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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions AAA  Sybase SQL Anywhere temporary data
   FILExt AAA  Sybase SQLAnywhere Temp File
   FILExt ADD  Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt ADI  Advantage Database Server Database Index File (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt ADM  Advantage Database Server Database Memo File (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt ADT  Advantage Database Server Database File (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt AI  Advantage Database Server (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt AM  Advantage Database Server (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt CDX  iAnywhere Index File (Sybase Inc.)
   TrID CDX  Sybase iAnywhere index files
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   FILExt DBF  iAnywhere Database File (Sybase Inc.)
   TrID DBF  Sybase iAnywhere database files
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   File Extensions ENK  Sybase Enterprise Portal security key
   FILExt FPT  iAnywhere Memo File (Sybase Inc.)
   TrID FPT  Sybase iAnywhere memo files
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   File Extensions GEB  Sybase PowerDesigner glossary model backup
   File Extensions KRG  Sybase Adaptive Server information
   File Extensions LDM  Sybase PowerDesigner logical data model
   FILExt PBL  PowerBuilder Source Code Library (Sybase)
   FILExt PDM  PowerDesigner Power Designer Model File (Sybase Inc)
   FILExt PDM  Sybase Power Designer File
   FILExt PSR  PowerSoft Report (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt PSR  PowerSoft Report DataStore (OLE Storage Version) (Sybase Inc.)
   FILExt SRA  PowerBuilder Application (Sybase)
   FILExt SRD  PowerBuilder Data Window (Sybase)
   FILExt SRF  PowerBuilder Function (Sybase)
   FILExt SRJ  PowerBuilder Project (Sybase)
   FILExt SRM  PowerBuilder Menu (Sybase)
   FILExt SRS  PowerBuilder Structure (Sybase)
   FILExt SRU  PowerBuilder User Object (Sybase)
   FILExt SRW  PowerBuilder Window (Sybase)
   File Extensions SRW  Sybase PowerBuilder window data
   FILExt TGT  Watcom C/C++ Individual Target (Sybase)
   FILExt WPJ  Watcom C/C++ Project (Sybase)
   File Extensions XDB  Sybase PowerDesigner database definition
   File Extensions XEM  Sybase PowerDesigner model definition data
   File Extensions XOL  Sybase PowerDesigner object language data
   FILExt XRL  PowerDesigner Report (Sybase Inc.)

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