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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions A  Alpha Channel image data
   File Extensions A5RPT  Alpha Five project report
   File Extensions A5W  Alpha Five web publishing file
   FILExt A5W  Alpha Five Web Publishing Page (Alpha Software Inc.)
   FileInfo A5W  Alpha Five Webpage File
   TrID A5WCMP  Alpha Five Web Components
 Header Hexdump:  41 35 42 4C 4F 42 53 54 00 02 00 00 1C 00 00 00 
   File Extensions A5WCMP  Alpha Five web publishing data
   File Extensions ABM  Alpha Five database export
   File Extensions ABN  Alpha Five data
   File Extensions ABZ  Alpha Black Zero game data
   FileInfo ADB  Alpha Five Database File
   FILExt ADB  Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   FILExt ADBLOCK  Alpha Five Temporary Locking File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ADBLOCK  Alpha Five temporary
   FILExt AEX  Alpha Five Compiled Add-in Library Script (Alpha Software Inc.)
   FileInfo AEX  Alpha Five Compiled Global Functions File
   File Extensions AEX  Alpha Five linked executable
   DotWhat AEX  Alpha linked executable file
   FILExt ALB  Alpha Five Data Dictionary (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ALB  Alpha Five data dictionary
   FileInfo ALB  Alpha Five Library
   FILExt ALM  Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ALM  Alpha Five database information
   FILExt ALPHA  Raw Alpha Bytes Bitmap
   File Extensions ALX  Alpha Five database information
   FILExt ALX  Alpha Five Library Index (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions AMX  Alpha Micro Operating System (AMOS) data
   FileInfo ARW  Sony Alpha Raw Digital Camera Image
   File Extensions AS4  Alpha Four application custom screen file
   File Extensions ASI  Alpha Five storage
   FileInfo ASI  Alpha Five Variable File
   File Extensions ASS  Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles
   FileInfo ASS  Aegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha File
   FILExt ASS  Aegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle File (Rodrigo Braz Monteiro)
   TrID ASS  SubStation Alpha Subtitle (Unicode)
 Header Hexdump:  FF FE 5B 00 53 00 63 00 72 00 69 00 70 00 74 00  
   TrID ASS  SubStation Alpha Subtitle
 Header Hexdump:  5B 53 63 72 69 70 74 20 49 6E 66 6F 5D 
   FILExt ASX  Alpha Five Temporary Index (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ASX  Alpha Five temporary index
   FILExt AXB  Alpha Five Xbasic Script (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions BIN  Alpha/Alfa ransomware affected data
   FILExt BML  Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions BML  Alpha Five image library
   File Extensions BMP  Alpha Microsystem image
   TrID BMP  Alpha Microsystems Bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  FF FF 00 01 64 00 00 00 03 00 
   FILExt BMT  Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions BMT  Alpha Five image library
   FILExt BMX  Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions BMX  Alpha Five image library
   FILExt CDX  Alpha Five Table Index (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions CDX  Alpha Five table index
   File Extensions CMYKA  Raw cyan magenta yellow black and alpha samples image
   FILExt DBF  Alpha Five Table Data File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions DBF  Alpha Five table data
   FILExt DDD  Alpha Five Table Data Dictionary File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions DDD  Alpha Five table data dictionary
   File Extensions DDM  Alpha Five table object
   FILExt DDM  Alpha Five Table Objects (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions DDX  Alpha Five data dictionary index
   FILExt DDX  Alpha Five Dictionary Index File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ENCRYPT  Alpha ransomware affected data
   File Extensions EXX  Alpha Crypt encrypted data
   File Extensions EZZ  Alpha Crypt virus encrypted data
   FILExt FBM  Final Burn Alpha Movie Capture Format
   FILExt FPT  Alpha Five Memo Field File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   FileInfo FPT  Alpha Five Table Memo File
   FILExt FR  Finalburn Alpha Movie Capture (Team FB Alpha)
   File Extensions FR  Finalburn Alpha movie capture file
   TrID FR  Finalburn Alpha movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  46 42 31 20 
   TrID HLP  Alpha Four Help
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 48 1A 
   File Extensions IDN  Alpha Five index definition
   TrID IDN  Alpha Four Index Definition
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 06 0A 00 
   File Extensions JDF  Alpha Journal Pro document
   FILExt LIT  AMOS Executable File (Alpha Micro)
   File Extensions MPX  Alpha Five temporary index data
   FILExt MPX  Alpha Five Temporary Index Information (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions MUF  Alpha Five access control data
   FILExt MUF  Alpha Five Temporary Access Control File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PROJECTPROPERTIES  Alpha Five project properties
   File Extensions RLN  Alpha Four database
   TrID RLN  Alpha Four field rules
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 08 0A 00 
   File Extensions RMUF  Alpha Five runtime data
   FILExt RUN  AMOS Executable File (Alpha Micro)
   TrID SCP  Alpha Four Script
 Header Hexdump:  BB 00 00 00 
   File Extensions SECURITYSETTINGS  Alpha Five security settings
   FILExt SEM  Alpha Five Set Object File (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SEM  Alpha Five set objects
   FILExt SET  Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SET  Alpha Five set data dictionary
   TrID SET  Alpha Four record Set
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 09 0A 00 
   FILExt SEX  Alpha Five Set Index (Alpha Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SEX  Alpha Five set index
   TrID SLN  Alpha Four Search List
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 0E 0A 00 53 65 61 72 63 68 20 4C 69 73 74 
   FileInfo SSA  Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
   Cryer SSA  SubStation Alpha file
   File Extensions SSA  SubStation Alpha subtitle data
   FILExt SSA  SubStation Alpha Subtitle
   TrID SSA  SubStation Alpha Subtitle
 Header Hexdump:  5B 53 63 72 69 70 74 20 49 6E 66 6F 5D 
   DotWhat SSA  SubStation Alpha Video Subtitle File
   TrID UDN  Alpha Four User Definition
 Header Hexdump:  41 34 10 0A 00 
   FileInfo WCP_SETTINGS  Alpha Five Settings File
   File Extensions WCP_SETTINGS  Alpha Five web project settings
   TrID WCP_SETTINGS  Alpha Five Web Project Settings
 Header Hexdump:  3C 43 61 74 65 67 6F 72 79 3D 22 
   File Extensions WEBPUBLISHHISTORY  Alpha Five file
   FileInfo WEBPUBLISHHISTORY  Alpha Five Web Publish History File
   File Extensions YCBCRA  Raw Y Cb Cr and alpha sample

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