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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 2DA  BioWare Aurora Engine 2-Dimensional Array (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions 2DA  BioWare Aurora engine 2-dimensional array
   File Extensions 2DA  BioWare Infinity game engine AD& D rule set
   FILExt 2DA  Infinity Game Engine AD&D Rule Set (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt ACM  Infinity Game Engine Sound (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt ARE  BioWare Aurora Engine Area (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions ARE  BioWare Aurora Engine area data
   FILExt ARE  Infinity Game Engine Area Description (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BAF  BioWare Infinity game engine script
   FILExt BAF  Infinity Game Engine Script (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BAH  BioWare Infinity game engine data
   FILExt BAH  Infinity Game Engine (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BAM  Bioware Infinity game engine graphics
   FILExt BAM  Infinity Game Engine Animation and Multi-frame Graphics (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt BAM  Infinity Game Engine Zlib Compressed Animation and Multi-frame Graphics (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BCS  Bioware Infinity engine compiled script
   FILExt BCS  Infinity Game Engine Compiled Script (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BIC  BioWare Aurora game engine character sheet data
   FILExt BIC  Neverwinter Nights Character Sheet (Bioware)
   FILExt BIF  BioWare Aurora Engine Resource File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BIF  BioWare game resource
   FILExt BIF  BioWare Infinity Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
   FileInfo BIF  BioWare Infinity Engine File
   FILExt BIFF  BioWare Infinity Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions BIFF  BioWare Infinity engine archive of resources
   File Extensions BIO  BioWare Infinity game engine character biography
   FILExt BIO  Infinity Game Engine Character Biography (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt BMP  Infinity Game Engine Palette Information (BioWare Corp.)
   TrID BMU  Aurora Engine BioWare Music Unit (v1.0)
 Header Hexdump:  42 4D 55 20 56 31 2E 30 
   File Extensions BMU  BioWare music unit
   FILExt BMU  Infinity Game Engine BioWare Music Unit (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt BS  Infinity Game Engine Compiled Script (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions CBF  Bioware Infinity game engine resource archive
   FILExt CBF  Infinity Game Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions CHR  Bioware Infinity game engine exported character info file
   FILExt CHR  Infinity Game Engine Exported Character Info (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt CHU  Infinity Game Engine GUI Elements File (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt CRE  Infinity Game Engine Monster Description (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt DLG  BioWare Aurora Engine Conversation (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions DLG  Bioware Infinity and Aurora game engines dialog
   FILExt DLG  Infinity Game Engine Inter-Character Dialog (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions EFF  Bioware Infinity game engine effects
   FILExt EFF  Infinity Game Engine Effects File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions ERF  BioWare Aurora engine encapsulated resource data
   FILExt ERF  BioWare Aurora Engine File (BioWare Corp.)
   FileInfo ERF  BioWare Entity Resource File
   TrID ERF  BioWare Entity Resource File
 Header Hexdump:  45 52 46 20 56 31 2E 30 
   FILExt FAC  BioWare Aurora Engine Faction (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions FAC  BioWare Aurora game engine faction
   FILExt GAM  Infinity Game Engine Saved Game (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt GIC  BioWare Aurora Engine Area (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions GIC  BioWare Aurora Engine area data
   FILExt GIT  BioWare Aurora Engine Area (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions GIT  BioWare Aurora game engine area file
   File Extensions HAK  BioWare Aurora engine data
   FILExt HAK  BioWare Aurora Engine File (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt IDS  Infinity Game Engine Numbers to Description Map (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt IFO  BioWare Aurora Engine Information File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions IFO  BioWare Aurora game engine information
   FILExt ITM  Infinity Game Engine Inventory Object (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt ITP  BioWare Aurora Engine Palette (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions ITP  BioWare Aurora game engine palette data
   FILExt JRL  BioWare Aurora Engine Journal (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions JRL  BioWare Aurora game engine journal data
   FILExt KEY  BioWare Aurora Engine Resource File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions KEY  BioWare Infinity and Aurora game engine resource data
   FILExt KEY  Infinity Game Engine Directory of Resources Locations and Types (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions LTR  BioWare Aurora engine racegender-specific generated name file
   FILExt MOS  Infinity Game Engine Background and GUI Tile Info (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt MOS  Infinity Game Engine Compressed Background and GUI Tile Info (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt MUS  Infinity Game Engine Music Control File (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt MVE  Infinity Game Engine (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions NCS  Bioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron compiled script
   FILExt NCS  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) Compiled Script (BioWare/Pandemic Studios)
   FILExt NSS  Bioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron NWN NWScript Source File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions NSS  Bioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron uncompiled script file
   FILExt NWN  BioWare Aurora Engine Module (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions NWN  Bioware Aurora engine module
   File Extensions PLT  BioWare Infinity game engine bitmap graphics
   FILExt PLT  Infinity Game Engine Bitmap Graphic (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt PRO  Infinity Game Engine Projectile Type Description (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt PTM  BioWare Aurora Engine Plot Manager (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions PTM  BioWare Aurora Engine plot manager file
   FILExt PTT  BioWare Aurora Engine Blueprint (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions PTT  BioWare Aurora engine blueprint data
   FILExt RES  Infinity Game Engine Character Biography (BioWare Corp.)
   FileInfo RIM  BioWare Resource Image File
   FILExt SPL  Infinity Game Engine Spell (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions SRC  Bioware Infinity game engine text storage
   FILExt SRC  Infinity Game Engine Text Storage (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt SSF  BioWare Aurora Engine Sound Set (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions SSF  BioWare Aurora engine sound
   File Extensions STO  Bioware Infinity game engine store data
   FILExt STO  Infinity Game Engine Store File (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions TIS  BioWare Infinity game engine tileset information
   FILExt TIS  Infinity Game Engine Tileset Information (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt TLK  BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table (BioWare Corp.)
   FileInfo TLK  BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File
   File Extensions TLK  BioWare talk table data
   TrID TLK  BioWare Talk table
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt TLK  Infinity Game Engine Lookup Table (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt TOH  Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Header (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions TOT  Bioware Infinity game engine talk table override text
   FILExt TOT  Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Text (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt UTC  BioWare Aurora Engine Creature (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTC  BioWare Aurora game engine creature data
   DotWhat UTC  Bioware Creature File
   FileInfo UTC  Bioware Creature File
   FILExt UTD  BioWare Aurora Engine Doors (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTD  BioWare Aurora game engine door data
   FILExt UTE  BioWare Aurora Engine Encounter (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTE  BioWare Aurora game engine encounter data
   FILExt UTI  BioWare Aurora Engine Item (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTI  BioWare Aurora game engine item file
   FILExt UTM  BioWare Aurora Engine Store (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTM  BioWare Aurora game engine store data
   FILExt UTP  BioWare Aurora Engine Placeable Object (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTP  BioWare Aurora game engine placeable object file
   FILExt UTS  BioWare Aurora Engine Sound (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTS  BioWare Aurora game engine sound file
   FILExt UTT  BioWare Aurora Engine Trigger (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTT  BioWare Aurora engine trigger file
   FILExt UTW  BioWare Aurora Engine Waypoint (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions UTW  BioWare Aurora engine waypoint
   FILExt VAR  Infinity Game Engine Game Start Variable Data (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt VEF  Infinity Game Engine Visual Effects (BioWare Corp.)
   FILExt VVC  Infinity Game Engine Visual Spell Casting Effects (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions WAC  Bioware Infinity game engine WAVC sound
   FILExt WAC  Infinity Game Engine WAVC Sound (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions WED  BioWare Infinity game engine graphic display info
   FILExt WED  Infinity Game Engine Graphic Display Info (BioWare Corp.)
   File Extensions WMP  BioWare Infinity game engine
   FILExt WMP  Infinity Game Engine World Map (BioWare Corp.)

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