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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ___FPE  Folder Password Expert Protected Folder (ZQS Software Team)
   File Extensions ___FPE  Folder Password Expert protected folder
   FILExt AD  Ascend Password Protocol
   File Extensions APV  Acerose password data
   FILExt APV  Acerose Password Vault Password File (Dexadine Inc.)
   TrID APW  Any Password data
 Header Hexdump:  41 50 
   File Extensions APW  Any Password password cache
   FILExt APW  Any Password Password File (RomanLab Software)
   File Extensions ARP  Advanced RAR Password Recovery preference file
   FileInfo ARR  Advanced RAR Password Recovery Auto-Save
   File Extensions ARR  Advanced RAR Password Recovery project
   FILExt AUT  Xitami Webserver Admin Password File
   File Extensions AUT  Xitami webserver admin password
   File Extensions AXR  ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password recovery data
   FILExt AXR  ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery
   TrID AXR  Elcomsoft Password Recovery config
 Header Hexdump:  5B 63 6F 6D 6D 6F 6E 5D 0D 0A 66 69 6C 65 6E 61  
   FileInfo BPW  Bitser Password File
   File Extensions BPW  Bitser password file
   TrID COM  16bit DOS COM EPW password protected (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  E9 
   TrID COM  16bit DOS COM EPW password protected (v1.3)
 Header Hexdump:  E9 
   File Extensions CTZ  Cherrytree password protected data
   FileInfo ESF  Password Manager Container File
   File Extensions ESF  Steganos Password Manager container
   TrID EXE  16bit DOS EXE EPW password protected (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   TrID EXE  16bit DOS EXE EPW password protected (v1.3)
 Header Hexdump:  4D 5A 
   File Extensions HTPASSWD  Apache password data
   File Extensions HTR  Microsoft Windows NT password services script
   File Extensions IBAK  Password Safe backup
   TrID IMZ  Compressed Disk Image (password protected)
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 0A 00 01 00 08 00 
   FileInfo K3Y  USB Raptor Password File
   FILExt KDB  KeePass Password Database (ver 1.x) (Dominik Reichl)
   TrID KDB  KeePass Password Safe database
 Header Hexdump:  03 D9 A2 9A 
   FILExt KDBX  KeePass Password Database (ver 2.x) (Dominik Reichl)
   FileInfo KDBX  KeePass Password Database
   File Extensions KDBX  KeePass password database
   TrID KDBX  KeePass Password Safe database
 Header Hexdump:  03 D9 A2 9A 
   File Extensions KEYCHAIN  Apple Keychain password data
   DotWhat KPDX  KeePass Password database
   File Extensions KPDX  KeePass password database
   TrID KX  KiXtart tokenized script (with password)
 Header Hexdump:  1A AF 06 00 01 10 
   TrID LST  HyperACCESS hosts password List (v2)
 Header Hexdump:  24 24 24 48 4F 53 54 20 50 57 44 20 56 32 24 24  
   File Extensions MBZ5  Micros encrypted password database
   File Extensions MSCX  mSecure Password Manager backup
   FileInfo MSIM  mSecure Password Manager Backup File
   File Extensions MSIM  mSecure Password Manager backup
   TrID NPW  nPassword DataBank (w/o password)
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 27 31  
   DotWhat PAQ  Password encrypted zip file
   FILExt PASS  Quiz Editor Password Protected File (Minimouse)
   TrID PAX  PAX password protected bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  50 41 58 
   FILExt PCS  Ultra Zip Password Cracker (UZPC)
   File Extensions PCS  Ultra Zip Password Cracker data
   TrID PDF  Adobe Portable Document Format (password protected)
 Header Hexdump:  25 50 44 46 2D 
   FILExt PFDB  Password Fortress Secure Database File (Dunning Software)
   FILExt PFDT  Password Fortress Database Template (Dunning Software)
   File Extensions PGPF  Password Generator password data
   DotWhat PINS  Password file of the program PINs Passwords
   FILExt PMS  Password Master Encrypted Password File (
   File Extensions PP7M  Entrust Entelligence Security Provider password-encrypted data
   File Extensions PRR  Accent OFFICE Password Recovery file
   FILExt PRR  Office Password Recovery Encoded Text File (AccentSoft)
   FILExt PRS  Office Password Recovery Password Recovery Status (AccentSoft)
   File Extensions PRS  Office Password Recovery password recovery status
   FILExt PSAFE3  Password Safe Database
   File Extensions PSAFE3  Password Safe database
   TrID PSAFE3  Password Safe database
 Header Hexdump:  50 57 53 33 
   File Extensions PSW  Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 backup password
   DotWhat PSW  MS WinXP Password Backup File
   FileInfo PSW  Password Depot 3-5 File
   File Extensions PSW  Password Depot data
   FileInfo PSW  Windows Password Reset Disk File
   TrID PSW  Windows XP Backup Password
 Header Hexdump:  4D 53 52 42 
   FILExt PSW  Windows XP/Vista Backup Password File (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID PSW6  Password Depot 6 data
 Header Hexdump:  0E 50 53 57 20 46 69 6C 65 20 76 2E 36 2E 
   FileInfo PSW6  Password Depot 6 File
   File Extensions PSW6  Password Depot data
   File Extensions PSWX  Password Depot password data
   FileInfo PSWX  Password Depot Portable File
   TrID PSWX  Portable Password Depot XML data
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   File Extensions PWA  Password Agent encrypted data
   DotWhat PWA  Password Agent File
   FileInfo PWA  Password Agent File
   FILExt PWA  Password Agent File
   FILExt PWB  Password Boss Data File (Ammosoft Software)
   TrID PWB  Password Boss data
 Header Hexdump:  50 42 31 2E 
   File Extensions PWB  Password Boss file
   FILExt PWD  AutoCAD Password (Autodesk Inc.)
   TrID PWD  Password Commander Pro database (v2.x)
 Header Hexdump:  50 43 30 32 2E 
   FILExt PWD  Password Officer Password File (COMPELSON Trade s.r.o.)
   File Extensions PWD  Password Pro data
   FILExt PWD  Password Pro File
   FILExt PWK  Password Keeper File
   File Extensions PWK  Password Keeper password database
   File Extensions PWL  Microsoft Windows password data
   DotWhat PWL  Password list file
   Wikipedia PWL  Password List
   Cryer PWL  Windows (9x) password file
   FILExt PWL  Windows Password List (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo PWL  Windows Password List
   File Extensions PWREP  Password Repository data
   DotWhat PWREP  Password Repository File
   FILExt PWT  Password Tracker Deluxe Tracking List (Carl L. Roth)
   File Extensions PWT  Password Tracker Deluxe tracking list
   TrID PWT  Password Tracker Deluxe Tracking List
 Header Hexdump:  50 54 43 52 52 43 
   FileInfo PWV  Password Vault Archive
   File Extensions PWV  Secret Space Encryptor password vault archive
   DotWhat RFP  RoboForm Password Database File
   FILExt RPC  RAR Password Cracker Project (dnSoft Research Group)
   Cryer RPC  RAR Password Cracker project file
   File Extensions RPC  RAR Password Cracker project
   TrID RPC  RAR Password Cracker project
 Header Hexdump:  52 50 43 32 
   File Extensions RZK  File Crypt password data
   Wikipedia RZK  File Crypt password file - All text editors
   DotWhat RZK  File Crypt Password File
   FileInfo RZK  File Crypt Password File
   FILExt S  Mozilla (Netscape) Password Data (
   File Extensions S  Mozilla password data file
   File Extensions SPDB  Sticky Password sync database
   FILExt SPM  Super Password Manager Data File
   File Extensions SPSX  IBM SPSS password protected data
   FILExt TKS  TK8 Safe Master Password File (B & M Konsultatsioonid Inc.)
   File Extensions TPM  Microsoft trusted platform module password data
   FileInfo TPM  Trusted Platform Module Password File
   Wikipedia TRS  Executable file - Micrografx or password file
   File Extensions VCRD  Microsoft Windows Credential Manager password data
   FILExt VDIC  Password Recovery Dictionary File (LastBit Corp.)
   File Extensions VDIC  Password Recovery dictionary file
   Cryer WSP  Whisper 32 password file
   FILExt XGP  PicturePlayer Password Protected Files (PicturePlayer)
   File Extensions Y8PD  Password Finder exported password
   FILExt ZDP  ZDNet Password Pro 32

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