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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 4VR  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Variable (4D Inc.)
   DotWhat 4VR  4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Variable
   File Extensions 4VR  4th Dimension database windows saved variable
   File Extensions 83V  TI-83 application variable file
   File Extensions 85Y  TI-85 variable data
   FILExt 85Y  TI-85 Y Variable (Texas Instruments Inc.)
   FILExt 86Y  TI-86 Y Variable (Texas Instruments Inc.)
   File Extensions 8XV  Texas Instruments TI-83/84 Plus variable data
   FILExt 8XV  TI-82-Plus Application Variable (Texas Instruments Inc.)
   FileInfo 8XV  TI-83/84 Plus Variable File
   FileInfo ASI  Alpha Five Variable File
   File Extensions CVS  CVS and VMS sound (continuous variable slope)
   File Extensions DBV  Database variable field
   TrID DVMS  Variable Slope Delta Modulation audio
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   FileInfo EVR  Enhanced Variable Rate Audio File
   File Extensions EVRC  Enhanced Variable Rate Codec audio file
   FileInfo EVRC  Enhanced Variable Rate Codec File
   FILExt FEV  FLAMES Environment Variable (Ternion Corporation)
   FileInfo FEV  FLAMES Environment Variable File
   File Extensions FEV  FLAMES environment variable file
   DotWhat FEV  Flames Environment Variable
   FILExt FULL  Cygwin Variable Log File
   File Extensions FULL  Cygwin variable log
   FileInfo HVC  HotDocs Variable Collection File
   File Extensions IBV  IGOR Pro binary variable data
   File Extensions ITQ  SAIA S-Web variable initialization data
   File Extensions IVD  Beyond 20/20 microdata dimension or variable-level data
   FILExt IVD  Beyond 20/20 Microdata Dimension or Variable-level File
   DotWhat IVD  Microdata dimension or variable
   FILExt MEM  FoxPro Memory Variable Save File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo MEM  FoxPro Variable File
   Wikipedia MEM  Memory variable save file - dBASE IV – FoxPro – Clipper
   DotWhat MEM  Memory Variable Save File
   FileInfo RMVB  RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
   Wikipedia RMVB  RealMedia Variable Bitrate - RealPlayer
   File Extensions RMVB  RealMedia variable bitrate
   FILExt RMVB  RealVideo Variable Bit Rate File (RealNetworks Inc.)
   DotWhat RMVB  RealVideo Variable Bit Rate
   TrID RMVB  RealVideo Variable Bit Rate
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   FileInfo ROV  Report Object Variable
   File Extensions SUBSTVAR  TIBCO substitution variable data
   File Extensions VAR  EES variable data
   FILExt VAR  Icon Author Variable
   FILExt VAR  Infinity Game Engine Game Start Variable Data (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions VAR  Infinity game engine game start variable data
   FileInfo VAR  Variable Data
   Wikipedia VAR  Variable file - IconAuthor
   DotWhat VAR  Variable file
   FILExt VDT  VersaPro Variable Declaration Table
   File Extensions VDT  VersaPro variable declaration table
   File Extensions VF1  Birch BP-743 variable pitch font
   FILExt VI  FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Project File (Xerox Corporation)
   File Extensions VI  FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) project file
   FILExt VLD  DataFlex Variable Length Data File (Data Access Corporation)
   File Extensions VLD  DataFlex variable length datafile
   TrID VMS  Variable Slope Delta Modulation audio
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   File Extensions VVT  VersaPro variable view table data
   FILExt VVT  VersaPro Variable View Table
   FILExt ZGV  ECLIPSE Server Global Variable File (Zephyr)
   File Extensions ZGV  Zephyr ECLIPSE Server global variable file

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