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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 42M  Genero Report Writer BDL functions file
   File Extensions BLOGTHIS  Microsoft Windows Writer BlogThis data
   FileInfo BLOGTHIS  Windows Live Writer Data File
   TrID BSW  Bank Street Writer dictionary
 Header Hexdump:  42 53 57 72 69 74 65 72 20 63 6F 6D 70 72 65 73  
   FILExt BWP  Book Writer Project
   File Extensions BWP  Book Writer project
   File Extensions BWW  Bagpipe Music Writer music notation
   TrID DOC  Norton Textra Writer Document (v2.x)
 Header Hexdump:  41 FD FF 53 6F 66 74 77 61 72 65 13 08 FF 1A 
   TrID DOC  Norton Textra Writer Document (v7.x)
 Header Hexdump:  41 FD FF 53 6F 66 74 77 61 72 65 1A 00 00 07 00  
   TrID DOC  Textra Writer (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  41 FD FF 53 6F 66 74 77 61 72 65 
   File Extensions DWD  Davka Writer document
   FILExt DWD  Davka Writer File
   TrID FIF  RR Report Writer Font Information File
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 01 03 
   FILExt FIN  Perfect Writer Print Formatted Text
   FILExt FIN  Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE Print-formatted Text File
   Wikipedia FIN  Print-formatted text file - Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE
   FILExt IMR  Impromptu Report Writer Report (Cognos Incorporated)
   FILExt MAX  Creative Writer Document (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MAX  Microsoft Creative Writer document
   Wikipedia MMO  Memo writer file - RapidFile
   DotWhat MMO  Memo Writer file
   FILExt MMO  RapidFile Memo Writer
   Wikipedia MSS  Manuscript text file - Perfect Writer – Scribble – MINCE – Jove
   FileInfo NGLOSS  Nisus Writer Glossary
   File Extensions NGLOSS  Nisus Writer Pro glossary data
   File Extensions NWCP  Nisus Writer Pro clipboard document file
   File Extensions NWELICENSE  Nisus Writer Pro license file
   Wikipedia ODM  OpenDocument master document - Writer
   Wikipedia ODT  OpenDocument text document - Writer
   Wikipedia OTT  OpenDocument text document template - Writer
   TrID PAR  Word Writer 128 print Parameters/options
 Header Hexdump:  05 0A 14 1E 28 32 3C 46 
   File Extensions PJ4  Davka Writer Hebrew document
   File Extensions PJ5  Davka Writer Hebrew document
   TrID PLT  Apricot Writer-8x Plot script
 Header Hexdump:  57 52 49 54 45 52 2D 38 
   FILExt PW  Pathetic Writer Document (Ulric Eriksson)
   TrID PW  Pathetic Writer document
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 43 72 65 61 74 6F 72 3A 20 50 61 74 68 65  
   FILExt PWF  Power Writer Story File (ScriptPerfection Enterprises Inc.)
   Wikipedia RC  Resource Script - Resource Writer
   FILExt RP5  R&R Report Writer Report Library (LiveWare Publishing)
   File Extensions RSW  R& R SQL Report Writer report
   FileInfo RSW  R&R SQL Report Writer Report File
   FILExt SCW  Score Writer Document (GenieSoft Inc.)
   DotWhat SCW  Score Writer Document
   FileInfo SCW  Score Writer Document
   File Extensions SCW  Score Writer music notation document
   DotWhat SDW  StarOffice Writer Text Document File
   FileInfo SDW  StarOffice Writer Text Document
   File Extensions SS3  Singer Song Writer audio data
   FILExt SS3  Singer Song Writer File
   Cryer STW  OpenOffice Writer template file
   Wikipedia STW XML text document template - Writer
   FILExt STW  Staroffice Writer Template (Sun)
   TrID STW  StarOffice Writer template
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt SWP  Spider Writer Project File
   File Extensions SWP  Spider Writer project file
   FILExt SWS  Screen Writer Studio File
   FILExt SWS0  Screen Writer Studio File Backup
   Cryer SXW  Open Office Writer document
   TrID SXW  OpenOffice Writer document
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   File Extensions SXW Writer document
   Wikipedia SXW XML text document - Writer
   FILExt SXW  Staroffice Writer Document (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
   FileInfo SXW  StarOffice Writer Document
   TrID SXW  StarOffice Writer document
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   TrID TXT  ST Writer document
 Header Hexdump:  44 6F 20 52 75 6E 20 52 75 6E 20 53 54 57 52 49  
   TrID WBK  Writer's Block document
 Header Hexdump:  08 00 14 00 57 72 69 74 65 72 27 73 20 42 6C 6F  
   File Extensions WCN  Writer' s Café notebook data
   FILExt WP  Font Writer Word Processing File (Sharp Electronics (U.K.) Ltd)
   File Extensions WPOST  Microsoft Windows Live Writer post data
   FileInfo WPOST  Windows Live Writer Post File
   File Extensions WPOSTX  Microsoft Windows Live Writer post
   DotWhat WPS  Kingsoft Writer Document
   FileInfo WPS  Kingsoft Writer Document
   File Extensions WPSO  WPS Writer outward document
   File Extensions WPSX  WPS Writer document
   FileInfo WPT  Kingsoft Writer Template
   TrID WPT  Kingsoft Writer Template
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   File Extensions WPTX  WPS Writer template
   Wikipedia XWP  Text file - Xerox Writer
   File Extensions XWP  Xerox Writer document
   DotWhat XWP  Xerox Writer Text Document
   FileInfo XWP  Xerox Writer Text Document
   FILExt XWP  Xerox Writer Text File
   File Extensions ZRTF  Nisus Writer Pro compressed RTF file

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