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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions AC7  Casio electronic keyboard rhythm data
   TrID ADT  Casio Pocket Viewer Add-in Data file
 Header Hexdump:  43 41 53 49 4F 20 41 44 44 49 4E 20 44 41 54 41  
   FILExt ADT  Casio Travel Phrase Database (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions ADT  Casio travel phrase database
   File Extensions AL7  Casio electronic keyboard data
   FileInfo BAY  Casio RAW Image
   File Extensions BAY  Casio RAW picture image
   TrID BIN  Casio Loopy ROM
 Header Hexdump:  00 0E 80 00 1F 0E FE FF 
   TrID BIN  CASIO WinCE PDA backup
 Header Hexdump:  43 41 53 49 4F 20 57 69 6E 43 45 20 50 44 41 20  
   TrID C2B  Casio ClassMate II Animation
 Header Hexdump:  BC BE AC B6 B0 FF FF FF 9C CD 9D FF FF FF FF FF  
   TrID C2P  Casio ClassMate II Picture
 Header Hexdump:  BC BE AC B6 B0 FF FF FF 9C CD 8F FF FF FF FF FF  
   File Extensions CA3  Casio WK-1800 Keyboard audio data
   DotWhat CAM  Casio camera file
   TrID CAM  Casio QV digital CAMera bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  07 20 4D 4D 00 
   FILExt CAM  Casio QV Digital Camera Image (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions CAM  Casio QV digital CAMera image
   FILExt CAS  Casio Calculator Program (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions CAS  Casio program
   FILExt CAT  Casio Calculator Program (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   TrID CAT  Casio calculator Tape format
 Header Hexdump:  25 48 65 61 64 65 72 20 52 65 63 6F 72 64 0D 0A  
   TrID CBEA  Casio BE-300 installation package
 Header Hexdump:  00 01 
   TrID CDR  Casio Graph100 ROMDISK image
 Header Hexdump:  EB 28 90 44 4C 52 44 49 53 4B 
   FILExt CFX  Casio Algebra FX 2.0 Add-in (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   TrID CFX  Casio Algebra FX Add-in (compressed)
 Header Hexdump:  53 5A 44 44 88 F0 27 33 41 
   File Extensions CJD  Casio Ex-word dictionary file
   File Extensions CKF  Casio Keyboard audio
   DotWhat CKF  Casio Keyboard File
   TrID CKF  Casio Keyboard File
 Header Hexdump:  43 41 53 49 4F 20 4D 75 73 69 63 20 4C 69 62 00  
   FILExt CKF  Music Data Management Software Casio Keyboard File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions CMS  Casio electronic keyboard song sequence
   TrID CPK  Casio Packed format
 Header Hexdump:  43 41 53 49 4F 2E 24 26 25 2D 5A 
   File Extensions CPT  Casio song pattern
   File Extensions CR3  Casio WK-1800 Keyboard registration data
   FILExt CS3  Casio WK-1800 Keyboard Output File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions CS3  Casio WK-1800 Keyboard output file
   File Extensions CSD  Casio electronic keyboard scale memory data
   File Extensions CT3  Casio WK-1800 Keyboard users tones
   TrID CTF  Casio Calculator Text Format program
 Header Hexdump:  40 40 20 50 72 6F 67 72 61 6D 20 22 
   File Extensions CTF  Casio calculator text format
   FILExt CTF  Casio Text File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   TrID CTW  Casio Disc Title Printer label
 Header Hexdump:  43 44 2D 52 20 54 49 54 4C 45 20 50 52 49 4E 54  
   File Extensions DB7  Casio keyboard drawbar organ
   File Extensions EPT  Casio WK-1800 converted pattern
   TrID FXI  Casio Calculator Interface Format Data (v2)
 Header Hexdump:  32 30 F8 A1 BF CA AE A9 B3 A2 B5 A1 A6 A4 A2 C7  
   TrID FXI  Casio Calculator Interface Format Data (v3)
 Header Hexdump:  33 30 F8 A1 BF CA AE A9 B3 A2 B5 A1 A6 A4 A2 C7  
   FILExt FXI  Casio FX-Interface Format File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions FXI  Casio FX interface format
   FILExt FZB  Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions FZB  Casio FZ-1 bank dump
   FILExt FZF  Casio FZ-1 Full Dump (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions FZF  Casio FZ-1 full dump
   FileInfo FZF  Casio FZ-1 Full Voice Dump
   FILExt FZV  Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions FZV  Casio FZ-1 voice dump file
   FileInfo FZV  Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump
   FileInfo G1A  Casio Graphing Calculator Add-in File
   FILExt G1A  Casio Model 9860 Add-in (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions G1A  CASIO Model 9860 add-in
   TrID G1A  Casio Model 9860 add-in
 Header Hexdump:  AA AC BD AF 90 88 9A 8D 0C FF EF FF EF FF 
   File Extensions G1E  CASIO calculator storage
   FILExt G1E  Casio Model 9860 eActivity (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions G1L  Casio model 9860 data
   FILExt G1L  Casio Model 9860 File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   FileInfo G1M  Casio Graphing Calculator Memory File
   FILExt G1M  Casio Model 9860 BASIC Program (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions G1M  Casio Model 9860 BASIC program
   File Extensions G1N  CASIO calculator storage
   FILExt G1N  Casio Model 9860 File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   FILExt G1R  Casio Model 9860 Image File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions G1R  Casio Model 9860 image file
   File Extensions G1S  CASIO calculator storage
   File Extensions G1W  CASIO Fx-9860G SDK project
   File Extensions G2E  CASIO calculator storage
   File Extensions G2R  CASIO calculator memory data
   FileInfo G3A  Casio Prizm Add-in File
   TrID G3A  Casio Prizm add-in
 Header Hexdump:  AA AC BD AF 90 88 9A 8D D3 FF FE FF FE FF 
   File Extensions G3A  Casio Prizm program
   FileInfo G3M  Casio fx-CG Prizm Memory File
   File Extensions G3M  Casio Prizm memory data
   File Extensions G3P  Casio Prizm graphics
   TrID LEC  Casio Graph100 ROMDISK image
 Header Hexdump:  EB 28 90 44 4C 52 44 49 53 4B 
   File Extensions MPS  Casio electronic keyboard music preset
   FILExt MPS  Casio PDL Pocket Streets Map (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions PG  CASIO FX-Link-Kit 2D graphic file
   FILExt PG  Casio FX-Link-Kit File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   File Extensions PK7  Casio electronic keyboard data package
   File Extensions RM7  Casio registration memory data
   File Extensions TN7  Casio WK-3000 tone
   File Extensions TWF  Casio organizer data
   FILExt TWF  Casio Organizer File (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.)
   FileInfo VCP  Casio ClassPad Data File
   File Extensions Z00  Casio WK Midi keyboards audio file

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