TrID BAR  Total Commander button Bar config
 Header Hexdump:  5B 42 75 74 74 6F 6E 62 61 72 5D 0D 0A 42 75 74  
   File Extensions BAR  Total Commander button bar settings
   FileInfo BLUEBUTTON  VA Blue Button Data File
   File Extensions BLUEBUTTON  VA Blue Button text document
   FILExt BMT  Ami Pro Button Image (IBM)
   DotWhat BMT  Ami Pro button image
   File Extensions BR1  Total Commander cached button bar icons
   File Extensions BR2  Total Commander cached button bar icons
   FILExt BT3  Control Runner Button Configuration File (MomSoft)
   File Extensions BT3  Control Runner button configuration
   File Extensions BTN  AutoPlay Media Studio button data
   FileInfo BTN  AutoPlay Media Studio Button File
   DotWhat BTN  Makeover Button
   File Extensions BTSK  HyperCard button task data
   DotWhat BTSK  HyperCard Button Tasks
   FILExt BUT  Buttons! Button Definition
   TrID BUT  Buttons! Button definition
 Header Hexdump:  54 54 42 46 
   FILExt CB  Crystal Button File
   FILExt CBF  CoffeeCup Button Factory Button (CoffeeCup Software Inc.)
   TrID CBF  CoffeeCup Button Factory button
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4F 56 49 45 20 
   File Extensions CBF  CoffeeCup factory button
   DotWhat CBS  MasterWord button bar configuration
   FILExt CBS  MasterWord Button Bar Configuration
   DotWhat CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file
   FILExt CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
   File Extensions CCB  Visual Basic animated button configuration
   DotWhat CMB  XTree for Windows button bar
   FILExt CMB  Xtree for Windows Button Bar
   File Extensions CMB  Xtree for Windows button bar
   DotWhat EEB  Button Bar for Equation editor
   File Extensions EEB  Corel WordPerfect equation editor button bar data
   FILExt EEB  WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar (Corel Corporation)
   FILExt EWP  Elastic Collaboration EC-Button (Elastic Workspace Software Inc.)
   Wikipedia FEB  Button bar for Figure Editor - WordPerfect for Win
   DotWhat FEB  Button Bar for Figure Editor
   File Extensions FEB  Corel WordPerfect figure editor button bar
   FILExt FEB  WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar (Corel Corporation)
   Wikipedia FMB  File Manager Button bar - WordPerfect for Win
   DotWhat FMB  File Manager button bar
   FILExt FMB  Flashation Button Build File (Flash Designer)
   FILExt FMB  WordPerfect File Manager Button Bar (Corel Corporation)
   File Extensions FMB  WordPerfect for Win File Manager Button bar
   FILExt JURL  JustUrls Button File (Eastern Digital Pty. Ltd.)
   File Extensions LWBM  Likno Web Button Maker data
   FILExt MBTN  Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Button Image Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
   File Extensions PBF  Google Picasa button data
   File Extensions PBZ  Google Picasa button ZIP archive
   Wikipedia PPB  Button bar for Print Preview - WordPerfect for Win
   DotWhat PPB  Button bar for print preview
   File Extensions PPB  Corel WordPerfect print preview button bar
   FILExt PPB  WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar (Corel Corporation)
   File Extensions QTTABBARCOMMAND  QTTabBar command button
   File Extensions TABULA-BUTTONS  Tabula button library
   File Extensions TBB  Microsoft Office toolbar button
   DotWhat TBB  MS Windows Office Toolbar Button
   FILExt TBF  Trellian Button Factory File
   File Extensions TBF  Trellian Button Factory file
   File Extensions WBM  Likno Web Button Maker file
   Wikipedia WWB  Button bar for document window - WordPerfect for Win
   DotWhat WWB  Button bar for document window
   File Extensions WWB  Corel WordPerfect button bar data
   FILExt WWB  WordPerfect Button Bar (Corel Corporation)
   File Extensions XMBCLP  X-Mouse Button Control file

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