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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt DBF  The Network Diary Database (CF Systems Ltd)
   File Extensions DBF  The Network Diary database
   FILExt DBOOK  Pocket Diary Text
   FILExt DDATA  Pocket Diary Text File
   FILExt DDF  My Personal Diary Entry Storage File (CAM Development)
   File Extensions DIA  Psion Organiser diary data
   FILExt DIA  Psion Organiser Diary File (CM/XP Format) (Psion PLC)
   File Extensions DOR  Digita Organiser diary
   TrID DRY  PPC Organiser Diary
 Header Hexdump:  43 6C 61 73 6D 61 20 2D 20 41 20 4C 61 20 43 61  
   DotWhat DRY  XAIRON organizer diary file
   FILExt DRY  XAIRON Organizer Diary File
   File Extensions DRY  XAIRON Organizer diary
   FileInfo EDFW  Efficient Diary File
   FILExt ODB  Psion Organiser Datafile and LZ Diary File (Psion PLC)
   File Extensions ODB  Psion Organiser datafile and LZ diary
   File Extensions SD  Simple Diary saved diary
   FILExt SD  Simple Diary
   FILExt SD4  Smart Diary Suite 4 Database (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SD4  Smart Diary Suite database
   FILExt SD4LF  Smart Diary Suite Life Factor Pack (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SD4PP  Smart Diary Suite Parameter Pack (Programming Sunrise)
   FILExt SDA  Smart Diary Suite Contacts (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDA  Smart Diary Suite contacts
   FILExt SDC  Smart Diary Suite Configuration (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDC  Smart Diary Suite configuration data
   FILExt SDD  Smart Diary Suite Data (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDD  Smart Diary Suite data
   FILExt SDG  Smart Diary Suite Graph Configuration (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDG  Smart Diary Suite graph configuration
   FILExt SDI  Smart Diary Suite Index (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDI  Smart Diary Suite index
   FILExt SDK  Smart Diary Suite Cookbook (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDK  Smart Diary Suite cookbook
   FILExt SDM  Smart Diary Suite Medication (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDM  Smart Diary Suity file
   FILExt SDN  Smart Diary Suite Ingredients (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDN  Smart Diary Suite ingredients data
   FILExt SDP  Smart Diary Suite Planner (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDP  Smart Diary Suite planner data
   FILExt SDR  Smart Diary Suite Reminders (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDR  Smart Diary Suite reminders data
   Cryer SDS  Smart Diary Suite database
   FILExt SDS  Smart Diary Suite Main Database (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDS  Smart Diary Suite main database
   FILExt SDT  Smart Diary Suite Scratch Pad (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDT  Smart Diary Suite scratch pad data
   FILExt SDV  Smart Diary Suite Voice (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDV  Smart Diary Suite voice
   FILExt SDX  Smart Diary Suite Temporary File (Programming Sunrise)
   File Extensions SDX  Smart Diary Suite temporary
   TrID SDY  Smart Address Diary (v3)
 Header Hexdump:  05 53 44 2D 56 33 

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