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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt $WM  Epson Creative Studio Example File (Epson Corporation)
   DotWhat AC_  Creative compressed SB16 sbide file
   File Extensions ADM  Adobe Creative Suite application bar
   FILExt BDW  Budget For Windows Data File (Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC)
   FILExt BTS  Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR File
   File Extensions BTS  Creative Digital Blaster video data
   File Extensions CBA  Creative BASIC source code
   TrID CCM  Creative Commons Module music
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   File Extensions CEPT  Creative Element Power Tools data
   DotWhat CFX  Creative Dsp file
   FILExt CFX  Creative DSP File
   TrID CGL  Creative Graphics Library driver (rev. 2)
 Header Hexdump:  48 6F 74 4C 69 6E 6B 20 43 47 4C 20 52 65 76 20  
   FILExt CIDF  Creative ID Document File (Creative ID Software)
   File Extensions CMF  Creative Labs FM-synthesis music file
   FILExt CMF  Creative Music File
   TrID CMF  Creative Music Format
 Header Hexdump:  43 54 4D 46 
   TrID CMS  Creative Music System music
 Header Hexdump:  43 4D 
   FILExt CMV  Creative Zen/Centrale Media Player Video File (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   TrID CSP  Creative Signal Processor microcode
 Header Hexdump:  52 49 46 46 
   FILExt CTR  ERGO Receiver Configuration File (Creative Express Corporation)
   FILExt D~L  Creative DLL Copy
   File Extensions D~L  Creative DLL copy
   FILExt DBKIT  Doggiebox Drum Kit File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
   FILExt DBSONG  Doggiebox Song File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
   TrID DRV  Creative DskVoice Driver
 Header Hexdump:  E9 
   File Extensions EXB  Creative Emulator X audio
   FILExt FF3  FreeForm 4.1 Database (Creative Companion Europe)
   File Extensions FRE  Creative Digital Blaster digital VCR data
   FILExt FRE  Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR File
   FILExt FRG  Sound Forge Project (Sony Creative Software Inc.)
   FILExt FXG  Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   File Extensions GWM  Epson Creative Studio 30 example data
   FILExt GWM  Epson Creative Studio 30 Example File (Epson Corporation)
   FILExt HMK  Hallmark Card Studio File (Creative Home)
   TrID HPC  Creative C/MS packed screen
 Header Hexdump:  50 61 63 6B 1A 
   FILExt IBK  Sound Blaster Instrument Bank (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   TrID MAX  Creative Witer document
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   FILExt MAX  Creative Writer Document (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions MAX  Microsoft Creative Writer document
   FILExt MDA  MicroDesign Area File (Creative Technology)
   FILExt MDP  MicroDesign Page File (Creative Technology)
   TrID MPC  Creative C/MS packed screen
 Header Hexdump:  50 61 63 6B 1A 
   FILExt MVHLINK  MyVirtualHome Link to Online Features (Creative Designer Software Pty Ltd)
   FILExt NF2  NeverForget Reminder File (National Creative Registry Inc.)
   File Extensions NVF  Creative Labs Nomad recorded voice
   FileInfo NVF  Creative Labs NVF Audio File
   TrID NVF  Creative Nomad II series MP3 players Voice File audio
 Header Hexdump:  4E 56 46 20 01 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 56 46 4D 54  
   FILExt NVF  Nomad II Voice File (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt NVR  NeverForget Reminder File (National Creative Registry Inc.)
   TrID ORG  Creative Music System Intelligent Organ music
 Header Hexdump:  43 4D 53 20 4F 72 67 61 6E 20 44 61 74 61 20 46  
   TrID PACK  Creative Assembly game resource data
 Header Hexdump:  50 46 48 30 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
   File Extensions PACK  Creative Assembly game resources
   File Extensions PCD  Pfaff Creative Designer embroidery data
   DotWhat PCD2  Pfaff Creative Designer 2 for Windows
   File Extensions PCD2  Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows design
   DotWhat PCQ  Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows
   TrID PIC  Creative C/MS packed screen
 Header Hexdump:  50 61 63 6B 1A 
   File Extensions PID  Creative Labs driver
   File Extensions RDF  Creative Commons playlist file
   FILExt RPK  NeverForget Backup Reminder File (National Creative Registry Inc.)
   DotWhat SB_  Creative Compressed SB16 sbide file
   File Extensions SB_  Creative compressed Sound Blaster16 sbide file
   File Extensions SBI  Creative labs Sound Blaster instrument
   Wikipedia SBI  Sound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
   File Extensions SBK  Creative Labs EMU SoundFont v1 bank
   FILExt SBK  Creative Labs SB AWE 32
   FILExt SBK  Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank File
   DotWhat SC4  Creative NOMAD MP3 Manager
   TrID SC4  Creative Nomad voice audio
 Header Hexdump:  64 6D 72 31 64 61 74 61 F4 01 
   FILExt SC4  NOMAD MP3 Manager Voice Audio (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt SF2  Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File
   File Extensions SF2  Creative Labs SoundFont 2.0 sound bank
   File Extensions SO3  Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio MP3 sound file
   FILExt SON  SoundBlaster Studio II Song File (Creative Labs)
   File Extensions SOU  Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio sound file
   FILExt SOU  SoundBlaster Studio Sound File (Creative Labs)
   File Extensions SWTAG  Adobe Creative Suite software tag data
   FileInfo TCR  TouchMagix Creative Suite Published File
   TrID TPC  Creative C/MS packed screen
 Header Hexdump:  50 61 63 6B 1A 
   File Extensions UMI  Creative PlayCenter CDDB database
   FILExt USR  ERGO Receiver Configuration File (Creative Express Corporation)
   File Extensions VFZ  Creative Live! Webcam video effects
   FileInfo VFZ  Creative Webcam Video Effects File
   FILExt VFZ  Creative Webcam Video Effects Pack (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   File Extensions VFZ3  Creative AVFX data
   FileInfo VOC  Creative Labs Audio File
   File Extensions VOC  Creative Labs sound data
   FILExt VOC  Creative Labs Sound
   TrID VOC  Creative Voice audio
 Header Hexdump:  43 72 65 61 74 69 76 65 20 56 6F 69 63 65 20 46  
   Wikipedia VOC  Sound format (Creative Lab's Sound File) - PlayVoc
   File Extensions ZCAST  Creative ZENcast Organizer data

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