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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 1  Roff/nroff/troff/groff Manual Source (UNIX)
   FileInfo 1  Unix Section 1 Manual Page
   File Extensions 1  Unix unformatted manual page
   File Extensions 2  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff) file
   FILExt 2  UNIX Manual Page
   FileInfo 2  Unix Section 2 Manual Page
   FileInfo 3  Unix Section 3 Manual Page
   File Extensions 3  Unix unformatted manual page
   FILExt 3T  Often a manual file
   File Extensions 4  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   FileInfo 4  Unix Section 4 Manual Page
   File Extensions 5  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   FileInfo 5  Unix Section 5 Manual Page
   FILExt 5PS  Manual PS File
   FileInfo 6  Unix Section 6 Manual Page
   FileInfo 7  Unix Section 7 Manual Page
   File Extensions 7PS  Manual PS data
   FILExt 7PS  Manual PS File
   FileInfo 8  Unix Section 8 Manual Page
   File Extensions 8  Unix unformatted manual page
   FILExt CFR  NRC Inspection Manual CFR Guidance
   File Extensions DFM  Help & Manual eBook template
   File Extensions GDA  Unix manual page guide
   File Extensions HM~  Help& Manual help project backup
   FILExt HM~  Help&Manual Backup Help File Project
   FILExt HM2  Help & Manual Ver 2 Help File Project (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions HM2  Help & Manual help file project
   FileInfo HM3  Help & Manual 3 Project
   FILExt HM3  Help & Manual Ver 3 Help File Project (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions HM3  Help & Manual help file project
   FILExt HMSKIN  Help & Manual Ver 5 Help File Skin (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions HMSKIN  Help & Manual help file skin
   FileInfo HMX  Help & Manual 4 Project
   FILExt HMX  Help & Manual Ver 4 Help File Project (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions HMX  Help & Manual help file project
   FILExt HMXP  Help & Manual Ver 5 Help File Uncompressed XML Project (EC Software GmbH)
   FileInfo HMXP  Help & Manual XML Project
   File Extensions HMXP  Help & Manual help uncompressed XML project
   FileInfo HMXZ  Help & Manual Compressed Project
   FILExt HMXZ  Help & Manual Ver 5 Help File Compressed XML Project (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions HMXZ  Help & Manual help file compressed XML project
   DotWhat IP  NRC Inspection Manual
   FILExt IP  NRC Inspection Manual Inspection Procedures
   FILExt IPP  Help & Manual Proprietary Image (EC Software GmbH)
   File Extensions IPP  Help & Manual proprietary image
   DotWhat MAN  Manual
   FILExt MAN  Manual
   File Extensions MAN  Unix text manual
   Wikipedia MAN  User guide (manual)
   DotWhat MANX  Manual file
   FILExt MANX  Manual File
   DotWhat MC  Manual Chapter
   FILExt MC  NRC Inspection Manual Chapter
   File Extensions ME  Formatted manual page with me macros
   FILExt ME  Nroff Formatted Manual Page with ME Macros
   File Extensions MNL  Help & Manual print manual template
   TrID MNL  UpShot Manual
 Header Hexdump:  55 70 53 68 02 29 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
   DotWhat MS  Formatted manual page with ms macros
   FILExt MS  Formatted Manual Page with MS Macros
   File Extensions MS  troff formatted manual page
   File Extensions MSP  Technics Sx-KN5000/6000 keyboard manual sequence pads
   FILExt MSP  Technics Sx KN 5000 Keyboard Manual Sequence Pads File
   File Extensions MTX  Microsoft Visual Studio manual test text
   FILExt MVB  Manual Storage Format
   FILExt PGS  Man4DOS Manual Page
   Wikipedia PGS  Manual page - man4dos
   DotWhat PGS  Manual page
   FILExt PLM  PDP-10 Program Logic Manual
   FILExt ROFF  Roff/nroff/troff/groff Unformatted Manual Page (UNIX)
   File Extensions ROFF  Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   DotWhat ROFF  Unformatted manual page
   Wikipedia SHG  Segmented Hyper Graphics - Microsoft's shed.exe, JGsoft's Hotspot Builder, EC Software's Help and Manual
   File Extensions T  roff/troff unformatted manual page
   FILExt TG  NRC Inspection Manual Technical Guidance
   FILExt TI  NRC Inspection Manual Temporary Instruction
   TrID TOC  Buzzwords On-Line Manual Program TOC
 Header Hexdump:  2E 74 6F 63 20 
   FILExt TR  Manual Page Input to UNIX troff -man Command
   File Extensions TR  Unformatted manual page file (roff/nroff/troff/groff)
   File Extensions TSM  Turbo Assembler for OS/2 manual file format
   Wikipedia TSM  Turbo Assembler Manual - TASM for OS/2
   FILExt TSM  Turbo Assembler Manual for OS/2 Version (Borland Software Corporation)
   TrID TXT  Buzzwords On-Line Manual Program Text/topic
 Header Hexdump:  2E 74 6F 70 69 63 20 
   FileInfo VLM  Vimm's Lair Game Manual
   FILExt XMXP  Help & Manual Uncompressed XML Project (EC Software GmbH)

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