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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions BTC  Jigsaw Ransomware affected data
   File Extensions CRYPTE  Jigsaw (variant) ransomware affected file
   FILExt FJSW  Formulator Tarsia Jigsaw File (Hermitech Laboratory)
   File Extensions FJSW  Formulator Tarsia jigsaw puzzle file
   File Extensions FUN  Jigsaw (variant) ransomware affected file
   File Extensions FUN  Jigsaw Ransomware affected data
   FileInfo FUN  Jigsaw Ransomware Encrypted File
   File Extensions GEFICKT  Jigsaw (variant) ransomware affected file
   File Extensions HUSH  Jigsaw ransomware affected file
   FILExt JD  Jigsaw Terminal File
   FileInfo JG4  BigJig 4 Jigsaw Puzzle
   File Extensions JG4  BigJig jigsaw puzzle data
   DotWhat JG4  BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle
   FILExt JG6  BigJig Jigsaw (Lena Pankratova)
   FileInfo JG6  BigJig Jigsaw 6 Puzzle
   File Extensions JG6  BigJig jigsaw data
   TrID JG6  BigJig Jigsaw
 Header Hexdump:  42 49 47 4A 49 47 36 2E 
   TrID JIG  GameHouse Jigsaw Game
 Header Hexdump:  4A 49 47 43 
   File Extensions JIG  GameHouse Puzzle Jigsaw game data
   FILExt JIG  Jigsaw Game (GameHouse Inc. a division of RealNetworks Inc.)
   TrID JIG  Jigsaw Puzzle
 Header Hexdump:  4A 47 
   FILExt JIG  Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles (Carolina Road Software L.L.C.)
   File Extensions JIG  Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles
   TrID JIGDO  Jigsaw Download (ungzipped)
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 4A 69 67 73 61 77 44 6F 77 6E 6C 6F 61 64  
   FILExt JIGDO  Jigsaw Download Download Instruction File (Richard Atterer)
   FILExt JIGSAW  JIGSAW Explorer JIGSAW puzzle (Carolina Road Software)
   File Extensions JIGSAW  Jigsaw Explorer puzzle
   FileInfo JIGSAW  Jigsaw Explorer Save File
   DotWhat JIGZ  Jigsaw Puzzl
   FILExt JPP  Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Definition (B&P Games B.V.)
   File Extensions JPP  Jigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle definition
   FILExt JPS  Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Completion Status (B&P Games B.V.)
   File Extensions JPS  Jigsaw Puzzle Player puzzle completion status
   FILExt JSM  Gray Design Associates Jigsaws Galore Jigsaw File
   File Extensions JSM  Jigsaws Galore jigsaw data
   FILExt JSM  JugWin Jigsaw
   FILExt JSS  Gray Design Associates Jigsaws Galore Saved Game Jigsaw File
   FILExt JSS  JugWin Jigsaw
   File Extensions JW  Jigsaw terminal data
   FILExt JW  Jigsaw Terminal File
   File Extensions KKK  Jigsaw Ransomware affected data
   File Extensions LCKED  Jigsaw (variant) ransomware affected file
   FILExt LSP  Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
   File Extensions LSP  Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles
   File Extensions PAYM  Jigsaw Ransomware affected data
   File Extensions PAYMRSS  Jigsaw Ransomware affected file
   File Extensions PAYMS  Jigsaw Ransomware affected file
   File Extensions PAYMST  Jigsaw Ransomware affected file
   File Extensions PAYMTS  Jigsaw Ransomware affected file
   File Extensions PAYRMS  Jigsaw Ransomware affected file
   File Extensions PAYS  Jigsaw Ransomware affected data
   File Extensions QCK  Jigsaw 2 astrological tool data
   FILExt QCK  Jigsaw 2 Astrological Tool File
   File Extensions SAW  Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles file
   FILExt SAW  Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles

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