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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo B00  BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
   File Extensions B00  Blindwrite data
   FileInfo B01  BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
   File Extensions B01  Blindwrite image segment file
   FileInfo B02  BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
   File Extensions B02  Blindwrite image
   FileInfo B5I  BlindWrite 5 Disk Image
   DotWhat B5I  BlindWrite CD
   File Extensions B5I  BlindWrite image
   FILExt B5I  BlindWrite Ver. 5 Image File (VSO-Software)
   File Extensions B5L  BlindWrite image
   FileInfo B5T  BlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File
   DotWhat B5T  BlindWrite CD
   File Extensions B5T  BlindWrite image
   TrID B5T  BlindWrite TOC
 Header Hexdump:  42 57 54 
   FILExt B5T  BlindWrite Ver. 5 Table of Contents File (VSO-Software)
   FileInfo B6I  BlindWrite 6 Disc Image
   File Extensions B6I  BlindWrite disk image
   DotWhat B6I  BlindWrite Image File
   FILExt B6I  BlindWrite Ver. 6 Image File (VSO-Software)
   File Extensions B6L  Blindwrite license
   FileInfo B6T  BlindWrite 6 Track Information File
   File Extensions B6T  BlindWrite table of contents
   TrID B6T  BlindWrite TOC
 Header Hexdump:  42 57 54 
   FILExt B6T  BlindWrite Ver. 6 Table of Contents File (VSO-Software)
   File Extensions BWA  BlindWrite BWA Builder physical CD characteristics data
   FILExt BWA  BlindWrite BWA Builder Physical CD Characteristics File (VSO-Software)
   DotWhat BWA  BlindWrite Disk Information File
   FileInfo BWA  BlindWrite Disk Information File
   DotWhat BWI  Blindwrite CD Copier File
   FileInfo BWI  BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
   File Extensions BWI  BlindWrite CD/DVD image
   FILExt BWI  BlindWrite Ver. 4 Image File (VSO-Software)
   FileInfo BWS  BlindWrite Sub Code File
   File Extensions BWS  BlindWrite subchannel data file
   FILExt BWS  BlindWrite Ver. 4 Subchannel Data File (VSO-Software)
   FileInfo BWT  BlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle
   DotWhat BWT  BlindWrite CD Image File
   File Extensions BWT  Blindwrite control data
   FILExt BWT  BlindWrite Ver. 4 Table of Contents File (VSO-Software)
   FILExt BWU  BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
   File Extensions BWU  Blindwrite CD copier data
   DotWhat BWU  Blindwrite CD Copier File
   FILExt LIST  BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
   DotWhat LIST  Blindwrite CD Copier File
   File Extensions LIST  BlindWrite CD copier file

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